The Brilliant Fighting Master
1726 Very Experienced
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1726 Very Experienced

All the people in the city were relieved that Jiang Chen and Qiu Li had left the City in the Sky.

If they'd fought any longer in the city, the whole city would have been destroyed.

"The Green Field isn't like other fields. How is it possible that we have two Extraordinary Supreme Venerables fighting here?"

"I don't know what to say. Is it lucky or unlucky to witness things like this?"

"But could this young man really be an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable?"

Looking at the two men in the sky, the citizens started to talk more freely, because they didn't have to worry about being overheard.

"He couldn't be an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable."

In the crowd, Yao Qing and her companions, as well as Qi Lie, were among the many who couldn't accept this twist in the story in the least.

"I chased him 10,000 miles, and he didn't have the nerve to confront me. He isn't even a Venerable Sovereign. How could he be an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable?!" Yao Qing just couldn't stop shaking her head.

She was a titled martial arts practitioner. A big state breakthrough would be needed if she wanted to achieve the next level. It would be a huge step. She would need to become an average Martial Sovereign first, then a Supreme Venerable level Martial Sovereign, followed by a Junior Supreme Venerable, Senior Supreme Venerable, and then finally an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable.

She would rather throw herself down a well than accept that the man she had been chasing was an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable.

However, Jiang Chen had never tried to hide his attainments.

Jiang Chen had told her to stop chasing him on their way to the City in the Sky. He'd warned her it would be better for both of them if she'd stop.

Yao Qing hadn't taken him seriously at that time. Now, thinking about it again, her feelings were completely different.

"Are Chen Xin and he the same person?" The alchemists of Danqing Tower were also confused. They tended to believe that they were two separate people. Because, with his real face, Jiang Chen looked even younger.

In the air, Qiu Li didn't have the Protective Dipper Energy since he wasn't human, but Half-Monsters had their special talents in defense too.

Strong energy radiances were whirling around him, forming a flawless defense.

He'd panicked when he'd first been brought into the air, but, fortunately, he hadn't been injured.

But now he was looking at Jiang Chen in a completely different way. He seemed to be wary of the latter.

"Is that true that you didn't kill my apprentice?" he asked Jiang Chen very seriously, for the first time.

"I've told you already. You can keep thinking I killed him, but I didn't. However, I must have caused his death in some way anyway."

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. After so many bad experiences, he was getting too tired to explain himself to others. It was easier to fight.

The talk could be saved until after he'd beaten them up. Otherwise, no matter how eloquent he was, his energy would just be wasted.

"Okay! Okay! So show me some good moves of a human genius."

Irritated by him, Qiu Li showed off his monster energy.

A black armor abruptly covered his entire body. It had the pattern of a beast. After his head had been covered, Qiu Li looked like a furious beast in a human shape.


His roar sounded exactly like a dragon's. A vast energy was pulsating from his body.

The black armor was activated again. A pair of iron wings grew out from his back.

This transformation and combination confused Jiang Chen. He couldn't tell what Qiu Li's monster part was.

"Doomsday Magic Dragon Armor!"

"His Excellency Qiu Li has been seriously pissed off."

"I wonder whether this kid can handle it."

Jiang Chen didn't know much about Qiu Li, but all of the other people there knew clearly who he was.

Qiu Li was one of the few Extraordinary Supreme Venerables in the Green Field. His fame and prestige were unparalleled in this region.

Supreme Venerable level practitioners had talked a lot about him and his strength. What was most memorable about him was his combination of monster force and the black armor.

Doomsday Magic Dragon Armor could allow him to fight three opponents at the same time when it was fully activated. He could fight three Extraordinary Supreme Venerables alone.

By comparison, Jiang Chen hadn't shown any brilliant performances except his first attack.

"Magic Dragon's Bloody Claws!"

Qiu Li was not going to give Jiang Chen any chance to show off. He attacked him mercilessly.

His iron claws moved across the air. The wings on his back were swirling at a high speed. He looked like a gleaming whirling top, which was impossible to approach.

"Wild Whirlwind!"

After the plain performance he'd been showing up to now, Qiu Li amazed the world again with this attack.

As the enemy approached him, Jiang Chen threw his sword over decisively. The sword moved so fast that no one could follow its traces. A golden lightning streaked across the sky.

Not until a boom had sounded did the onlookers realize that Jiang Chen had thrown his sword over to confront Qiu Li.

The Heaven-Punishing Sword was shining. Lightning twined around it. It pierced through the vast monster energy of Qiu Li.

Qiu Li was like a chariot going at full speed that had been stopped by an invincible general. He was even being pushed back.

People noticed very soon that the Heaven-Punishing Sword had been thrust into the iron claw.

Qiu Li looked hideous. He kept pushing at the sword so that it would fail to pierce into his chest.

However, the tremendous force transmitted from the blade was too much for him.

His iron claws were like hot branding irons. When they and the sword had met, the lights emitted by them plowed across the sky, so that the sky looked cracked.


People finally realized how strong Jiang Chen was. They were extremely shocked.

"No wonder. No wonder," Qi Lie murmured. His body involuntarily trembled a little.

The sword attack Jiang Chen had just launched was definitely powerful enough to have killed him, not to mention to have broken his legs.

Qi Lie only hoped Qiu Li could get rid of this guy, so that Jiang Chen wouldn't try to settle with him later.

"Elder sister, father, don't worry. We'll be fine with Elder Brother Jiang Chen's help."

Seeing Jiang Chen's strength, Ye Sizhu realized everything written in that book had been really true.


Ye Siyue and the city lord looked as if they were worrying about something.

Jiang Chen was settling with Qiu Li, and he would probably do the same to the city lord's mansion later as well.

Ye Siyue had been very rude to Jiang Chen in the garden because of bias and misunderstanding, and it led to everything afterward.

She could hardly absolve herself from blame for the fight between Jiang Chen and Qiu Li.

Who knew whether Jiang Chen would take revenge against the Yes after getting rid of Qiu Li?

"Elder Brother Jiang Chen promised me he wouldn't come after the Yes," Ye Sizhu said with complacency, as if she'd read her elder sister and her father's thoughts.


Ye Siyue and the city lord calmed down

"You shouldn't feel so happy now."

Yao Qing and her companions, who had landed on the square, overheard their conversation.

Yao Qing, very bothered at the moment, had a bad taste in her mouth when she had heard others compliment Jiang Chen like that.

But her warning did make sense.

"Qiu Li is stronger than that." Looking up at the sky, Meng Shixiong murmured.

Jiang Chen's sword attack looked powerful. He'd pushed Qiu Li back thousands of miles.

However, he had not cracked Qiu Li's defenses yet.

By then, Jiang Chen was already exhausted, while Qiu Li, with a lot of fighting experience, was accumulating force.

"Magic Dragon's Three Transformations!"

"First Transformation!"

As a strong Half-Monster, Qiu Li suddenly broke out. His iron claws clutched forward hard.

The Heaven-Punishing Sword's blade bent. Lil Ying the Sword Spirit barked madly.

It was after all an Immortal Sword. It could not be broken so easily, but Jiang Chen's hand holding the sword was simply flesh and blood.

"Heh, heh, heh, go to h*ll!"

Qiu Li thought this guy might be strong indeed, but he was too young and not experienced enough in real fights.

Qiu Li's force cascaded. Not only was the Heaven-Punishing Sword bent, but he rushed at Jiang Chen. The wings on his back cut into Jiang Chen like a knife.

"That's not good!"

People were still exclaiming about the strength Jiang Chen had showed, but this scene made them turn pale.

This blow of Qiu Li was really cruel. It also showed how experienced he was.

People wondered whether Jiang Chen was strong enough to take it.


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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》