The Brilliant Fighting Master
1724 Elixir Buddies
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1724 Elixir Buddies

Qi Lie had already perceived that Jiang Chen didn't have any elixir buddies.

Elixir buddies were strong people who maintained a friendly relationship with alchemists. Like himself.

In other words, he figured Jiang Chen would need elixir buddies to help him to break Qi Lie's legs.

However, elixir buddies were not slaves. They wouldn't be bossed around by alchemists simply to satisfy the latter's needs. Alchemists needed to keep that in mind.

"You're only going to keep your legs as long as I want you to." Jiang Chen glanced at Qi Lie, sending him a message that wasn't nice at all.

"This is?" The city lord walked over before Qi Lie could even think about a response to Jiang Chen.

"This is Young Master Chen Xin, an Immortal Alchemist who can refine immortal elixirs in under one minute," the azure-clothed man introduced Jiang Chen to the city lord.

Everyone in the city lord's mansion was shocked.

Qi Lie held his tongue. He thought to himself, "If this guy hadn't kept saying he would break my legs, I wouldn't have minded apologizing to him for what I did earlier."

If it hadn't been for the big trouble the city lord's entire household had gotten themselves into, they probably would've started to kiss up to Jiang Chen.

"I see. Come with me." The city lord was surprised. He sized up Jiang Chen without commenting.

Jiang Chen saw Long Teng lying motionless on a bench in a hall that was on the side of the big entrance chamber. He had lost all the color in his face.

There was still blood around his nose, ears, eyes, and mouth.

"The preliminary conclusion is that he was killed by a severe concussion," said the lord of the City in the Sky.

"That seems true." After observing the body, Jiang Chen agreed to this conclusion.

Others had expected him to air some valuable opinion since he had asked to see the body, but his conclusion turned out to be the same as theirs. They were sorely disappointed.

"But there was more than one hit. The second one was the fatal one. And it was a dirty move," added Jiang Chen.

The people from the city lord's mansion and Danqing Tower were all surprised by his conclusion.

"You mean someone attacked Long Teng when he had already been injured, and it was this second attack that killed Long Teng. And this second attacker made it look as if he had been killed by the first attacker?" Ye Sizhu asked when she realized what Jiang Chen was implying.

Her fiance was dead, but she didn't look too sad. She only looked a bit weary.

Jiang Chen nodded. He wasn't trying to absolve himself of responsibility. He was just stating the facts.

He had no idea what had happened like everyone else.

"To make that man called Jiang Chen the scapegoat? But why? Was it necessary?" the city lord asked, confused.

"We are all actually confused."

Who did it wasn't important for the city lord's mansion. No matter who'd killed Long Teng, he'd died here, and there was no way they could escape the blame.

"Now, what I want to know is why what you just said had nothing to do with elixirs." Someone questioned Jiang Chen. It was a shrewd-looking man in a housekeepers' uniform, with a long,,narrow face and a high nose.

He was the head housekeeper of the mansion, and he also held another post at the same time as a guard leader. His name was Feng Qianxun.

Compared to most housekeepers, this one was much younger. He was only in his early 30s.

"That's none of your business." Jiang Chen wasn't going to explain anything to this guy. He definitely didn't trust anyone here.

All of a sudden, everyone lost their balance. Their bodies all leaned forward. Not only these people in the city lord's mansion, but also everyone else in the city.

It was like what happened after a carriage was braked.

"The City in the Sky has stopped moving!"

"His Excellency Qiu Li is here!"

Those working in the city lord's mansion all turned pale. They knew that real trouble had come.

Long Teng must have had something on him that could radiate his life energy. Once anything happened to him, his men would be informed right away.

As expected, before people could ask what had happened, a dreadful majestic man appeared outside of the city lord's mansion.

"Everyone in the Yes family, get out here now!"

His yell washed over everyone like an angry wave.

He was referring to the city lord's mansion. He wanted everybody to get out right that minute.

If anyone had ever had the nerve to say something like that before in the territory of the City in the Sky, a disturbance would certainly have been created.

The guards outside of the mansion gave the newcomer an intimidating stare. At first, they were going to attack him immediately, but soon they started to tremble due to the pressure given off by the man. They were so scared that they flopped down onto the ground.

"An Ex...Extraordinary Supreme Venerable!" Someone stuttered.

"What's going on?"

Yao Qing, Meng Shixiong, and their companions were still in the city. They had no idea about what had happened either.

Seeing things becoming more and more messed up, Yao Qing really couldn't feel happy about it. After all, she still needed to take revenge against Jiang Chen.

Outside of the city lord's mansion, there was a non-human strong practitioner. He had the tough energy of a Monster, but he didn't seem to be a Monster. Some sharp-eyed people recognized him as a Half-Monster.

Certainly, his race actually didn't matter. What mattered was why he was here.

Soon, the whole city saw the city lord's family show up at the gate, receiving this strong practitioner with fear and respect.

Jiang Chen and the alchemists from Danqing Tower followed the family, so they could see His Excellency Qiu Li as well.

Since he was a Half-Monster, Jiang Chen couldn't help but compare him with Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster.

Qiu Li was not as strong as Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster. But in this city he seemed dreadful indeed.

His wild appearance was especially terrifying. He had the skin of a wild beast draped over his shoulders. His armor underneath the skin had the pattern of a holy dragon. It was impossible to tell how old he was. His eyes had vertical pupils and were full of malicious intentions.

"Your Excellency, please calm down," the city lord pleaded in a loud voice.

"I gave Long Teng his family name. He grew up by my side. For me, he was like a son."

"That's why I didn't say no to his marriage with your daughter, although the Yes don't even have an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable in your family. However, you let him die in your house!"

Qiu Li couldn't hold his temper anymore. It seemed as if he would raise his knife at any minute.

Although he hadn't seen Long Teng's body with his own eyes yet, his holy awareness had cracked the ward of the city lord's mansion and he had seen every corner inside.

"Your Excellency, we didn't want that to happen either," the city lord told him about the whole incident immediately.

"In other words, you haven't found the murderer who killed Long Teng yet?" Qiu Li's look had gotten extremely dark by then.

"No, we haven't. But I'm sure he's still in the city. Your Excellency, please give us a chance. We'll find and catch him," the city lord promised him.

Qiu Li had wanted to attack them, but he hesitated. Then he said in a cold voice, "Find the murderer before it gets dark. Otherwise, there won't be a City in the Sky anymore."

It was already late afternoon. It would get dark in four hours.

However, the city lord didn't have the nerve to say no.

"You," Qiu Li yelled coldly, pointing at Ye Sizhu.

It was only the point of a finger, but those around Ye Sizhu walked away from her as quickly as they could.

Ye Sizhu had to come forward to respond to him.

"Put your wedding dress on," said Qiu Li.

"What? Why?" Ye Sizhu was puzzled.

"Long Teng was obsessed with you. Now that he has paid such a big price and died so tragically, I certainly should help him realize his wishes. I'll send you to heaven to keep him company. It will be your family's apology to him too," said Qiu Li.

He had really dropped a ton of bricks by making this comment. It was super-shocking.

"He was going to bury Ye Sizhu alive with the late Long Teng?"

"Was Long Teng even a prince? Why should his fiancee give up her life as well?"

But Qiu Li didn't look like he was joking.

As pale as a ghost, Ye Sizhu kept stepping back.

"Well, you don't want to?"



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