The Brilliant Fighting Master
1721 Immortal Alchemists’ Rules
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1721 Immortal Alchemists’ Rules

A mid-sized man with a wide face and gray hair stood at the opened door. As he grew angrier, his short bushy brows became slanted.

While he looked old, he did not give others the impression that he was an old man. Instead, he was hot-tempered.

"Master Wu, why are you so angry?"

Mrs. Xiao put on a smiling face and slowly walked up to him.

But this Immortal Alchemist ignored her. His round eyes were glancing around the room.

As the room was not so big, he spotted Jiang Chen and Ye Sizhu almost immediately.

With no further attention to Ye Sizhu, he strode into the room, glaring at Jiang Chen and started yelling, "Young man! It's you who stole the herbs from me, isn't it?"

"Master Wu, it's not like that…"

Mrs. Xiao really did not want to see two Immortal Alchemists having a conflict in Danqing Tower.

However, before she could finish speaking, something was already happening in front of her.

"Get out of here."

Jiang Chen said coldly.

He didn't appear to have done anything, but Master Wu, who was still in anger, was sent flying out like a shot cannon. He was thrown out of the room and tumbled on the ground towards the end of the corridor.

Many people outside had come along with Master Wu. They saw what was happening even before they reached the room.

"Master Wu!"

"Who is that?!"

"Catch him. Catch him!"

The whole VIP area was in chaos. The doors to the other rooms were opening, one after another. Other customers were pissed at first, but when they found out that it was due to a conflict between two Immortal Alchemists, their interest was piqued.


Mrs. Xiao was scared. Her teeth were chattering.

She never expected the kind-looking master to be that furious.

That punch could have broken some of Master Wu's bones.

"He raised his voice, barged into my room and totally offended me. He is lucky that I didn't kill him!" Jiang Chen said, still fuming.

They were both masters, worthy of respect.

Mrs. Xiao concurred with what he said, but what she thought did not matter at all.

What mattered was what Master Wu's companions thought.

Soon, three other people showed up at the door.

One was Master Wu's apprentice, a short-haired woman who looked like a foreigner. Her body was hot. Her face was clear-cut. There was a natural charm to her eyes and brows.

Another was a steward from Danqing Tower.

The third person was the one Mrs. Xiao was most wary of. A dignified, majestic-looking middle-aged man who was about six feet eight inches tall. He also had a pair of very bright eyes.

He gave off the energy of a Venerable Sovereign.

"Qi Lie."

Mrs. Xiao called his name.

Every great alchemist had their own connections. Whenever they were in danger, a lot of people would come forward to help them as long as they asked for it.

Qi Lie was one of the connections Master Wu had.

"My dear customer, fighting is not allowed in the City in the Sky."

The steward obviously knew who Jiang Chen was.

"Did I fight? I only gave him a beating," said Jiang Chen.

"Damn!" swore the short-haired woman, obviously pissed as she came running into the room.

There was no visible flame, but an oppressive wave of heat seemed to be approaching.

"Sacred Body of Primordial Fire?"

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrow. He was kind of surprised.

This type of body was perfect for elixir refining. Such a person could be a great user of fire as well.

The short-haired woman snorted smugly. She clenched her right fist. A fierce blue flame started to burn on her right arm.

The room turned extremely hot. Mrs. Xiao and Ye Sizhu had to step back.

"Miss Fengdan, please stop. Please don't fight here."

Mrs. Xiao and that steward tried to stop her right away.

"Why didn't you stop him when he sent my master flying?"

The woman refused to listen to them. She carried on marching forward.

"Like master, like apprentice. How dare someone who intruded into another's room be so arrogant?"

Jiang Chen was not perturbed at all. The short-haired woman had a sacred body and was obviously using it to refine elixirs. She had attained the peak as a Martial Arts Saint.

But she was not a titled martial arts practitioner yet.

Seeing her sprinting forward, Jiang Chen dealt with her the same way he dealt with her master.

"Such arrogance!"

However, before she was sent flying, a magnificent wave of energy broke out.

The walls of the room cracked, and paint began to peel off.

Jiang Chen, closest to the energy, extended his arm to parry off the blow, but he was still pushed back by it.

"You think no one can defeat you, don't you?"

Qi Lie walked into the room. Raising his chin, he said rather tersely, "I'm in your room now. Do you also have a problem with that?"

Since Master Wu had been sent flying, he surely needed to show his mettle.

"What a great Venerable Sovereign."

Jiang Chen turned a little pale, but he kept smiling. He was clearly agitated.

"Are you mocking me?"

Qi Lie raised his bushy brows. Jiang Chen was going to attack again.

"Brother Qi, you don't want to bother yourself arguing with the likes of him. People will talk."

At this moment, an azure-color robed man walked into the room to stop Qi Lie, who had clearly lost his temper.

He was about Qi Lie's age, but looked refined and learned. His skin was as smooth as jade.


The two stewards greeted him respectfully.

"This incident is all because of your mishandling. You will be punished when this is over."

The smile had faded from the azure-color robed man's face. His voice was deadly cold.

"Yes, boss."

Mrs. Xiao and that steward lowered their heads submissively.

"Brother Liang, Master Wu has passed out. Several of his bones are broken as well," Qi Lie said unhappily.

"Master Wu is in splendid condition. I believe he'll be fine."

The azure-color robed man said, "This is just a misunderstanding between Immortal Alchemists. There is no need to make a big deal out of it."

Qi Lie then realized that Jiang Chen was an Immortal Alchemist as well.

So, he too must have someone backing him up.

But Qi Lie was not concerned. Neither did he believe it to be true.

"Let's wait until Master Wu wakes up," he said.

Master Wu soon woke up. The short-haired woman went forward to help him.

"I'm an Immortal Alchemist. You also claim you are an Immortal Alchemist. So, for that punch you threw at me, let's deal with it using the rules of Immortal Alchemists."

"However, if you are not an Immortal Alchemist, I'll have someone to break all of your bones and throw you out into the street to beg."

Master Wu was both bitter and indignant.


Jiang Chen smiled coldly, thinking it 's not a big deal.

"Young master, can you prove that you are an Immortal Alchemist?"

The azure-color robed man from Danqing Tower asked.

If Jiang Chen was not an Immortal Alchemist, Danqing Tower would stand behind Master Wu without any doubt.

If he was one, they would try their best to mediate between the two of them.

"Even though the world was reorganized, there can't be that many Immortal Alchemists in the world," said the short-haired woman sarcastically.

She had a sacred body. She was a genius at elixir refining. But she wasn't yet an Immortal Alchemist, unlike Jiang Chen.

How did Jiang Chen achieve that?

"Fine. Fine. I'll refine some immortal elixirs then."

Jiang Chen glanced at Qi Lie with an enigmatic smile.

His smile gave Qi Lie the goosebumps.

"That would be perfect."

The others did not feel the same way. They wanted to see Jiang Chen show off his fighting skills.

"This way, please."

Danqing Tower had dealings mostly with alchemists. So there were ample places within where elixirs could be refined.


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