The Brilliant Fighting Master
1718 Purity of Hear
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1718 Purity of Hear

"Get me out of here."

While Ye Sizhu was wondering what she could do, she heard Jiang Chen's voice.

The garden was in chaos. Nobody noticed the true body was leaving secretly with Ye Sizhu.

The practicing body was like a Heavenly God descending on this world. His omnipotent power made everyone on the scene involuntarily prostrate themselves before him.

However, the practicing body, called out by the injured true body, was equally wounded.

But the practicing body did not have to consider the future despite the severe injury, because he would not affect the true body anyway.

So, regardless of the injury, the practicing body exerted his most powerful side.

If anyone had taken a close look at him, they would have seen his forehead covered in beads of sweat due to the pain.

"For your sister's sake, I'll give you one more chance to apologize to me."

Standing there, the practicing body looked majestic with an indomitable spirit.

Ye Siyue felt small. She opened her mouth but found herself unable to utter a single word.

She took a deep breath and made another attempt. At that moment, an unseen force from the Venerable Sovereign plummeted towards the garden like a gigantic mountain.

Precisely speaking, it was the practicing body that the force landed on.

"The City in the Sky forbids you from running amok!"

A masculine voice rumbled like a thunderbolt.


Ye Siyue shouted in pleasant surprise. She once again recalled that she was actually at home, and there were enough strong people here.


However, Jiang Chen burst out laughing, not taking this force seriously at all.

He clasped his hands and recited a sword incantation. Then he waved towards the sky.

The Ultimate Sword Soul cleaved the mountain-like force in two.

"How dare a small Martial Sovereign in the middle stage be so arrogant before me!"

Jiang Chen was unapologetically lofty, imbued with a spirit that could conquer mountains and rivers. The energy he was releasing became stronger and stronger.

Compared to his previously glib attitude, he was now a completely different person.

In a trance, Ye Siyue thought Jiang Chen had two completely different personalities.

The only thing she didn't understand was, if Jiang Chen was so strong, why had he bothered to make everything so complicated?

If he had demonstrated his strength as a Venerable Sovereign earlier, those in the city lord's mansion would have treated him as a distinguished guest.

It did not take Ye Siyue long to deliberate the fact.

The practicing body's energy had peaked. His rich sword energy shrouded the whole city.

All of a sudden, as if the cogs of a gear that had been running furiously abruptly broke down, Jiang Chen's body emitted a sound as though the burden had finally become unbearable. His energy was declining rapidly.

"He is injured!"

Ye Siyue realized it immediately.


Her father would not hesitate. He jumped on the chance, and a golden rainbow flew across.


Ye Siyue wanted to stop him, but somehow she was not resolute enough and almost no one heard her.

"I'll remember this."

The practicing body disassembled himself before anyone did anything. Those were the last words he said. Then he disappeared from the world.

Those from the city lord's mansion felt relieved. They thought this incident was over.

"Never had an event like this happened for many years."

"And he is so young."

As they were busy commenting, they suddenly noticed a startling occurrence. Their second young lady had gone missing.

"Useless fools. Find her now!"

A raging voice emerged. Everyone in the city lord's mansion heard it.

Seeing that the true body was missing as well, Ye Siyue immediately associated the disappearance with that of her sister.

Upon recalling what her younger sister had told her, Ye Siyue felt lost.

Had I made a mistake?


The citizens of the City in the Sky had also noticed the turmoil in the city lord's mansion.

The details of the incident were gradually disclosed after some investigation.

Some people spiced up the story. In the end, rumor had it that a teenager intruded into the city lord's mansion and abducted the second young lady after making a scene.

Almost immediately, the City in the Sky was locked down. Only entry was allowed. No one could leave.

"It's good for us."

Yao Qing, Apprentice Elder Brother Meng, and his companions were also in the city. This was good news for them.

At least they did not have to worry that Jiang Chen would slip out of the city.

Unfortunately, after such an incident, the city lord's mansion stopped receiving guests, so they could not meet the city lord.

"Well, let's wait in the City in the Sky for the moment. We can't leave anyway."

"Okay. I have some resources here. I'll ask them for a favor to pay attention to that lad's whereabouts."

Jiang Chen, whom they were pursuing, was on a bridge in a remote part of the city.

"Jiang Chen, could you stop despising my elder sister?"

The second young lady, whom the people of the city lord's mansion had been looking for, was with him. She did not look like she had been abducted at all.

"Your family is tracking me down. I don't get to forgive anyone."

Touching his nose, Jiang Chen managed a bitter smile. This girl admired him to a staggering extent. She thought him incapable of nothing.

"I know that anyone who goes against you will end up defeated. No matter how strong they are, in the end they'll be subdued by you and beg for your mercy."

Ye Sizhu was serious. After all that had happened, she did not even dare look at Jiang Chen's face. All she did was stare out at the river.

"Really? Give me examples." Jiang Chen was curious.

"For instance, the Black Dragon City in the Fire Field, the aristocratic families of inheritance in the Dragon Field, the Sacred Martial Arts Institute, and the Blood Shadow Dynasty."

Ye Sizhu elaborated in a single breath, without any pause. She seemed to know Jiang Chen's story even better than himself.

"Okay… Those were…"

Jiang Chen felt slightly emotional hearing those names. He had traveled widely and met countless people over the past ten years.

But in the end, those were merely experiences that he left behind.

Few people were still with him until then.

"Elder Brother Jiang Chen, will you promise me that you won't kill all of my family members?"

Ye Sizhu plucked up the courage to turn around. She gazed at him sympathetically.

"Since you're pleading, all right, I'll give your family another chance." Jiang Chen relented.

"That's great!"

If others were to overhear their conversation, they would have thought those two insane.

What kind of place was the City in the Sky? The city lord's mansion, namely, the ruler of the city, was certainly a place no one could afford to ignore.

However, from the pair's conversation, it sounded like a place that enjoyed undeserved fame, a place not worth mentioning at all.

"Well, you can go back now," said Jiang Chen.

Ye Sizhu was dumbstruck. She then felt relieved but was also reluctant to bid goodbye to Jiang Chen.

After some deliberation, she said, "I'll stay with you. You can't leave the City in the Sky anyway. I'll be your guide."

Jiang Chen was close to declining. However, Ye Sizhu guessed what he was about to say. She raised her arm and hid her face behind her sleeve.

When she had lowered her arm, Ye Sizhu's expression had changed completely.

"I know you are skilled in disguising yourself, but I'm not that bad either," Ye Sizhu asserted smugly.

"Very well then."

Jiang Chen nodded his agreement. He extended a finger and pointed towards the center of her forehead.

Soon, even Ye Sizhu's energy field shifted discreetly.

Even if she were to stand right in front of Ye Siyue, the latter would not have been able to recognize her.

Ye Sizhu discarded everything through which her identity could be disclosed and stole a coat made of rough fabric from an old hut nearby.

Jiang Chen saw her leave a spiritual stone much more valuable than the coat in the house after taking it away.

He could not help but smile.

It was rare for someone in such a cruel world to have a pure heart like Ye Sizhu.

But he had to admit that it would be hard for people like her to survive without the shelter of her family.

Jiang Chen clenched his fists involuntarily, a resolute glint flashing across his eyes.

"I'll not only rebuild the Black Yellow Great World, but also build a new world in which everyone can live a decent life. I'll enable people like her to live in this world without losing their purity of heart!"


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