The Brilliant Fighting Master
1717 Childhood Sweethearts
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1717 Childhood Sweethearts

No wonder those people would think this way.

First of all, Jiang Chen didn't look like a bad person. He didn't wield any sharp weapons in his hands.

They didn't know how strong Jiang Chen was.

From what they knew about the defense ability of the Martial Arts Saints, it would take one at least three seconds to kill Ye Siyue without a weapon.

Three seconds were very long for the Martial Arts Saints.

The man's name was Long Teng, a well-known genius in the Green Field. His deft swordsmanship was matchless.

Three seconds were enough for him to finish exerting a complete set of sword techniques.

It would be easy for him to subdue Jiang Chen.

"Well, actually, we knew each other when we were little. We were childhood sweethearts, but our families didn't agree on us being together, so we had to break up. Recently, I heard she is getting married. So, I asked her sister to help me set up a meeting with her so that I can see her for the last time as an unmarried woman."

"We've done nothing. You must forgive her."

Jiang Chen kept spewing nonsense with a straight face to create confusion so that he would have time to figure out how to get out of this.

He did not dare exert the Great Method of Void again, and in this city, it was impossible to fly.

The mansion of the city lord, where he was, was full of strong people.

If he had known this, he would rather have dueled with the woman from the Heavenly Ease Sword School outside of the city.

"That's nonsense!"

Ye Siyue was so frustrated that she almost cried. What mattered to her most was not what Jiang Chen had said, but the fact that the man in front of her half believed him.

"Long Teng! You don't think I'm trustworthy enough?" she yelled.

Her furious accusation finally woke the youngster up.


The sound of a sword being unsheathed came, but no one saw anything. An Immortal Sword appeared in Long Teng's hand.

"I don't care who you are! Siyue is my fiancée! Let go of her! Then I'll incapacitate you!"

Jiang Chen let out a long sigh. "There's no need for that."

"Release the young lady!" cried the others around them sharply, finally coming to their senses.

"His strength is comparable to that of a dragon and an elephant. He has no qualms breaking my neck in one mere second."

Ye Siyue cautioned the others through voice transmission.

"One second?"

Those who were about to attack Jiang Chen hesitated.

Long Teng, famous for his skillful swordsmanship, also started to ponder.

"Less than one second, in fact," Jiang Chen blurted abruptly.

"How did you hear that?"

Ye Siyue was surprised that he could even hear the voice transmission, which seemed impossible to her.

It could only happen when the other person's status was way higher than hers.

According to Ye Siyue's status, Jiang Chen had to be a Venerable Sovereign to achieve that.

The others also realized this. They were first surprised and then felt relieved.

If Jiang Chen were a Venerable Sovereign, he could have saved all this trouble.

He might not be able to raze the city lord's mansion, but he could leave on his own.

"Elder Sister!"

In the stalemate, Ye Sizhu ran into the garden. She had finally gotten dressed.

She was speechless to see them at loggerheads in the garden. She said, "This was all a misunderstanding. Jiang Chen's intrusion was purely an accident."

"But he is holding your sister hostage now. That can't be a misunderstanding, can it?"

Seeing both their bodies pressed against each other, Long Teng was upset.

Ye Sizhu was speechless. She looked at Jiang Chen and walked toward him.

"Don't come over!" Ye Siyue warned her immediately.

Those from the city lord's mansion tried to stop her as well to avoid annoying Jiang Chen.

"If he is really the person I think he is, he wouldn't have done that." Ye Sizhu looked at Jiang Chen with clear eyes as she spoke.

Jiang Chen was mildly taken aback that a total stranger trusted him to such an extent.

"Let go of my sister. I'll help you explain, all right?" Ye Sizhu pleaded with him.

The others all shook their heads. They didn't believe he would let go of Ye Siyue for such a simple promise.


However, to everyone's surprise, Jiang Chen loosened his grip on Ye Siyue's arm and took a step backward.

Ye Sizhu beamed. Her endearing dimples showed.

However, her smile soon froze. She let out a startled gasp.

Ye Siyue, after being released, turned around immediately to punch Jiang Chen forcefully in the chest, extremely annoyed.


Jiang Chen was sent flying. He crushed a few flowerbeds as he landed on the ground.

"Elder Sister!" Ye Sizhu sounded close to sobs.

"He was rude to me, speaking insolently and defaming me. How could I forgive him so easily?" Ye Siyue said coldly.

"He had to do that. If he had other options, he wouldn't have done that. He didn't even do that deliberately." Looking at Jiang Chen lying motionless on the ground, she felt truly sorry for him.

"How do you know?" asked Ye Siyue.

"The book says Jiang Chen is an upright man," Ye Sizhu affirmed with certainty.


That answer was obviously not convincing enough.

"Take this man away! Interrogate him. Torture him if necessary!"

Long Teng ordered as he returned his sword into its sheath.

"Elder Sister!"

Ye Sizhu hastily approached her elder sister to plead mercy for Jiang Chen.

Seeing Jiang Chen getting back on his feet, Ye Siyue appeared as if she was considering something. Then she shook her head without speaking.

With that, Jiang Chen was surrounded by the men from the city lord's mansion.

"I was wondering how great you were! Now you are at my mercy. Just wait and see."

Jiang Chen heard Long Teng addressing him in a frosty voice.

"In other words, you want to see my impressive skills, don't you?"

Jiang Chen suddenly turned to Long Teng and challenged him aloud.

Long Teng curled his lip. He did not understand Jiang Chen's motive for saying that, because in his opinion, it would only humiliate him.

"This is not going well!"

Ye Sizhu lost her cool. A deep uneasiness was visible in her eyes.

"Sister, stop this right away. You won't like what happens next!" she exclaimed urgently.

Ye Siyue also sensed the uneasiness that permeated the air, but since they were in the city lord's mansion, she did not take it too seriously.

"It's said in the book that Jiang Chen is a man of integrity. But he is also a difficult person whom you should never provoke!"

Grasping her elder sister's arm, Ye Sizhu was too ashamed to ask Jiang Chen to stop once more.

"The book, the book... that book of yours is nothing but tabloid material. You do actually believe what it says?" Ye Siyue was flustered.

Over on the other side, Long Teng, holding his sword, approached Jiang Chen.

"Come on. Show me your remarkable skills," he provoked.

"As you wish."

It was as though Jiang Chen had recited a mantra. Ye Sizhu then realized that the situation was a lost cause.

Beside Jiang Chen, a ball of energy was gathering. Soon, another Jiang Chen appeared.

"Practicing body!"

By then, Ye Sizhu was completely sure Jiang Chen was exactly the person she thought him to be.

"Get lost!"

The practicing body shouted in anger. His energy soared into the sky. The furious energy destroyed the garden.

Those from the city lord's mansion were forced to retreat, terrified.

Even Ye Siyue turned pale.

This altercation alone was already beyond her limits!

Did it mean Jiang Chen was a Venerable Sovereign?

Then, the practicing body flew toward Long Teng, brandishing his fists. A potent dragon power broke out.


A heavy punching sound came. Long Teng's Protective Dipper Energy and armor were useless. Jiang Chen bashed him in the head. He was sent flying and impacted a deep dent in the wall about ten miles away.


Ye Siyue held her breath. Long Teng's speed was his strength. However, he failed to dodge this forthcoming punch.

This confirmed her assumption once again.

"I've told you."

Looking at Jiang Chen, Ye Sizhu was downcast.

She knew from her book that Jiang Chen did not fly into a rage very often, but once he was agitated, blood would be shed!


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