The Brilliant Fighting Master
1716 The Ye“s
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1716 The Ye“s

What Ye Sizhu was doing actually did not cross the line.

She only put her hands on Jiang Chen's shoulders because of excitement, so that she could see her idol closely.

The problem was with where they were and what she was wearing.

She had never expected Jiang Chen to get rid of the rope, so she was only wearing a bathrobe.

At this moment, the robe got loose, and she was raising her arms high.

From where Jiang Chen was, he could see her breasts perfectly.

And this was her room. It was inevitable for others to misunderstand to see such a sight.

Those out of the door were sensible enough to walk away. One of them threw Jiang Chen a warning look.

At that moment, Ye Sizhu's elder sister came up to them.

Compared with her younger sister, she was taller and more elegant. Her beauty was flawless.

"Elder sister! He is Jiang Chen! He is that famous Jiang Chen!"

Regardless of her elder sister's pissed look, Ye Sizhu shouted excitedly.

"How inappropriate this is!" said the woman, rebuking her younger sister sternly.

Not until then did Ye Sizhu realize she was only wearing a bathrobe.

Her fair skin flushed red. She ran back into the bathroom as quickly as she could.

"Young lady."

Her maid followed her with some clothes.

In this way, only Jiang Chen and that Miss Ye were still in the room.

"You are Jiang Chen? The man who saved the world?" Not until then did Miss Ye start to size him up.

"Yes, it's me." Jiang Chen nodded as if he did not realize the sarcastic tone in her second question.


Miss Ye frowned. She said unhappily, "Come with me."

She sounded as if she would not be happy if she heard a no. She turned around to walk out of the room first.

Jiang Chen thought for a while, and then followed her.

Leaving the room and walking to the end of the long corridor, he walked into an outdoor garden.

Jiang Chen wanted to fly away immediately, but then he found it was impossible to fly in this city.

He did not forget this city was constantly moving. Looking up at the clouds, he saw them moving slowly.

"Don't you try to take advantage of my sister just because she is innocent and naïve. She is obsessed with that Jiang Chen, but it doesn't mean our whole family is a bunch of morons," Miss Ye said coldly.

"You don't believe I'm Jiang Chen, or you don't believe I saved the world?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Neither. Besides, a world saver would never keep telling people that he ever saved the world." Miss Ye was not nice to him at all. She kept staring at him.

"I didn't keep telling people about that. It's you who asked me. Wouldn't I be a hypocrite if I had said no?"

"Knock it off! Who the hell are you?! Why did you come here?!"

Miss Ye did not like the smile on his face when he was speaking. It was like he was boasting how smart he was.

"For no reason. If you can tell me where the exit is, I'll leave as soon as possible."

"You'd better get this straight."

Miss Ye came closer to him. When she had been only two miles away from him, she looked up at him. She said sharply, "You are lucky that I'm asking you about these things here. You intruded into the mansion of the city lord. Don't you expect to leave here without giving us a sound explanation. When I'm out of my patience, it's savage torture that will be waiting for you."

Then, she took a step forward, and she grasped Jiang Chen's neckline.

She showed the strength and energy of a titled martial arts practicer.

However, Jiang Chen was not affected at all. Smiling, he said, "My decent young lady, you are not really interrogator material."

"Why?" Miss Ye said automatically.

"Because you are too pretty. People's attention will all be drawn to your pretty face. Compared to that, pains, tortures, they are really nothing."

Jiang Chen gestured towards Miss Ye's face as he spoke.

Miss Ye was struck dumb. She suddenly did not know how to react. Then she realized Jiang Chen had just flirted with her. She was so ashamed and annoyed that she slapped across Jiang Chen's face.

To her surprise, Jiang Chen stepped aside and dodged her slap. More than that, he even put his arm around her delicate fair neck.

"You are just like your younger sister. You are both easily distracted. Don't you know this is a big mistake?"

It turned out Jiang Chen had flirted with her to distract her.

In that room, he spoke so much to Ye Sizhu because he knew he needed more time to tackle the spiritual seal.

"Go to hell!"

Jiang Chen was hugging her from behind. Their bodies were closely pressed against each other. This was something she had never experienced before. Her heart kept thumping wildly.

Miss Ye released her Protective Dipper Energy to push the hateful man away.

But to her surprise, pressed against Jiang Chen's body, the Protective Dipper Energy could not take shape. And it was even broken by the pressure.

"Gosh! How could he be so strong? What is he? A Monster, a Wizard, or a Dragon?!"

Miss Ye was startled by how strong Jiang Chen's body was.

"Now, show me the way out of here," said Jiang Chen.

"What can you do even if you leave here? This whole city belongs to my family. You have nowhere to escape to." Miss Ye still had not realized what situation she was in.

"Pretty lady, that's not your concern."

Jiang Chen smiled, brushing her smooth-skinned cheek with his fingers.

The frivolous movement petrified Miss Ye's body. She was kind of giddy with delight. Jiang Chen had complimented her beauty several times, and she was finally touched.


At that moment, footsteps came from the other end of the corridor. Those who had shown up at Ye Sizhu's door showed up again here.

"This guy is awesome."

They had not forgotten how they had been shocked by the intimacy between Jiang Chen and Ye Sizhu. At this moment, they saw him hugging Ye Siyue. They almost wanted to kneel down to acknowledge him as their master.

However, one of them was especially annoyed. It was the guy who had warned Jiang Chen with a look.

"What are you doing?"

He strode forward in anger.

"We are bonding. Nothing is going on. You can go," said Jiang Chen.

It started a great disturbance.

"No, it's not like that!!"

Ye Siyue came to herself. She said immediately, "He is holding me hostage!"

Then she flew into a rage, surprised how those people could have failed to see that.


Not until then did they realize what was happening. Jiang Chen was not hugging Miss Ye from behind. Instead, he was strangling her neck.

"Let go of the young lady!"

Almost instantly, those people dashed into the garden to surround Jiang Chen.

"Let go of her!" That man was angrier than others were. He was venting his anger on Jiang Chen.

"Don't come over!"

Seeing this man approaching, Ye Siyue hurried to stop him.

And this baffled the others.

Didn't she say she was being held hostage? Why didn't she want others to approach her?

"We were just bickering. It's all right. Really. You can go," Jiang Chen said.


As well-mannered as Ye Siyue was, she just could not help but swear.

She told the man to stay away because she did not want to piss Jiang Chen off.

After all, Jiang Chen could break her Protective Dipper Energy. If he strangled her a little harder, her neck would be broken.

"Are you idiots? Don't you see I'm being held hostage? Do you want me to die?" Ye Siyue swore.


However, those people were still puzzled.

"Siyue, is this guy really a stranger?" said the man with doubt.


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