The Brilliant Fighting Master
1714 The City in the Sky
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1714 The City in the Sky

The folks of the Green Field were in shock recently. It was because of some news they had heard.

The Heavenly Ease Sword School came forward in a tough manner to clear up the chaos in the Green Field and establish order.

They started with organizations that relied on dark forces, for example, the Bloody Killing Gang headquartered on the Tiger Cutter Mountain. It was said that it had been totally uprooted.

However, rumor also had it that when the Heavenly Ease Sword School arrived at the Tiger Cutter Mountain, the Bloody Killing Gang had been eliminated by a teenager.

But since the Bloody Killing Gang only had little fame in the Green Field, not many people were interested in it.


"Never thought I would be chased by a Martial Arts Saint."

As to Jiang Chen, he shook his head helplessly, seeing the white-clothed woman following him.

"A piece of advice for you. It will be good for you and the Heavenly Ease Sword School if you give up now."

Jiang Chen did not forget to warn her.


The white-clothed woman certainly would not believe him.

The Heavenly Ease Sword School was the biggest force in the Green Field. Their Leader the Venerable had a great leap in strength after ending his seclusion not long ago.

The aim of this big move of theirs was to establish prestige by eliminating the legendary Blood Pool.

Yao Qing was pretty surprised that she had not caught up with the teenager yet.

Her physical movements were outstanding among Martial Arts Saints. Average Escaping Methods of the Nether were a piece of cake for her.

But Jiang Chen had managed to keep a distance from her.

If she accelerated, Jiang Chen would accelerate as well.

After some time, when she had found the distance between them had been constant, she grew vigilant.

"Is this a trap?"

Yao Qing thought Jiang Chen was taking her to some dangerous place to attack her.

She arrived at the Tiger Cutter Mountain later than others, so she had no idea what had happened to the Bloody Killing Gang.

At the thought of Jiang Chen's cruelty, murderous lights flashed in her amorous eyes.

"Show me what your trap can do to me!"

Yao Qing was a proud woman. She believed that as long as the enemy was not a Venerable Sovereign, she would be able to solve the problem anyway.

She did not think Jiang Chen had any Venerable Sovereign behind him, either, because if he had, he would not have had to take the trouble.

"What a narcissist."

Jiang Chen curled up his lip, with no desire to speak to her.

He did not get rid of her immediately because his injuries did not allow him to.

"I need to refine an immortal healing elixir."

It would take the Divine Body too much time to self-recover, so Jiang Chen started to look for other ways.

At that moment, he found there was a giant city not far away!

To his surprise, this city was built in the sky, moving at a constant speed.

"The City in the Sky! Damn. What are the chances!"

Yao Qing, who was always very confident, frowned. She looked downcast.

She suddenly saw a team taking the same route Jiang Chen was taking to the City in the Sky.

Yao Qing greeted one of them as soon as she recognized him. "Apprentice Elder Brother Meng!! Stop him! He belongs to a dark force!"

They were some ambitious youngsters, dignified-looking and energetic.

Their leader looked extremely brilliant, as though he was the center of focus of the world.

They were talking while traveling to the City in the Sky.

Yao Qing's voice came, and they all looked back.

Their unhappiness was immediately gone when they had seen Yao Qing.

"Elder Brother Meng, this is your chance," said one of them, teasing. All of them were looking at that handsome Apprentice Elder Brother Meng.

That Apprentice Elder Brother Meng was smiling. He liked Yao Qing, but the beautiful woman had always been lukewarm to him.

He certainly would not miss such an opportunity that had been played right into his hands.

"Mister, please wait a second. If this is a misunderstanding, let us clarify it face to face. If this is enmity, let us settle it face to face."

This Apprentice Elder Brother Meng, was not aggressive at all. He only lifted his arm at Jiang Chen.

"Mind your own business."

Throwing him a look, Jiang Chen showed a disdainful cold smile.


"Apprentice Elder Brother Meng has given you face, but you just wasted it."

"You can't be polite to such people. Just beat him until he is convinced so that he won't be so verbose."

Apprentice Elder Brother Meng's companions yelled one after another, even more pissed than he was.

"Stop him." Apprentice Elder Brother Meng's tone also became cold.


The others acted immediately.

Jiang Chen had only been curious about the City in the Sky, but judging from Yao Qing's reaction, he knew that could actually be his shelter.

"They are all titled martial arts practicers."

He glanced over and found those in front of him all had great strengths.

"That's the only way."

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth. He threw the city a look and then exerted the Great Method of Void.


He forced himself to exert it. The disturbance caused by him was different from before. If there were Venerable Sovereigns here, they would be able to stop Jiang Chen without a doubt.

Unfortunately, everyone there was only a Martial Arts Saint.

"What happened?"

"It's an Escaping Method of the Nether! Watch out! Don't let him slip away!"

"I can't see him. It seems he disappeared instantly. Is he in the city?"

Apprentice Elder Brother Meng and others were all dumbfounded.

Yao Qing, who had joined them, was greatly disappointed.

Seeing the woman he took fancy to, Apprentice Elder Brother Meng said resolutely, "Apprentice Younger Sister Yao, I'll find him even if he is hiding in the city!"

However, none of his companions spoke.

Fighting was forbidden in the City in the Sky. That was the rule.

"But didn't Apprentice Younger Sister Yao say he belongs to a dark force? We can use that as an excuse to negotiate with the city lord," said a quick-minded companion of theirs.

"That's right."

Apprentice Elder Brother Meng felt glad. He asked, "Apprentice Younger Sister Yao, who is that? Why are you chasing him?"

"He killed Apprentice Younger Brother Chu He in my presence. Apprentice Younger Brother Chu. He was the First Elder's favorite grandson. If I don't catch him and take him back, it will always be on my conscience," said Yao Qing.

"How dare he! He killed a key disciple of the Heavenly Ease Sword School in the presence of Apprentice Younger Sister Yao? This guy is really a dark force."

"Let's go! Let's go to see the city lord!"

The team entered the City in the Sky aggressively.

Flying was forbidden in the city, so they had to walk to the giant building in the center of the city.

There was a bathroom even bigger than an average house in that building.

In the bathing pool as big as a double bed, a lovely petite teenage girl was in her bath. She was murmuring.

"My sister's fiancé is terrible. Genius? He really thinks highly of himself. That arrogant guy is annoying."

Slapping the water's surface with her hands, she complained, her mouth pouting.

"Young Master Long Teng is one of the best among young Venerable Sovereigns. Young lady, if you don't think him good enough, what kind of people are good enough for you?"

Beside the bathing pool, a maid about the teenage girl's age was attending her.

Speaking of this, the teenage girl rose up in the pool, her fair neck showing up above the surface.

She reached out for a book that was not far away.

"Well, a man like this should really be proud of himself."

The teenage girl introduced with pride.

The maid approached to look at the book. Then she burst out laughing. "This world saver Jiang Chen again? Young lady, this is fiction."

"Why did you say that? This book is about Jiang Chen's life. Every person he met from the Realm of Nine Heavens to the Realm of Divine Martial Arts, significant or insignificant, does exist in the world. There is evidence. And his most famous deed was the elimination of some Spirit dynasty."

The teenage girl argued emotionally. Holding the book, she said expectantly, "If only I can see him with my own eyes."

Then, she found the maid looking at the roof with fear.

She looked up as well and saw a crack in the air. Then a figure fell out of there.

"Darn it."

Right after the curse, the person fell into the bathing pool with a noise.


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