The Brilliant Fighting Master
1713 Will Not Bear Any Insults
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1713 Will Not Bear Any Insults

The five people from the Heavenly Ease Sword School flew into a rage. Even the most cold-looking woman among them looked pissed.

"You think you can run amuck just because you killed a few Martial Emperors?"

The man came forward in anger, pushing Jiang Chen back.

It seemed like a simple movement, but state force was contained in it.

"Martial Arts Saint!"

The others found out his state. In fact, what he just said already showed he was above Martial Emperor.

"Looks like you need my help to get lost."

Jiang Chen acted fast. He grasped that man's wrists immediately.

His bony fingers rested fast against them. No matter how hard the latter struggled, he just could not get rid of them.

"You are courting death!"

No man would swallow this in the presence of pretty women.

The man yelled sharply. He closed his index finger against the middle one. Then a super penetrating sword radiance flew over.

His hands had been opposite Jiang Chen's chest, and this sword radiance aimed right at Jiang Chen's heart.

The four companions of the man all turned pale.

Jiang Chen switched on Athanasia Armor of Divinity involuntarily to confront the enemy's attack head-on.

The enemy should not be able to injure him.

However, he forgot he had already been injured. Breaking out at such a short distance, the sword radiance forced him to retreat.

A bleeding hole appeared where his heart was.

However, Jiang Chen did not lose his grip on the enemy's wrists.

"Now you know who you are dealing with?"

The man smiled complacently. He waved his arms to struggle out of Jiang Chen's grip.

However, he failed to do so.

At that moment, Jiang Chen happened to look up. His face looked terrible. His look was hard and cold.

"All right. My friend, please let go of Apprentice Younger Brother Chu."

The man's companions could not bear to see this. They were worried their Apprentice Younger Brother Chu would kill Jiang Chen, so one of them came forward to talk the latter out of the fight.

"You shouldn't have pissed me off at such a moment," Jiang Chen simply said, looking at the man in front of him. His voice was so cold, and it did not have any warmth in it.

"Huh, bluffing. Ah!"

The man curled his lip disdainfully. However, he suddenly felt a terrible pain in his wrists.

Others around also felt the soaring of temperature. The man's whole arms were like steel burnt red.

He screamed tragically, but this was not over yet.

The heat spread from his arms to his shoulders, and then to the chest. Most fatally, it spread to his head.

"Hold up!"

Those from the Heavenly Ease Sword School would not let this happen. They unsheathed their swords one after another.

"Get lost!"

Jiang Chen stomped hard. The whole mountain shook. The Punishing Heaven Sword whooshed across the sky and pierced into a rock. The thunder and lightning given off from the sword made the four people retreat mercilessly.

At the same time, under Jiang Chen's cold gaze, the man looked like a piece of coal that became hotter and hotter.

When he was dying, another sword radiance flew over from far away, aimed at Jiang Chen's arm.

If Jiang Chen still did not lose his grip, his arm would be cut off.

Jiang Chen certainly would not lose his left arm for a total stranger. He let the man go and retreated ten-odd miles.

Without the ongoing burning fire, as a Martial Arts Saint, the man's body stopped burning immediately.

However, a small part of his upper body had been severely burnt, without any skin unwounded.

By then, he looked totally different from when he had shown up in the first place – an elegant man with a charming manner.

"Apprentice Younger Brother Chu!"

The four people on the mountain had only been forced to retreat by the Punishing Heaven Sword. By then, they had come up to the man as quickly as they could.

"Kill him! Kill him!" the man shouted like crazy.

Actually, he did not have to remind them, because the other four had been looking at Jiang Chen with the same killing intent that they had shown at the time of arrival.

However, their target had been different. First, it was the Bloody Killing Gang, and at the moment, it was Jiang Chen.

But none of the four acted. They were just keeping an eye on him so that he would not escape.

These minions were really not any concern for Jiang Chen. He looked up at the sky instead.

The person who had thrown the sword over was as strong as a titled martial arts practicer.

It was a super pretty woman. Both her appearance and her manner were first-class. She was wearing a white robe.

She walked over in the air and landed in the stockaded village.

"You are cruel!"

She was hard-faced. When she had seen what had happened to her Apprentice Younger Brother Chu, a fire of anger burnt in her eyes.

Jiang Chen showed a sarcastic smile. He moved his right hand away so that she could see the bleeding hole where his heart was.

"In terms of cruelty, I'm still not a match for your apprentice younger brother."

"It's because you failed to appreciate our kindness! The Heavenly Ease Sword School won't bear any insults. Don't you know?" the woman who had posed a question to Jiang Chen earlier said in anger.

"It's interesting that a bunch of Martial Arts Saints have the nerve to speak to me like this."

"I wonder whether you've heard Venerable Sovereigns won't bear any insults, either."

Venerable Sovereign represented absolute great strength.

If anyone had the nerve to disrespect a Venerable Sovereign, no matter for what reason it was, they could just kill the person who had offended them.

"Unfortunately, you are not one."

Shaking her head, the white-clothed woman said confidently, "Correct me if I'm wrong. You are only a Martial Arts Saint in the middle stage, a master of some kind of Alien Flame. You are strong enough to eliminate the Bloody Killing Gang, but not enough to deal with us, the Heavenly Ease Sword School."

Jiang Chen looked like he was thinking. He said, "I think we have some disagreement."

"What?" The white-clothed woman was struck dumb, confused.

"I said Venerable Sovereigns won't bear any insults, but I didn't mean people like you deserve this. On the contrary, the lesson hasn't been good enough for him yet."

Jiang Chen showed a cold smile when he had finished speaking.

When the white-clothed woman was still trying to understand what he meant, she heard another tragic scream coming from behind.

"Gosh, what fire is this? Help me! Apprentice Elder Sister, help me!"

The man somehow turned into a man of fire.

The people around him panicked. They tried everything they could.

But they failed to extinguish the fire. Instead, they almost caught fire themselves.

"Don't approach him!" the white-clothed woman said sharply.

In this way, those from the Heavenly Ease Sword School witnessed how their apprentice younger brother was burnt into ashes.

Needless to say, the white-clothed woman was extremely aggressive. When she had come to herself, the first thing she was going to do was to kill Jiang Chen.

"As to you, you should say thank you to the timing."

Jiang Chen was not where he had been anymore. He flew away, followed by the Punishing Heaven Sword.

He forced himself to exert a unique theurgy. As a result, his injury became worse. Even a Martial Arts Saint almost killed him.

Jiang Chen was not interested in having another fight with a titled martial arts practicer. He would consume lots of energy, and the result would not be good.

"Where are you going?!"

The white-clothed woman certainly would not let him go. She followed him as well.

The others from the Heavenly Ease Sword School were going to chase him, too. But those two flew so fast that they disappeared from their sights very soon.

"It will be all right. Apprentice Elder Sister Yao's physical movements are her strength. She definitely will catch up with that guy."

"What should we do? What do we do with these people?"

"Stay here and wait for our men to come."

Those who had been saved by Jiang Chen witnessed everything. At first, they thought the Heavenly Ease Sword School was too highhanded.

But no one had expected Jiang Chen to be such a difficult man. He totally ignored the Heavenly Ease Sword School and even killed one of their disciples.

In the end, the Heavenly Ease Sword School did not make things difficult for those people. They just let them go.

"I thought I'd found strong support, but he is way too insane. All these people are Martial Arts Saints. It means there are stronger people behind them. Alas."

Ma Wei left quietly with the crowd. He was worried and had no idea what he should do next.


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