The Brilliant Fighting Master
1712 Heavenly Ease Sword School
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1712 Heavenly Ease Sword School

"It's impossible."

Ma Wei shook his head very soon. If Jiang Chen had been a Venerable Sovereign with his age, he should have been well-known in the world.

Even if he was a small potato, people should have heard about him.

"The Bloody Killing Gang is finished."

The people on the scene looked at each other. They were pleasantly surprised.

No matter how righteous Wan Rentu thought he was, a bandit was a bandit.

A cruel bandit would not be strong enough to intimidate a martial-level practicer.

Not to mention Jiang Chen had said he was going to clear up this region.


When people were going to celebrate, they heard the snarl of the leader of the Bloody Killing Gang.

"He is still alive?"

People saw him falling from the sky, thinking he would definitely die.

In fact, falling from hundreds of inches high was not enough to kill a Martial Arts Saint.

The gang leader was not dead because Jiang Chen had been lenient.

He came here to find the answer to something.

Taking a step forward, Jiang Chen showed up dozens of miles away, next to the gang leader stuck in a crater.

"Ying'er, who is that?"

Zhao Ying was in a daze watching Jiang Chen moving away when she heard her mother ask. Then she had an idea.

Evicted by her master, she had nowhere to go. Jiang Chen saved her life. This was an opportunity for her.

So, ignoring the look of Swordsman the Cloud, she followed Jiang Chen.

"Tell me. Where did you get the Demonic Elixirs?"

Jiang Chen looked down at the heavily-injured gang leader.


The gang leader certainly would not answer him so obediently. He spat at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen flicked, and the spit flew back in his face.

"I have many ways to make you talk. I just don't want to waste my energy," said Jiang Chen coldly.

"Hahaha, you think you will be treated as a hero after eliminating us Bloody Killing Gang? I'll tell you what will happen to you. You'll be faced with a disaster!"

"The elimination of the Bloody Killing Gang will affect the interests of all forces in the Green Field, no matter whether they are big or small."

The gang leader laughed hideously, ignoring Jiang Chen.

The Bloody Killing Gang was the king of this territory and had been terrorizing the folks there. It was weird that no one had ever come to get rid of them.

The stockaded village was quite big and well-designed. It needed very good construction puppets such as stonemasons and carpenters to build.

It was impossible that these bandits had made it on their own. They must have some exchange of interests with some big forces.

By then, Jiang Chen had destroyed the Bloody Killing Gang so that someone lost a way to make money.

"Can the interests created by you small Bloody Killing Gang be compared to those created by a Venerable Sovereign? They will offend a Venerable Sovereign for you? I doubt it," Jiang Chen said, amused.

"What? You are a Venerable Sovereign?!"

The gang leader was startled. If it was true, his threat was useless.

Zhao Ying and Ma Wei, who had followed Jiang Chen here, were also shocked.

"No," Jiang Chen said seriously.

Before the gang leader could feel relieved, Jiang Chen went on, "But I killed many Venerable Sovereigns."

The gang leader was struck dumb. With his eyes wide open, he was speechless.

"If I tell you, will you let go of me?"

The gang leader lost his confidence in a second.

"You are still unaware of the current situation."

Jiang Chen was out of his patience. A small flame appeared in his hand. He tossed it onto the gang leader.

The flame entered the gang leader's body and started to burn violently, but it would not kill him.

Feeling a tight chest pain, the gang leader was sweating heavily.

"I'll tell you. I'll tell you!"

He did not have the nerve to bargain anymore. "I got them from the Blood Pool!"

"Blood Pool?"

When Jiang Chen was going to ask for more details, scarlet flames started to burn on the gang leader's body and burnt him into ashes quickly.

It was not done by Jiang Chen's flame.

"Blood oath," Jiang Chen said quietly.

This was the second time he had seen people die of a blood oath, but he still felt the image startling.

The gang leader's blood became hot flames that flew through his body and melted his guts. His bones also turned into ashes.

"You know anything about the Blood Pool?"

Jiang Chen turned around to ask Ma Wei and Zhao Ying.


Ma Wei shook his head, seemingly puzzled.

"I heard my master… mention it once, but I don't remember what he said."

Zhao Ying showed a complicated face at the mention of Swordsman the Cloud.

"I see."

Jiang Chen nodded. Then he came up to Swordsman the Cloud.

"The Blood Pool? It's tricky." Swordsman the Cloud looked very serious. Then he told Jiang Chen about the Blood Pool.

The Blood Pool was a real dark force, not like the Bloody Killing Gang, which was nothing to mention.

It was established three years ago when the world had been reorganized.

"It's said it was established by the remnants of the Nether World School," Swordsman the Cloud said mysteriously.

"Oh? But how could the Blood Pool keep existing despite this rumor?" Jiang Chen asked, confused.

"Many things have changed since three years ago. The collaboration of those races is energy and resource consuming. Besides, that Blood Pool is quite mystical. So those big forces are simply turning a blind eye to them," said Swordsman the Cloud helplessly.

"If the Demonic Elixirs have anything to do with the Nether World School, we have to investigate the whole thing," Jiang Chen thought to himself.

At that moment, outside of the Tiger Cutter Mountain, several sword radiances showed up. They were not obvious at first, but when they had been closer, people found them crisscrossing in the air.

This made everyone in the stockaded village nervous.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The flowing lights stopped outside of the stockaded village. Figures showed up one after another.

There were five people in all, three women and two men, all very young, all with a mysterious elegance and extraordinary appearance, like immortals who had descended to the world.

"Bloody Killing Gang! Come out to die!" yelled one of the women. The sword radiance emitting from her hand was extremely bright.

Those five were baffled very soon. Obviously, there had been a big fight in the stockaded village. Dead bodies were everywhere.

And those who were alive did not look like the members of the Bloody Killing Gang.

"It's the Heavenly Ease Sword School," Swordsman the Cloud murmured. He looked weird.

Then, the Heavenly Ease Sword School he had mentioned landed, trying to find someone to ask about the situation.

Soon, the five came up to Jiang Chen.

"This was all done by you?"

Just like others, the five were also very surprised to see Jiang Chen so young.

"Did you kill all of the three leaders?"

One of the men asked before Jiang Chen spoke.

"Who should I answer first?" Jiang Chen said with a smile, looking at the man and the woman who had spoken to him.

"Well, up to you," the five said, surprised.

"Yes, I did it. And I killed the three leaders," said Jiang Chen.

"Did the three leaders say anything before their deaths?"

It sounded as though these five had come here for a reason.

"Should I repeat what they exactly said before their deaths?" asked Jiang Chen.

"Just answer our questions. Why are you always answering us with more questions?"

The man who had asked him was unhappy with him. He did not like Jiang Chen's attitude.

He was an outstanding disciple of the Heavenly Ease Sword School. Everyone looked up to him and admired him when he was traveling outside.

And people all spoke to him with great respect.

However, although Jiang Chen had been smiling, he was obviously slighting the Heavenly Ease Sword School with his understatement.

Jiang Chen looked at the other four. None of them spoke.

In this way, Jiang Chen learned their attitudes.

"I replied to you, so I already gave face to you. If you don't want it, just get lost," Jiang Chen said aggressively.


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