The Brilliant Fighting Master
1711 To Kill the Hostages
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1711 To Kill the Hostages

"Great! Great!"

The middle-aged man whose family name was Du shouted excitedly. He had gone crazy.

He had been curling up in a corner in despair after being rejected.

Not until Jiang Chen had taken action did he see hope again.

The team who had come to ransom Zhao Ying's mother was happy to see that. They were going up the mountain immediately.

"Let's go."

Jiang Chen put the Human Emperor Bow aside. He held Zhao Ying's hand and went onto the mountain with her together.

Hundreds of stone steps were just like the flat ground for him. He arrived at the headquarters after only a few jumps.

Swordsman the Cloud, and his apprentices also followed.

It was a stockaded village, inside which many gangsters of the Bloody Killing Gang had not realized what had happened.

Seeing the enemy coming, they swarmed into the village as well.

These were all outlaws, cruel, and violent. Most of them were Star Venerables.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen whistled.

The Punishing Heaven Sword flew into the sky, emitting strong energy. Wherever it passed, numerous people were either injured or killed.

"Immortal Sword!"

As a swordsman, Swordsman the Cloud could see how extraordinary the Punishing Heaven Sword was with a simple glance.

He also found this was not an average Immortal Sword. With the aid of thunder and bolts of lightning, its power was even more dreadful.

"What kind of force could have the strength to cultivate such a young swordsman?"

No matter how hard Swordsman the Cloud thought, he could not figure out how Jiang Chen had such great attainments at such a young age.

Even the biggest force to his knowledge did not have the strength to cultivate such a freak.


An angry yell came when Jiang Chen was killing around mercilessly.

People looked over and saw a muscular one-eyed man come with some people.


The middle-aged man whose family name was Du suddenly saw something. He was going to dash over instantly, regardless of anything.

Next to Jiang Chen, Zhao Ying was also struck by an overwhelming feeling.

It turned out those people had taken their hostages here, holding their knives on the hostages' necks.

"I'll kill them if you kill all of my men!" said the one-eyed man sharply.

He looked as if he really would do that.

"He is Wan Rentu, the number three leader here. A very cruel man. He definitely talks the talk and walks the walk."

Ma Wei told Jiang Chen who that was after mysteriously showing up.

"Ma Wei, you are a traitor!"

Wan Rentu had been paying close attention to Jiang Chen. He certainly would not miss what Ma Wei was doing.

"The Bloody Killing Gang is a sinful organization. I had been trapped in this and couldn't refuse to do what I didn't want to do. But now, thanks to the Venerable, no, thanks to the Saint's instruction, I've had a realization and decided to live an honest life from now on."

Ma Wei sounded righteous. Seeing the strength Jiang Chen had showed, he made up his mind to stand on the latter's side immediately.

Venerable referred to Star Venerable.

And Emperor referred to Martial Emperors, while Saint corresponded to Martial Arts Saint.

In Ma Wei's eyes, what Jiang Chen had shown absolutely could make him a Martial Arts Saint.

"Bullshit!" said Wan Rentu. But he stopped arguing with Ma Wei very soon to focus on Jiang Chen again.

"You killed my men and my second elder brother. You've shown no mercy, so don't blame me for my cruelty."

Wan Rentu raised his hand as he spoke.

Once he put it down, his subordinates would kill the ten-odd hostages with no hesitation.


Others tensed up before Jiang Chen could respond.

Some of them begged for Wan Rentu's mercy, while others looked at Jiang Chen with hope.

They expected Jiang Chen to launch some powerful attacks to kill those hateful outlaws before they really did anything.

"You are talking about mercy? Aren't you ashamed?" Jiang Chen taunted, trying to gain more time.

Wan Rentu was a smart guy. His subordinates were not standing in a row. Instead, they were standing far away from each other.

If he were not injured, it would not be difficult to get rid of them, but the current situation did not allow him to do that.

If he exerted the Great Method of Void, his injuries would absolutely get worse.

"Before we Bloody Killing Gang occupied the Tiger Cutter Mountain, bandits who would kill people for money were everywhere on this mountain. There was no way for hostages under their hands to survive."

"Until we came here, we made rules and established order, and fewer and fewer people have died since then."

"If you eliminate us Bloody Killing Gang, you'll make this land fall into chaos again!"

Wan Rentu sounded righteous and confident.

"You mean the order established by a group of bandits? How sarcastic! Don't you try to bluff me. I'll reorganize this place after eliminating you. What you mentioned will not happen at all," said Jiang Chen.

"Kill them!"

Wan Rentu was cruel, indeed. His eyes turned red after Jiang Chen's speech.

He gave the order decisively.

He raised his knife. Numerous people wailed.

"Unique Theurgy, A Strike of Fast Thunders and Arc Lights!"

Jiang Chen did not exert the Great Method of Void in the end. He jumped out and picked up the Punishing Heaven Sword.

Since he was injured, this unique theurgy was not as smooth as before.

But also because of that, it created a splendid scene.

Brilliant silver electric arcs turned into fast-moving shadows. With a gesture of sword striking, they killed most of the gangsters of the Bloody Killing Gang.

In an instant, there seemed to be more than ten clones of Jiang Chen. They killed everyone except Wan Rentu.

The hostages, free again, ran towards their families immediately.

"My daughter."

The middle-aged man hugged a weary-looking teenage girl emotionally.

Zhao Ying reunited with her mother smoothly as well.

"Now, how will you kill all of the hostages?"

Jiang Chen landed before Wan Rentu, waving the Punishing Heaven Sword.

"You! Your state… It's impossible!"

Wan Rentu could not find any appropriate words to express himself.

Jiang Chen was a freak. He could not be evaluated with common sense.

"You can't? Okay. Die then."

Jiang Chen was going to throw his sword over right away.

"Young man! You've underestimated us Bloody Killing Gang too much!"

At that moment, an old masculine voice echoed in the air. It was profound and loud, like a thunderbolt.

"The energy of Martial Arts Saint? No ko of thunder? He must have become Martial Arts Saint some time ago and have been adjusting himself to the new strength in seclusion," Jiang Chen thought.

"Hahaha, you are dead meat! All of you will die here!" Wan Rentu shouted excitedly.


Jiang Chen acted. A sword radiance flashed by, and his head was cut off.

"You are courting death!"

The Bloody Killing Gang's leader flew into a rage. Jiang Chen killed his subordinate in his presence.

Then, people saw a middle-aged man with lean muscles fly over, with black energy swimming around him.

As soon as he showed up, the sky was covered by dark clouds. Thunder could be vaguely heard.

"Such strong energy!"

Everyone behind Jiang Chen turned pale, feeling nervous, not sure whether this teenager could handle it.

"Master?" Hong Qing also looked at his master, curious about the answer.

Swordsman the Cloud looked serious. He could not tell which one was stronger.

"Young man, I'll turn you into ashes. Your family, your friends, will live in pain forever!"

This leader looked insane. His energy soared.

"You are noisy, too."

Jiang Chen frowned. Standing on the ground, he waved the Punishing Heaven Sword towards the sky.

A magnificent electric dragon showed up, rushing towards the leader in the air.

"The thunder and lightning have formed the shape of a dragon? How is that even possible?"

The leader was struck dumb immediately. His senses were coming back.

However, there was nothing he could do anymore.

The electric dragon hit him instantly. Then he fell from the sky, and the fight was over.

Those who had been worried found themselves feeling ridiculous.

"He isn't just a Saint? Is he a Venerable Sovereign?" thought Ma Wei.


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