The Brilliant Fighting Master
1710 Arrow Shooting!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1710 Arrow Shooting!

"He-he, I'm the rule maker here. If you can't rest assured, you can go with us," Yue Laosan said complacently.

People realized something. Yue Laosan liked Zhao Ying.

He might not do anything too irritating, but he definitely would take advantage of her on the mountain.

"How dare you! My master is just around here!" Hong Qing said in anger.

Yue Laosan tended to smile at women, but not at men. He intended to slap Hong Qing across his face.

Due to what had happened before, Hong Qing recoiled.

"You dodged? How dare you dodge from me?"

Yue Laosan flew into a rage. He yelled, "Surround them!"

After the order had been given, hundreds of Star Venerables surrounded Xiao Yun, Hong Qing, and others.


Hong Qing was pissed, too. He shouted loudly at the sky.

A sword radiance came from the west at high speed, whooshing across the sky immediately after the calling.

Before people could see it clearly, a man over fifty showed up at the mountain gate. It was a martial-level strong man.

"Bloody Killing Gang, I've been pretty nice to you by following your rules. Why are you still bullying my apprentice?!"

This was exactly Swordsman the Cloud.

Seeing him show up, Hong Qing, Xiao Yun, and others were all pleasantly surprised, feeling their anger had been vented.

"He-he, your apprentice is too proud. He has been raising the horn. The only thing he hasn't done is to write 'I'm a genius' on his face. He looks down on us bandits. You call this nice?"

However, the tension in the air was not relieved because of the appearance of a martial-level strong man.

Yue Laosan was still yelling.

"How dare you, a Star Venerable, behave so arrogantly in front of me!"

A sharp light flashed in the eyes of Swordsman the Cloud. He threw the sword in his hand over.

Yue Laosan was not his rival, but he was not afraid at all.


An arrow fell and hit the blade of Swordsman the Cloud.

The power contained in the arrow forced Swordsman the Cloud to retreat instantly.

"Swordsman the Cloud, we've been nice enough to you. My boss is on the verge of breaking through to Martial Arts Saint. This is not targeting your apprentice. The price has risen for everyone."

A cold voice came from the mountain.

"It's the deputy leader," Ma Wei said automatically.

"Martial Arts Saint?!"

The face of Swordsman the Cloud looked terrible. He was only a Martial Emperor and not the strongest among Martial Emperors. He was in no way a match for a Martial Arts Saint.

"What do you want?" Swordsman the Cloud said, unwilling to give up.

No voice came from the mountain again, but Yue Laosan pointed at Zhao Ying, "Because of your offense, we are going to keep her as a hostage. You go back to prepare for more ransom."

Then the gangsters of the Bloody Killing Gang were going to catch Zhao Ying.

Zhao Ying was so afraid that she screamed. Hong Qing, Xiao Yun, and others unsheathed their swords to protect their apprentice younger sister.

"Swordsman the Cloud, are you going to harm yourselves?" Yue Laosan said coldly, seeing them show their weapons.

Swordsman the Cloud looked extremely awkward. After a good while, he yelled, "Sheath your swords!"


Hong Qing and others could not accept the fact that they not only failed to ransom their apprentice younger sister's mother, but she would be taken away.

"What else can we do? You want all of us to die here?" Swordsman the Cloud said sharply.

Then, throwing Zhao Ying a glance, he said, "Ying'er, your master will figure a way out."

Zhao Ying was pale. Seeing those gangsters approaching with a nasty smile and no one trying to stop them, she kept falling back.

None of her apprentice elder brothers or sisters around her tried to help her. Not even her master was going to help her.

She felt completely helpless.

When she looked around in a panic, her pupils contracted. She saw something.

She saw the strange teenager from last night approaching when none of the others dared move.

She was not the only one who had noticed that. The clear footsteps had drawn everyone's attention. They all looked back.

They saw the teenager quite indifferently. His eyes were quite cold.

"The world has been stained again," he said, making others' blood freeze.

Then, without unnecessary words, the teenager stopped beside Zhao Ying, holding an Immortal Sword.

He raised his arm, and then the sword struck. Like a harvest initiated by the God of Death, the gangsters of the Bloody Killing Gang kept falling.

They did not bleed until they had fallen onto the ground.

"Good heavens!"

It happened so fast that many people only realized what had happened after seeing the blood.

The gangsters who were still alive were frightened and angry. Those who had come to give a ransom for their beloved ones were too surprised to say anything.

"He really did it!"

Ma Wei freaked out. He had thought Jiang Chen would absolutely run away when he had heard the leader was about to achieve Martial Arts Saint.

"You know what you did?!" said Swordsman the Cloud all of a sudden, snarling.

Jiang Chen did this for Zhao Ying's sake, and she was his apprentice. This connection would implicate him and his other apprentices, and they could die.

"Bloody Killing Gang! Zhao Ying is no more my apprentice since this man threw his sword over!"

He hurried to shout at the mountain.


Zhao Ying could not believe it. Her master, who had always been very fond of her, said such a thing?

"Ying'er, you can't blame me for that," Swordsman the Cloud said helplessly.

"It's too late."

The deputy leader's cold voice came from the mountain again.

Then, everyone heard a tense bowstring drawn.

"Freezing Star Bow!"

Swordsman the Cloud was as pale as a ghost. He was afraid this arrow had been aimed at him.

The first arrow was a warning for him. It hit his blade and almost made him fall.

This shot was a final hit. He was not sure whether he would be able to parry it.

At the same time, the people who had been gathering at the mountain gate dispersed. They escaped into the forest to hide.

"Here they are!"

Under people's gaze, three steel arrows whooshed across the sky.

Each one of them was powerful enough to kill a Martial Emperor.

But Swordsman the Cloud felt very lucky because all of these three arrows had been aimed at Jiang Chen.

"Don't be afraid. You'll see your mother soon."

Jiang Chen seemed to be ignorant of the upcoming disaster. Facing Zhao Ying, he lifted his arm towards where the arrows were coming.

"What does he think those are?"

Swordsman the Cloud shook his head with a bitter smile. This guy was dying, and he was still so ignorant.

However, a second later, he froze where he was as if he had been struck by lightning.

He saw Jiang Chen waving his arm, and all of the three Freezing Star Arrows changed their courses!

And Jiang Chen was controlling where they were flying.

The first Freezing Star Arrow flew towards Yue Laosan, who was shot to death even before he knew what had happened. Even those standing behind him did not survive.

The second and the third one killed the remaining gangsters.

Together with those Jiang Chen had killed earlier, over one hundred people died at the giant mountain gate.

"No way!" An exclamation came from the mountain.

"Arrow is your thing? Count me in."

Jiang Chen's left hand clutched forward. The Human Emperor Bow suddenly appeared, as if he had taken it out from the void.

A Human Emperor Arrow was put onto the bowstring. The energy fluctuation was powerful enough to intimidate people.


The deputy leader on the mountain was scared out of his wits. He hurried to flee. But no matter how fast he ran, he did not feel the sense of crisis lifted at all. Instead, he felt more and more threatened.


It took the Human Emperor Arrow less than half a second to hit the target. Fireworks burst open over the mountain.

The deputy leader was dead.

At that moment, the whole world, on the mountain or at the foot of the mountain, fell into silence. Everyone looked like they were gazing at a freak.

"How could he be so strong?"

Especially Hong Qing, Xiao Yun, and their other peers, they could not believe they had spent the night with such a strong person.

This teenager looked even younger than him, but his strength was even beyond the comparison of his master.


At the thought of what he said last night, Hong Qing wished he could slap across his own mouth.


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