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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1708 Ransoms

Jiang Chen knew from Ma Wei that the Sacred Spirit Continent was divided into five fields.

The Sacred Spirit was in a pretty complicated situation since various broken Planes' Worlds had been merged. There were all sorts of bad characters.

And it was accessible to strong races from the Dragon Realm, the Monster Realm, and so on.

The Green Field, where Jiang Chen was at the moment, was the most chaotic region among the five fields.

In the Green Field, some force had banned flying, so that people below martial level could not fly in the sky.

"It's such a big world, but a force wants to have the sky all to themselves? What is it called?" Jiang Chen said, feeling it funny.

"The Over Cloud Palace," Ma Wei blurted out without thinking.

Jiang Chen, smiling disdainfully, was instantly struck dumb.

The horse under him froze as if it had felt his emotions. No matter how hard Ma Wei pulled it, it just would not move.

Ma Wei looked back and saw Jiang Chen's face. He thought the latter had been intimidated by the Over Cloud Palace.

"Over Sky, Over Rainbow, Over Cloud," Jiang Chen murmured, his face hard to read.

He was not sure whether it was the same Over Cloud Palace in the Sacred Zone.

Because the Over Cloud Palace in the Sacred Zone actually had three names, which were Over Sky, Over Rainbow, and Over Cloud.

"Son, as to why it has these three names, I'll tell you when you grow strong. It's a secret of our family."

Jiang Chen was reminded of what his father had told him in his previous life.

He remembered it clearly because he had been very impressed by his father's facial expression at that moment.

It was bitterness and helplessness, and hope! The hope pinned on him!

Afterward, it was found that he could not practice, so his father never brought that up again.

Jiang Chen would never forget the disappointment he spotted on his father's face, and the weariness on his face, as if his father had grown dozens of years older instantly.


The memory came like a tide. It was not easy to leave it behind again.

Jiang Chen felt so eager to know what had happened to his parents in the previous life. He wanted to stand in front of his father and tell him that his son had not failed him!

Although he had the Holy Soul and nine lives, in each life, he was independent and real.

For example, the Jiang Chen in this life.

He would not be indifferent to people around him in this life just because he had lived for thousands of years.

The Holy Soul and the experiences he had gained in those thousands of years were only like an inheritance.

"Is that Over Cloud Palace powerful?" Jiang Chen asked after a good while.

"It used to be. Definitely an overlord. But since the Sacred Spirit World turned into the Sacred Spirit Continent, everything has changed," said Ma Wei.

As to how it had changed, Ma Wei could not explain it. He was not in a position to have that kind of information.

At dusk, they arrived at the periphery of the Tiger Cutter Mountain.

Seeing a wide flat flagstone road leading to the mountain, Jiang Chen said in surprise, "You bandits are surprisingly fastidious."

"Venerable, we didn't build the road. It was built by the rich people living in the Green Field."

Speaking of this, Ma Wei was rather complacent.

It turned out robbery was not the only thing those bandits did. They were also kidnappers and blackmailers.

They demanded people to bring ransoms to them. Some people were afraid of the notorious Bloody Killing Gang, so they built such a road to play up to them.

"Venerable, we Bloody Killing Gang are not bandits. It's how the countrymen call us. Precisely speaking, we should be called a dark force," added Ma Wei.

"Oh? A dark force bullying the old, the weak, the sick, and the disabled?" Jiang Chen scorned.

Ma Wei showed an awkward smile, not daring argue. He thought to himself, "Don't be so proud. You'll know what a dark force is when we get to the headquarters."

Jiang Chen suddenly sensed something. With a small smile, he said, "The Divine Body is really strong."

The flesh wounds on the Divine Body had already recovered. He could act freely without feeling any pain.

Only some deeper wounds would need more time to recover, like cracks on granites.

After entering the mountain, Jiang Chen did not find traces of any beasts, which meant the Bloody Killing Gang had the full control of the Tiger Cutter Mountain.

The flat mountain road was very dark. With the pale moonlight sprinkled on grasses and trees, they could barely see the road.

They were not talking. Ma Wei felt lucky enough that Jiang Chen was not trying to speaking to him. He certainly would not start any topic himself.

When it was already very late in the night, they heard human voices coming from not far away.

They looked up and saw lights.

"Venerable, here we are. That's the mountain gate. We'll arrive at the destination by keeping going up," Ma Wei said, trusting to luck, hoping Jiang Chen would let him go.

"Lead the way."

Sitting on the horse, Jiang Chen was carefree and leisurely.

Ma Wei had to go on leading the horse.

Before, the mountain gate of the Bloody Killing Gang was flat ground, with a bonfire burning at the center. There were already many people there.

It was surprising that none of these people was a member of the Bloody Killing Gang.

Standing far from each other, they were just strangers.

They were not surprised to see Jiang Chen coming on a horse. Although some of them were taken aback a little by Jiang Chen's tender age, none of them commented.

"Are they here to ransom their people?" said Jiang Chen.

"Exactly. The mountain gate won't be open until the dawn. Then these people will be received in order. That's why they are here waiting," said Ma Wei.

Jiang Chen smiled. This Bloody Killing Gang was quite systematic.

They kidnapped people here, and those who came to pay ransoms would have to wait in a line!

"Get off the horse and wait in the line. The Bloody Killing Gang will be pissed if you have such a high profile."

Someone said to him when Jiang Chen was hesitating whether to fight his way through the mountain gate.

The man who had warned him said it in a roundabout manner, but it was for his own good indeed.

The members of the Bloody Killing Gang were standing on the stone steps leading onto the mountain.

"I should take a rest tonight."

He would be able to recover ten or twenty percent of his fighting force during the night so that the odds would be more in his favor.

Ma Wei curled his lip, thinking... 'I thought you would show your mettle and kill many people judging from how you had boasted...'

If it were not for fear of Jiang Chen's Immortal Sword, he really would run onto the steps to call those people to kill the latter.

Jiang Chen got off the horse, looking towards the man who had warned him.

It was a middle-aged man in luxury clothes. He looked rich, but also looked like he had been worn out.

Seeing Jiang Chen looking at him, he curled up his lip without speaking. Then he turned away and left.

Jiang Chen did not feel offended. Apparently, it was someone very important to that man that had been kidnapped.

"Hi, are you alone?"

Someone else spoke to Jiang Chen. It was a pretty young woman.

Jiang Chen saw by one glance that she was one of the strongest in the crowd.

"Only with him?"

The young woman threw Ma Wei a glance before Jiang Chen could answer. She sounded pitiful.


"Alas, stay with us, so that you can be received earlier and reunite with your family earlier," the woman said with compassion.

This was jumping the queue. Others cast them an unhappy look but did not stop them.

Obviously, Jiang Chen was not the only one who had seen through the woman's strength.

The woman was not alone. She was with some peers. There were other men and women.

Jiang Chen was taken into the team after nodding.

All of these people were Star Venerables. They were good-looking men and women, well dressed.

A teenage girl was sitting at the center, lowering her head and crying quietly.

Needless to say, these people came for her.

"Hey, what happened to your family? Why a kid like you come here? Were your parents caught?" said a youngster carelessly in the team that looked rebellious.


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