The Brilliant Fighting Master
1707 The Green Field
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1707 The Green Field

Jiang Chen did not urge him. If that guy was smart enough, he should know the right thing to do.

"It was an elixir handed out by our leader. Only members who have made great contributions are eligible for it," said Ma Wei.

"Oh? You have a leader? Those were not all of your Bloody Killing Gang's members?" Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

"Venerable, if we only had so few people, how would the Bloody Killing Gang have conquered this region? My people only belong to a branch. There is a headquarters above us," Ma Wei said with an awkward smile.

The reaction of the villagers told Jiang Chen they had no idea about that.

They all thought the bad guys had all been killed, but to their surprise, there were more horrifying vicious people out there.

The joy was immediately gone. Throwing the dead bodies on the ground, they shook their heads and sighed. Pinning their hopes on Jiang Chen was the only choice left to them.

"Do you have the elixir you mentioned?" asked Jiang Chen.

"I've only got one left."

Ma Wei hurried to hand him a small glass bottle.

Jiang Chen's face looked terrible when he had uncorked the bottle.

Ma Wei freaked out. He was so afraid that he kowtowed immediately.


Jiang Chen poured the elixir into the palm of his hand. It was a tiny black pill giving off a pungent smell.

"Demonic Elixir! No wonder!"

Jiang Chen had been wondering what had happened to Ma Wei. It turned out to be Demonic Elixirs.

Taking the Demonic Elixirs would make one get stronger by sacrificing their talents.

Ma Wei gave up his future to exchange for the Star Venerable's state.

However, due to his profession, even if he had known it, he still would have chosen the Demonic Elixirs.

"Your talent is already up. If you take another Demonic Elixir, it will be your Qi and blood that will be taken. You'll be skins and bones gradually. In the end, you yourself will be the ailment," Jiang Chen said coldly.

"Ah? Ailment? What ailment?" Ma Wei freaked out. He was human, not some food. Why would he have anything to do with an ailment?

"For the Demon Fetus."

Jiang Chen's look was freezing cold. His energy was aggressive.

The Blood Slaves were overwhelmingly defeated in the war on the Alien Battlefield, but the Demon escaped, for example, that General Demon.

The Demon did not give up. They were still thinking about ruling all races.

Certainly, it was impossible for them to foster another Demon Fetus since they had lost the Alien Battlefield.

Jiang Chen figured some survivors of the Demon wanted to become Demon Lords so that they could negotiate with all other races.

"Take me to the headquarters," Jiang Chen told Ma Wei.

Ma Wei, begging for Jiang Chen's mercy, was happy. That meant he would not die, but soon he was surprised again.

"Venerable, we have martial-level strong people at the headquarters."

He did not warn Jiang Chen out of good intentions. The thing was if he took an enemy to the headquarters, he would be regarded as a traitor and have a tragic ending.

Before Jiang Chen could react, the villagers exclaimed in surprise first.

Martial-level strong people!

Those were like gods for them.

Once those strong ones got angry, even the sun and the moon would be paler, and the sky and the earth would reverse.

"Young man, go to the Iron Green City with us. The heads of the Bloody Killing Gang's members are worth a great fortune," proposed the village chief to Jiang Chen, walking ahead slowly.

"Will you be protected in the Iron Green City?" asked Jiang Chen.

"The Iron Green City is a big city. With the solid city walls there, the Bloody Killing Gang is nothing to fear," the village chief said.

"So why do they allow those gangsters to do this to you?"

Speaking of this, the village chief and others were all embarrassed.

"Venerable, the Iron Green City is even greedier than us. If you want their protection, the protection money they charge is twice the amount of what we charge."

Ma Wei said, "These men want to use my brothers' heads to exchange for money so that they can seek shelter in the city."

Disclosed by him, the village chief was embarrassed and nervous. He was afraid Jiang Chen would get mad.

"You have a problem with that?" Jiang Chen threw him a glance.


Ma Wei was given a scare. Although Jiang Chen wanted him to lead the way, the location of the headquarters was not a secret, and he could just learn its address from anybody.

If he pissed Jiang Chen off, he might die.

"Mister, you do what you want. Stay here or go to the Iron Green City. It's up to you. I don't want any of these bandits' bounty," Jiang Chen said generously.

These villagers did not tie him up and turn him in to the bandits, despite knowing this would lead to a disaster.

They even covered up for him when Ma Wei interrogated them.

It was precious for Jiang Chen, who had seen many ugly aspects of humanity.

"Thank you! Thank you!"

Seeing such a gorgeous person being so polite to him, the village chief felt flattered. He was so emotional that he even cried.

Soon, all of the villagers started to pack. They were going to move to the city to seek shelter.

Some strong male villagers cut the bandits' heads off and wrapped them in cloth. They were going to get the bounty.

When almost everything had been ready, Jiang Chen got on a horse, telling Ma Wei to lead the horse at the front.

Ma Wei, degraded to a horsekeeper at the moment, did not have the nerve to complain. He walked out, leading the horse.

"Big brother, are you really going to that dangerous place?"

Xiu'er was still following him, reluctant to let him go, and worried, too.


"Big brother, will you come back to see me?" Xiu'er said, plucking up her courage.

Jiang Chen was about to answer her right away. But seeing her watery eyes, he said with a smile, "I'll go to the Iron Green City after getting rid of the headquarters."

"That's great!"

Xiu'er was so happy that she waved her arms to cheer for Jiang Chen.

"Huh, he can't even fly, but he wants to deal with us Bloody Killing Gang."

Ma Wei was beaming, but he was vicious to the bone. Seeing Jiang Chen need to ride a horse, he knew he should try hard enough not to be a traitor.

Jiang Chen was recovering his injuries on the horse. He did not bother to care what that contemptible guy was thinking.


Watching Jiang Chen leaving, the village chief suddenly let out a long sigh.

"Grandpa Village Chief, what's wrong?" Xiu'er asked, baffled.

"Nothing. Alas, Xiu'er, let's go."

The village chief certainly would not say Jiang Chen would probably never come back again.

"Village chief, this young man can't even fly. Does that say anything about his strength?" an old man asked, concerned.

"Exactly," answered the village chief.

Although the village chief did not know the Bloody Killing Gang had a headquarters, he knew this world he was living in quite well.

Martial arts practicers could fly after achieving the Reaching Heaven State.

Flying had an irresistible charm for the human race.

High mountains and steep hills, risky cliffs, and magnificent peaks were situated on the earth, forming obstacles. It would take ordinary people several years to climb over a mountain.

However, if they could fly, everything would be different.

The terrain would not affect them anymore. And there would be no more cities that were easy to defend and hard to attack.

It could have been a good thing. However, in this world, flying was banned.

Reaching Heaven States and Star Venerables were not allowed to fly at will. Otherwise, they would be punished severely.

Based on that, the fact Jiang Chen could not fly meant he was not a martial-level practicer.

And at the Bloody Killing Gang's headquarters, there were martial-level strong people.

The odds were really not in Jiang Chen's favor.

"By the way."

And Jiang Chen realized that, too. He looked at his horsekeeper.

"Why are you still riding horses?" he asked.


Ma Wei did not expect that question. He mustered up his courage after thinking. He asked, "Venerable, you are not from the Green Field, are you?"

"The Green Field? Since when has the Sacred Spirit Continent been divided into fields?"

Then it occurred to Jiang Chen that everything had been different since three years ago, and the information he had was mostly outdated.


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