The Brilliant Fighting Master
1706 Bloody Killing Gang
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1706 Bloody Killing Gang

A group of sturdy people ran into the village in a single file on hundreds of hybrid horses, leaving lots of dust behind them.

The villagers were terrified as if they were having one foot in the grave.

The horse team stopped at the center of the village. The tallest black horse at the front swaggered forward.

The man on the horse was in his thirties or forties, with a fat face and cruel eyes. He seemed to be a rude and arbitrary man.


He held the reins, his nose smelling something in the air.

"Smells like blood," he said in a rough voice, looking at something in the distance.

There was a miles-deep large hole. The dirt told him that the hole had just been dug.

What drew his attention was the visible blood and flesh in it.

"Anyone here?! Get out immediately! You want me to have all of you tied?"

He flew into a rage right away, malicious looking.

Soon, some respectful old men walked out in terror.

The village chief was in the middle. His wrinkles looked deeper at this moment.

"Head Ma!" the village chief greeted him in fear.

"Do you want to tell me that was Jing Laosan?"

Ma Wei pointed at the hole, smiling gloomily.

"Yes, but we didn't kill him…" The village chief then told him what had happened.

Ma Wei showed a weird face when he had heard someone falling from the sky smashed his subordinate to death.

"Hey, buddies, you heard that? Jing Laosan came out alone to have all to himself but ended up this way. What a wimp!"

Then he burst out laughing before anyone else.

Hundreds of people followed him, not sad at all for their companion's death.

Death was just normal to them.

"Where is that man's body?"

Ma Wei asked after stopping laughing.

"Body?" The village chief and other old men were confused.

"Are you telling me that man fell and smashed a person to death, but he himself survived?"

Seeing them react this way, Ma Wei said in anger, "It looks the Bloody Killing Gang's fame isn't big enough already, and we have to warn the world by eliminating the whole village."

"Eliminating the whole village?"

The villagers were scared out of their wits by his threat. Cries and shouts rose immediately.

The village chief and other old men knelt down to beg for his mercy.

But nothing could change Ma Wei's decision. A strong killing intent shrouded the whole village.

"A big man has reduced himself to bullying some weaponless old men. A person like you became Star Venerable. That's really a miracle."

At that moment, a cold voice came from somewhere.

The chaotic village became silent instantly.

Then those crying village women started to cry harder.

Judging from the Bloody Killing Gang's style, they would definitely kill people after hearing such a remark.

"He-he, looks you have some great person here. No wonder you had the nerve to kill my man."

Ma Wei kept laughing coldly. He did not care how strange his subordinate's death was. Someone must pay for that.

"Get out yourself! Otherwise, I'll start to kill!" Ma Wei yelled.

Ma Wei was shocked as soon as he finished speaking because a voice came almost immediately as if someone was whispering into his ear.

"But I'm right in front of you."

Then a teenager who looked a little messy showed up before him.

A teenage girl followed. Despite her tender age and rough clothes, it was not hard to see she would grow into a pretty woman.

"Xiu'er! Why are you here?!" the village chief said anxiously.

"Grandpa Village Chief, don't worry. This big brother is gorgeous. He said he would kill all of these hateful people," Xiu'er said excitedly.

But the village chief and others turned pale.


The gangsters of the Bloody Killing Gang burst out laughing. It was really ridiculous that Xiu'er had said such an ignorant thing in her young voice.

"Little girl, what did your little boyfriend tell you? Did he tell you he is a hero and capable of everything?"

Ma Wei scorned, although he did not see how Jiang Chen had shown up.

He just felt disdainful after seeing Jiang Chen's young face and how weak he was because of the heavy injury.

"I'll let him see us having fun on his deathbed."

Ma Wei said in a nasty manner, throwing Xiu'er an obscene look.

At that moment, Jiang Chen was out of patience. He said, "Get off the horse. If you all deprive yourselves of your attainments and break a leg or an arm of yours, you'll still have the chance to survive."

His seriousness froze the air again.

"Son of a bitch!"

A gangster of the Bloody Killing Gang squeezed his horse hard behind the girth area with his legs and rushed at Jiang Chen. The scimitar in his hand struck mercilessly towards him.

The village chief and others did not even have the heart to watch.

Xiu'er also held her breath, feeling nervous.


Jiang Chen was even in the mood to whistle at this moment.

Not long after the whistle, a sharp whooshing sound followed.

A light streaked across the sky and pierced through that bandit's chest easily.

Everything happened so quickly that the man did not even realize what had happened at his death.

He lowered his head with great effort to look at the tiny bleeding hole where his heart was. Then he fell off the horse.

With his feet still tied to the stirrups, the short horse in shock started to dash around in the village, dragging the dead body.

The villagers and the gangsters of the Bloody Killing Gang were all struck dumb.

They saw the light was actually a sword.

It was a sword as if built with the moonlight. The blade was even shining with a milky light during the day.

A man was just killed, but the blade was not stained with blood.

"An Immortal Sword!"

Ma Wei was first surprised, and then he felt excited. Greed was written on his face.

"Kill that guy!"

He rushed at Jiang Chen first as he spoke, raising his knife high.

In his eyes, Jiang Chen succeeded only thanks to the sword.

As long as he could kill Jiang Chen, he would replace the latter to be the owner of the Immortal Sword.


Jiang Chen still did not move. With a look, the Punishing Heaven Sword flew up to him and struck.

A sword radiance as long as dozens of feet hit the horse team. Instantly, blood spattered. Numerous people were killed by the breakout of thunder and bolts of lightning.

It was only one strike, and the hateful Bloody Killing Gang was almost eliminated.

Ma Wei was the only one who survived.

"Venerable, I'm sorry! Venerable, please calm down!"

After losing all of his subordinates, Ma Wei finally realized the sword was not all that Jiang Chen had.

He kowtowed hard in order to survive. His forehead started to bleed very soon after.

The villagers gathered. Seeing so many dead people, they tried very hard not to puke.

They were surprised to see Ma Wei crying because they usually had to look up at him or even kneel down before him.

"How did you achieve Star Venerable?"

Jiang Chen did not kill him. Instead, he asked Ma Wei, as if pondering about something.

"Venerable, is there anything wrong?" Ma Wei looked up, confused.

"With your character and your talent, you couldn't have achieved Star Venerable on your own."

There was always an exception, but it rarely happened that a person you ran into by chance happened to be that exception.

This Ma Wei did not have any talent at all, even worse than ordinary people.

And Jiang Chen found it was not for a natural cause. There was something hiding behind it.

That was also why he did not kill Ma Wei right away.


Ma Wei hesitated. He was apparently afraid of something.


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