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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1705 Xiu’er

"Jiang Chen died again? Eh! Why did I say 'again'?"

This was the first reaction most people had when the news had spread across the Boundless Continent.

"If Jiang Chen really died, I'll run around the Middle River naked!"

"You'll have egg on your face. That guy could even survive after being burnt to ashes."

Few people would believe it without seeing a body.

The Jiangs, Heavenly Defense Field.

"Let's have dinner. He wants to make me worried about him again? That's impossible!"

Gao Yue was not bothered at all after getting the news.

On the other hand, many people were taking delight in telling another anecdote.

Legend had it that a world-class strong practicer from the Sovereign Soul Palace was chased by a teenager holding a spear three thousand miles and was pushed into a tight corner.

If Grandma Golden Flower had not fled back to the Sovereign Soul Palace at that crucial moment, it would be hard to say how she would have ended up.

Those races were also watching how the Sacred Institute would react.

Although the Sovereign Soul Palace did not launch any attack until Jiang Chen had entered the Planes' Channel, where was deemed as outside of the Boundless Continent, it was still embarrassing for the Sacred Institute.

Fortunately, the Sacred Institute was formed by all races. Even though it was embarrassing, it was impossible to laugh at a specific race.

"This is over. Before Jiang Chen comes back on his own, the Sovereign Soul Palace shouldn't use Long Xing's death as the excuse to launch further attacks on the Boundless Continent."

A few days later, the Sacred Institute announced to the world.

"That's fair."

All races thought involuntarily.

For Long Xing's death, it was really a light punishment to only exile Jiang Chen.

As to the cause of Long Xing's death, the Sovereign Soul Palace would not dig so deep. They just insisted it was because of Jiang Chen's curse.

"However, the entire Planes' Channel was broken, and Jiang Chen was inside. It doesn't sound good."

People's calmness was restored a few days later. They analyzed the whole thing without referring to past experiences and realized Jiang Chen was actually in a dangerous situation.

"Even if he didn't die, he must have paid a high price."

People reached a consensus.

In fact, they were right.

Jiang Chen did not die. However, he would never exert any Escaping Method of the Nether again in any Planes' Channel for the rest of his life.

Because the result of doing that was terrible.

After spinning and whirling for some time, he was treated like an unfolded dress. His body almost fell apart.

The Athanasia Armor of Divinity was broken directly in this process.

If he were an average person, he would have been dead.

When he had eventually stopped, Jiang Chen found himself in the air.

After pausing for half a second, he fell in a straight line.

Jiang Chen could not control his body. He had no idea how high he was, either.

The only thing he knew was, the minute he made contact with some hard object, the great impact made him pass out.

After a long while, Jiang Chen woke up painfully.

"Sovereign Soul Palace!"

Jiang Chen's face was hideous. There was hatred in his eyes.

He realized deeply that between the Sovereign Soul Palace and him, one of them must disappear.

"When I become Venerable Sovereign, it will be the time for you to be a speck of dust in history," Jiang Chen said coldly.

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Chen could not help but scream tragically, sweating a lot.

He tried very hard not to shout, breathing in and out with much effort.


But in the end, Jiang Chen just could not hold it any longer. He shouted like hell.

Since he had started to practice, especially after he had got a Divine Body, it was the first time that he was so heavily injured.

"The crack of space is really powerful," Jiang Chen thought to himself.

Only Heavenly Gods were strong enough to deal with that.


Jiang Chen seemed to be surprised. He found himself in a shabby cabin.

After he had shouted, many people gathered outside of the door, whispering.

Those people were pushing each other. They wanted to come in to ask him something but did not have the nerve, so they wanted to find a poor wretch to do that on their behalf.

"I'll go inside."

Soon, a young voice came.

Then, as the door opened and gave off a harsh noise, a good-looking teenage girl plucked up her courage to walk in.

She saw Jiang Chen sitting on the bed and staring at her after taking a few steps forward.

She tensed up like a horrified rabbit until Jiang Chen showed a friendly smile, although it was not beautiful due to the wounds on his face.

But the teenage girl could see he was not a bad person.

"Big brother, are you all right?"

The teenage girl asked him.

"Big brother?"

Seeing she was only eleven or twelve years old, Jiang Chen thought to himself that this girl was quite honey-mouthed.

But it did not take him long to realize it was because he looked very young.

Soon, he knew from the teenage girl that he had arrived in the Sacred Spirit Continent.

He fell into a village in a mountainous region.

Looking around at the room and observing the teenage girl's state, Jiang Chen frowned.

His reaction made the girl think she had pissed him off somehow. At the thought of what she had seen earlier, she was so frightened that she started to tremble.

"It's too low."

Jiang Chen murmured.

The girl's state was not even second-class. In this era, it was like she had never practiced.

"Why would there be such a poor place on the Sacred Spirit Continent?" Jiang Chen thought involuntarily.

Soon, he felt relieved.

The Sacred Spirit Continent was located outside of the Nine Realms, formed by many small Planes' Worlds.

The top forces on this continent might be able to be compared to the forces from the Boundless Continent.

But the underclass of the Sacred Spirit Continent was quite behind.

If such a talented girl were living on the Boundless Continent, she would have been discovered and offered good training by some big force.

"Are you afraid of me?" Jiang Chen asked, feeling quite awkward.

The teenage girl did not dare answer him. Her eyes were wide open, her eyelashes long and thin.

"Well, don't be. I don't bite, you know," said Jiang Chen.

"Big brother, you fell out of nowhere during the day and smashed a man into a meat pie."

Speaking of this, the girl turned pale.


Jiang Chen was terribly upset when he had heard that.

"Big brother, don't feel guilty. He was not a good person. He and his companions killed my parents."

The girl suddenly knelt down on the ground to kowtow to him.

"Xiu'er will never forget your favor."

Jiang Chen was quite relieved when learning that was a bad guy.

"Tell me about him."

"They are bandits, living on the Tiger Cutter Mountain outside of the village. They are a big threat to our normal life."

"That vicious man came to the village to ask for money. We didn't have any to give him, so he wanted to take me away."

At the mention of this, the girl called Xiu'er kowtowed to him again to express her gratitude.

"Stand up."

Jiang Chen waved his hand. A wind lifted the girl up.

"Big brother, you are gorgeous!" Xiu'er was extremely surprised.

Jiang Chen coughed violently before he could speak. He hurried to take out some elixirs and swallowed them down.

"Even my Divine Body has been injured like this. It will take me at least ten days or two weeks to go back to the peak."

His foundation had been hurt. Even his Divine Body could not help him recover quickly unless he knew Di Juekong's skill to regenerate flesh.

"Elder brother."

Xiu'er approached caringly to help him.

Deafening thunderbolts came from outside when Jiang Chen was about to say it was all right. But when he had listened more carefully, he found it was actually clip-clops from horseshoes.

Hearing those noises, Xiu'er turned pale, her body shivering.

"Are they those bandits?" asked Jiang Chen.


Xiu'er nodded with great effort.

Jiang Chen fell on their guy, and the latter died in this village.

The entire village could be implicated because of that.

"Well, I happen to be in a bad mood."

Jiang Chen looked out of the window. His look became colder and colder.


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