The Brilliant Fighting Master
1702 Star-Smashing Flowing Light Ball
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1702 Star-Smashing Flowing Light Ball

"Let's go," Ye Qiu said. He looked helpless, as well.

No one would like to separate a couple for no reason.

He would not have come at all if he were not sure Jiang Chen would make a comeback someday.

"Wait a minute."

Standing quietly in the air, Jiang Chen was waiting.

"Jiang Chen! What's awaiting you is exile, not a vacation! You think you can negotiate with us?"

A man of about twenty-five or twenty-six years old jumped out of the team of the Sovereign Soul Palace. He was only a Martial Arts Saint, but he was fearless of Jiang Chen.

"Do you have a problem?" Jiang Chen looked over.

"I'm just reminding you of your situation!" the young man yelled.

Jiang Chen was strong indeed, but so what? Would he have the nerve to launch an attack when he was in the wrong?

However, he found people around him showing a shocked face somehow. They were looking at him with pity.

Apparently, this young man had seen Jiang Chen wrong.

"You are not in a place to remind me of anything."

Jiang Chen waved his sleeves slightly. The young man, dozens of miles away from him, was bleeding. He blacked out and fainted.

Those from the Sovereign Soul Palace were angry, but they did not dare say anything.

Soon, Jiang Chen saw the person he had been waiting to see.

It was a super pretty woman. As soon as she arrived, the temperature dropped drastically. It became freezing.

"I'll go with you."

This was the first thing Ye Xue said after arrival.

"The Heavenly Palace needs your leading."

Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly. It would certainly be best if he had a pretty woman in his company.

However, he could not do whatever he wanted to do. Otherwise, Xiao Nuo would be able to go with him as well, leaving the Celestial Palace behind.

Jiang Chen did not leave with Ye Qiu and others until he had said goodbye to her.

They needed to go to the other side of the Middle River to travel to the Sacred Spirit Continent.

The big team started the transmission from Tianqi City.

Whenever they arrived in a city, this supreme-venerable-level team would get lots of attention.

Even though it was an era of Sovereign Souls full of strong people from all races, this was still an unusual scene.

A great commotion was started when people learned Jiang Chen would be exiled.

Jiang Chen, in the team, did not look like a man to be exiled at all. He was more like a supreme-venerable-level strong man sent down to have a vacation.

"This is wrong! Jiang Chen is a real hero! How could you exile a hero?!" an old man in his sixties shouted emotionally outside the transmitting formation, waving his cane when they were passing by a city.

"Is it simply an exile? Without a blood oath? We Sovereign Soul Palace are definitely slighted!"

However, in some cities ruled by the Sovereign Soul Palace, hostile complaints kept coming.

"It serves him right! This guy is lawless. This day should have come earlier."

Most Ancients clapped their hands to celebrate, gloating.

After consecutive half-hour transmissions, the team finally arrived at the last stop.

Outside of this city, there was a transmitting channel that looked like a water curtain.

It was the channel to the Sacred Spirit Continent.

"The tearing force of this channel is much stronger than normal Planes' Channels. Be careful," Ye Qiu warned him in a low voice.

"I know."

Planes' Channels all had tearing forces. If people who were not strong enough entered there, they would be killed, and their dead bodies would not even be recognizable.

However, with Jiang Chen's fighting force, no Planes' Channel would be able to hurt him.

Ye Qiu warned him apparently out of a deeper intention.

Throwing those unkind supreme-venerable-level strong men from the Sovereign Soul Palace a look, Jiang Chen was very clear of the situation.

"Don't worry. We'll try our best to guarantee your safety," Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster said.

"Doesn't matter."

Jiang Chen was very confident because he sensed Xiao Nuo had tagged along.

But she was hiding her energy so that she would not be found out.

"This foxy lady never says what she really means."

Jiang Chen smiled. He was in a good mood.

For those from the Sovereign Soul Palace, his smile was no doubt an offense.

"How could you still laugh? Do you think the exile is a joke?"

It was a Senior Supreme Venerable who spoke this time. He was over fifty and had been quite prudent on the way.

By then, he could not stay silent anymore. He had been ready to confront Jiang Chen.

He was not a match for Jiang Chen alone, but this team made up of Supreme Venerables from all races was not just a decoration.

The remaining influence of how Jiang Chen had defeated Di Juekong was gradually dispersing.

If he ran amuck again, it would really be a disrespect for the Sacred Institute.

Maybe because of that, Jiang Chen ignored the Senior Supreme Venerable.


The Senior Supreme Venerable from the Sovereign Soul Palace felt relieved, but on the surface, he showed a cold smile complacently.

"Anything you need to tell me?" Ye Qiu said through voice transmission.

He knew Jiang Chen would not come back very soon.

The Spiritual Land Battle would be impossible for him.

Fortunately, due to Long Xing's death, the Spiritual Land Battle was also put off.

Jiang Chen looked over gratefully, telling Ye Qiu with his eyes it would not be necessary.

Looking towards where Xiao Nuo was hiding, he showed a soothing smile.

Then, under the threatening gaze of those from the Sovereign Soul Palace, Jiang Chen finally headed for the transmitting channel.

"Jiang Chen, if you come back, you will be the Sacred Institute's enemy!" shouted someone from the Sovereign Soul Palace.

"Huh, providing that he can come back." Some Senior Supreme Venerables who knew the inside story kept smiling coldly, ferocious lights flashing in their eyes.

Somehow, the air was then charged with tension.

Some people felt as if it was threatening to rain.

Ye Qiu and Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster were also very serious.

Almost as soon as Jiang Chen went into the channel, a threatening energy emerged.

"Jiang Chen! Pay my master's life with your life!"

Chu Tianfeng showed up with some others. They threw something at the channel.

"The Sovereign Soul Palace wants to use the tearing force of the Planes' Channel to kill Jiang Chen!"

"It's a perfect plan."

"Even Jiang Chen won't be able to survive from the tearing force of the channels."

Those who had been feeling uneasy tumbled to the fact. They were extremely surprised.

The Sovereign Soul Palace's action went against the verdict of the Sacred Institute. They were trampling on the dignity of the Sacred Institute!

"How dare you!"

Ye Qiu and Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster flew into a rage. They attacked one after the other.

But it was still too late. The thing Chu Tianfeng had thrown out hit the transmitting channel like lightning.

The air was disturbed. It suddenly became extremely windy and the space where the channel was cracked severely.

"Star-smashing Flowing Light Ball!"

People were shocked after seeing what that thing was.

"Isn't that thing lost to the world?"

"Nothing is lost to the world in this era. Not to mention they are the Sovereign Soul Palace. They have Sovereign Souls from all ages."

"Now it's getting tricky."

The Star-smashing Flowing Light Ball was a deadly strategic weapon. What was precious about it was it was easy to carry and could be used by individuals.

Its power was not any weaker than a fatal attack from Venerable Sovereigns in the peak.

"Due to what happened last time, each supreme-venerable-level strong man from the Sovereign Soul Palace has been equipped with a Star-smashing Flowing Light Ball. It's used to conquer Jiang Chen's physical movement."

"What a big investment. It's expensive to build this thing. It can make an average force broken."

People were gazing at the transmitting channel, unblinking.

That Star-smashing Flowing Light Ball had caused a big influence. It was already impossible to enter or leave the channel. No one knew what was happening inside.


When people were guessing it should be all right inside, the Senior Venerable Sovereigns from the Sovereign Soul Palace also threw their Star-smashing Flowing Light Balls over one after another.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

After a series of noises, the Planes' Channel had been exploded to ruins.

"You Sacred Institute should die!"

The Red Cloud Venerable came in rage. The killing intent in her eyes was resolute.

"Sovereign Soul Palace! You should know what you are doing!" yelled Ye Qiu.


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