The Brilliant Fighting Master
1701 Don’t Come Back Until You Are Already a Venerable Sovereign
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1701 Don’t Come Back Until You Are Already a Venerable Sovereign

Defeating Di Juekong and Jiang Chen's exile were two separate things.

Those supreme-venerable-level people around the Celestial Palace did not leave immediately. They were expecting Jiang Chen to show up.

The exile was not just a threat. They would not leave unworriedly by simply giving Jiang Chen a deadline to go away.

They would force Jiang Chen to leave the Boundless Continent in person!

"Go to the Heavenly Sword Continent. Your Sword Doctrine will be further improved there."

In the Celestial Palace, Jian Yi, who was always a cold person, suggested Jiang Chen warmheartedly, which was unexpected at all.

Ye Qiu and Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster threw him a surprised look.

Since he had joined the Sacred Institute, Jian Yi had never been close to anyone, although he had not been rejecting people.

All he thought about was swords.

Swords were his friend, his family, and even his lovers.

This was a sword geek!

Ye Qiu realized very soon that it was exactly why Jian Yi had suggested Jiang Chen.

The best thing a swordsman could wish for was to encounter a stronger rival in swordsmanship.

Jian Yi wanted Jiang Chen to grow stronger so that they could fight each other one day.

"Senior, is what you are practicing the Sword Doctrine of Passion, one of the Four Greatest Sword Doctrines?"

Looking at this white-clothed man, Jiang Chen showed him the respect a swordsman deserved.

"How could a person like him be passionate?" said Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster involuntarily.

He realized that he should not have said it the minute he said it. He looked over carefully.

Fortunately, Jian Yi did not take offense. He only met Jiang Chen's eyes and nodded.

"Senior, I have something which I could share with you. Would you care to hear?" said Jiang Chen seriously.

"Just say it."

"It is emptiness that lies in the deepest part of emotions, while it is emotions that lie at the end of a sword doctrine," said Jiang Chen.

Jian Yi looked as though he was pondering on that. His deep look shone brightly gradually.

"Su Tang, the Heartless Sword God, said it five hundred years ago," added Jiang Chen.

Jian Yi shivered slightly when the name Su Tang had been mentioned. It was for excitement.

Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster was greatly surprised. He did not understand why Jiang Chen's few words could have resulted in such a powerful effect.

And he had been talking about passion and heartlessness at the same time.

"The humans just love to say paradoxical things," murmured Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster.

Jian Yi stopped rolling his black eyes. His calmness had been restored, but his sword energy was glowing.

"Thanks a lot."

Jian Yi showed a rare smile, which Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster found incredible.

Before he could ask, Jian Yi turned into a flowing light and flew away.

He looked so eager as if there was something urgent waiting for him to handle.

"How good-hearted you are."

Xiao Nuo walked up to Jiang Chen with a sad face.

"Just don't want to see another tragedy," said Jiang Chen.

Only the two could understand each other. It all started five hundred years ago.

The best-known swordsman in the Sacred Zone back then was called Su Tang. He was not only very skilled at swordsmanship but also was an elegant, handsome man.

As a very romantic man, he had many girlfriends. He created the Sword Doctrine of Passion on his own, and it replaced the Sword Doctrine of Eternal Life in the Four Greatest Sword Doctrines.

However, when he had achieved the Godlike Sword Doctrine, Su Tang believed passion would finally lead to fickleness, and then heartlessness. Only in this way, one could reach the peak.

He had already been a husband and a father by then, but to further improve his Sword Doctrine, he abandoned his wife and kids.

After that, his Sword Doctrine did improve quickly and greatly. He became the number two swordsman in the Swordsmen List.

Later, someday, Su Tang challenged the number one swordsman and was overwhelmingly defeated. His Doctrine Heart became unstable, and he went mad.

The great awakening did not occur to Su Tang until many years later. He said what Jiang Chen had just cited and became the strongest Sword God.

But unfortunately, he did not have many years left by then, and his wife had been killed by his enemy. Eventually, his life ended in remorse.

Su Tang's story was widely spread across the world back then, and he had great fame.

Many people sighed at what he had experienced, including Jiang Chen himself.

As a result, seeing Jian Yi had also achieved the Godlike Sword Doctrine and was also on the wrong way from passion to fickleness, he could not help but warn the former.

"You are too good-hearted. Why don't you worry more about yourself?" Xiao Nuo said in anger.

In front of them, Ye Qiu and Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster looked at each other, and both showed a bitter smile.

"Jiang Chen, are you going to the Heavenly Sword?" asked Ye Qiu.

He also heard Jian Yi's suggestion. The Heavenly Sword Continent was not a bad option.

"No. I'm going to the Sacred Spirit Continent." But Jiang Chen had his own plan.

"You want to meet your lover there, don't you?" Xiao Nuo looked as if she had seen through him.

"If I had said I was going to the Heavenly Sword, you would have said your younger sister is more important to me than you are."

Jiang Chen did not bite the bait.

Tianyin was on the Sacred Spirit Continent, while Yueru was on the Heavenly Sword.

But this was not the main reason Jiang Chen had made this decision.

The Heavenly Sword was already a complete and stable world. It was perfect in all ways.

However, that was exactly why Jiang Chen should not go there.

Its perfectness meant fewer opportunities.

By comparison, the situation of the Sacred Spirit Continent was more complicated.

The Dragon Realm and the Monster Realm were both connected to the Sacred Spirit Continent. Not to mention the fact that there were killings everywhere because of territorial disputes.

That was the kind of place good for adventures.

"Let's go then." Ye Qiu got serious.


Xiao Nuo raised her eyebrow. She got pissed when she had realized Ye Qiu and Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster would not leave until this thing had been completely settled.

"Jiang Chen saved the world twice!" she said unhappily.

Ye Qiu and Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster smiled, embarrassed. They did not know what to say.

"Xiao Nuo, stop. Seniors have their own difficulties," said Jiang Chen.

Xiao Nuo felt wronged, thinking she had been speaking for him, not for herself. She said, "With your actual age, you can be their ancestor. You don't need to be so polite to them."

Ye Qiu and Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster were reminded that Jiang Chen came from five hundred years ago.

Jiang Chen showed a bitter smile. He gestured the two from the Sacred Institute to wait for him outside. He needed to coax Xiao Nuo first.

Ye Qiu agreed. He went outside with Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster.

"Why haven't you taken Jiang Chen away? Is the Sacred Institute being too easy on him?"

Among the supreme-venerable-level figures waiting outside, someone from the Sovereign Soul Palace protested unhappily.

"If you are unhappy with us, you go there to take him out," said Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster, pissed.

The person from the Sovereign Soul Palace flinched right away.

Di Juekong's ending was still vivid in their minds. He had just been taken away by the Wizard Race.

And Jiang Chen was not the only person in the Celestial Palace. The Red Cloud Venerable was also there. Who of them would have the nerve to go inside?

"The Wall of the World will last two more years at most. And during these two years, the calamity caused by the Blood Race will be coming."

"No matter whether I'm exiled or not, I'm going to achieve Venerable Sovereign in these two years."

Jiang Chen tried to persuade her with reason and sway her with emotions.

However, it was the Red Cloud Venerable that he was facing.

"I know how eloquent you are. If you want to persuade me this way, you are making a huge mistake." Xiao Nuo did not buy it.

"How should I persuade you then?" Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Xiao Nuo smiled with a blaming look. Tucking her arms around his waist, she pulled him closer. She said in a gentle voice, "Kiss me!"

Then, under numerous people's surprised and envious gazes, the two kissed in public.

Before the kiss was over, Xiao Nuo pushed Jiang Chen to his chest.

Jiang Chen was pushed out of the Celestial Palace before he even realized it.

"If you insist on going, don't come back until you are already a Venerable Sovereign."

He heard Xiao Nuo's highly recognizable voice.


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