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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1700 A Jinx

Only a few people knew about the Godlike Martial Doctrine. Most people were just surprised by Jiang Chen's Will of Sword Doctrine, which had achieved level six.

It was a watershed. Those who could cross it were all master-level strong people.

It was incredible that Jiang Chen achieved it at such a young age and in such a state.

"The level six of the Will of Martial Doctrine will exert a practicer's own strength and the Martial Dais's power to the fullest. That's why it is required to reach a certain state, and only Martial Arts Saints in the late stage can achieve that."

Those who know this area well were even more surprised.

However, no matter how much they rubbed their eyes, they could not find any flaw.

That mighty Sword Energy contained a surprisingly strong power. It was reaching every corner.


Di Juekong still did not take him seriously. His energy soared instead of reduced. And his attack was even more fierce.

"Sword, on!"

The three Jiang Chen showed their swords at the same time.

His sword energy created its own area, and tons of heavy forces pressed tightly against Di Juekong.

Di Juekong, in the middle of charging forward, stopped.

His back, which had always been straight, bent as he trembled. He put all of the weight on his feet, and consequently, the air broke like a mirror.

He seemed to be overwhelmed.

"The Godlike Sword Doctrine!"

Jian Yi's face changed its appearance slightly. He had to believe Jiang Chen had achieved something unbelievable.

In the air, Di Juekong found it hard to take even one step. Judging from the increasing energy fluctuation and his bulging muscles, he was obviously still struggling.

However, the heavy forces in the Sword Field were increasing instead of diminishing.

"Seven Stars Sword Formation!"

The three Jiang Chen were extremely intent on the fight. His clear eyes were unusually sharp.

The Godlike Sword Doctrine? That was out of his reach yet.

If it were just him, Jiang Chen's Immortal Will of Sword Doctrine would have achieved level five only.

But with the two practicing bodies, the three were able to perform the Seven Stars Sword Formation, and his Immortal Will of Sword Doctrine immediately soared to level six.

Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.

The three immortal swords were giving off a low chime in their hands, which gave Jiang Chen a kind of serious look.

"This Wizard Extraordinary Supreme Venerable isn't bad. He does have something," he exclaimed to himself.

In the Sword Field formed by the sword formation, Di Juekong looked as hideous as a wild beast.

A vigorous and powerful force was struggling to get rid of the swords' power, and there was a great chance that he could make this happen.

"It's time to put an end to this."

Jiang Chen knew he should not wait anymore. He made up his mind. Under numerous shocked gazes, he exerted another sword movement.

"The eighth movement of the Azure Lotus Sword Classic, Ten Thousand Swords' Splendid Lotus!"

Since his Immortal Will had achieved level six, he mastered another movement of this ultimate-level sword method.

The power of the Immortal Martial Dais was completely exerted.

By then, Jiang Chen had finally given full play to all of his advantages.

"Grrr! Grrr!"

Di Juekong kept roaring. The armor that represented the Wizard Lord Status was coming off.

His red muscles became visible. They were like steel with sharp and smooth lines.

A bang came. Just like how he got rid of the weakening effect of the Interceptive Divine Finger, Di Juekong was free again. As a price, he spat up blood.

"Void All Down!"

Facing Jiang Chen's sword attack, Di Juekong refused to admit he was inferior. He exerted his most powerful movement.

The Wizard warriors among the onlookers were greatly shocked.

For example, that Tian Xi, she was not sure whether she should feel surprised that Jiang Chen had pushed Di Juekong in such a corner.

Or should she be surprised that they were still in a dead heat despite Di Juekong's overwhelming attack?

"He should be all right," Tian Xi thought to herself.

No matter what, the odds were still stacked in Di Juekong's favor.

Soon, many people saw the most desperate fight they had seen in their entire lives.

The eighth movement of the Azure Lotus Sword Classic, Ten Thousand Swords' Splendid Lotus, explored the essence of the Will of Sword Doctrine to the fullest.

The Three Jiang Chen made a concerted effort. Then the Ultimate Sword Soul, like an artwork, showed up.

The giant Sword Soul contained enormous energy. It was thrown over to Di Juekong like a punishment from gods.

Di Juekong turned into a prehistoric giant beast. He threw a punch, and it made a great burst in the air. The space became rather wavy.

They collided with each other. Then it was like the moon had fallen into the ocean, and an extremely destructive tsunami was generated.

Deafening noises kept coming. People felt they were getting deaf.


All of a sudden, a painful scream came.

The appearance of everyone's face changed.

At the thought of that tough and super strong warrior, it was hardly possible that the painful scream was from him.

It also explained how fierce this attack was.

The peace on the battlefield did not restore until the destructive energy impact wave had spread thousands of miles and finally dispersed.

People only saw the true body of Jiang Chen there.

By comparison, Di Juekong was kneeling in the air. His feet had been smashed into pieces.

Even though Di Juekong could regenerate his flesh, when the bone was broken, it would take him many days to recover.

"I told you I would break your legs. And I did."

"You said I was a loser. Does that mean that you are even worse than a loser?"

He looked at that arrogant Wizard warrior. The pride had disappeared from his face.

There was more hatred on it at the moment. His teeth gnashed. His eyes were on the verge of emitting fire.

"You are not convinced, are you? Let me tell you one thing. The gap between those who lost to me and me will be wider and wider. No one has ever caught up with me again," said Jiang Chen coldly.

People were shocked to hear this claim.

In this era, only the real blessed ones would have the nerve to say they would stay in the lead and not be caught up with.

As a result, after a brief shock, the onlookers felt it was actually reasonable.

"He broke the three-tier rule when he was a Martial Emperor. Now, as a Martial Arts Saint, he made an exception of the grading of Supreme Venerables, which is supposed to apply to Venerable Sovereigns. What a freak!"

"The exile is like a voyage for him."

"Judging from his past progress, I'm afraid he will be beyond comparison when he comes back."

No one cared how the defeated one looked at the moment.

Everyone was looking at Jiang Chen.

Those regarding Jiang Chen as a great enemy were super upset. They looked like they had just lost their parents. Tian Xi went weak as if all of her strength had been drawn away.

Di Juekong was good enough to represent the Wizard's strength.

However, he still lost to Jiang Chen. It meant there were few Wizards who could be compared to Jiang Chen!

It would not take long for Jiang Chen to be too strong to find a rival among Wizards.

"We absolutely, absolutely must stop him from growing!"

In the crowd, some key members of the Sovereign Soul Palace thought seriously. All kinds of insidious and vicious schemes to kill Jiang Chen came into their heads.

However, when Jiang Chen looked at them, these people did not even dare to meet his eyes. They looked away with a guilty conscience.

Jiang Chen did not pay more attention to Di Juekong. He landed back in the Celestial Palace and returned the immortal sword to Duanmu Rong.

"He is brilliant."

Duanmu Rong took the sword, watching Jiang Chen going away.

She recalled the reason she had joined the Celestial Palace again. A figure came to her mind.

Zhang Tian!

Soon, Duanmu Rong curled her lip in disgust.

Even if Zhang Tian had not become a traitor, he still would not be a match for Jiang Chen.

"I don't think there are still people having a problem with me for not taking a blood oath."

Jiang Chen came up to the three delegates sent by the Sacred Institute, smiling at them.

"Whoever pisses off a jinx like you is really unlucky." Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster burst out laughing, pleased and joyful.

The Monster and the Wizard were both one of the strongest races. However, the Wizard always thought they were superior to others, and they had given Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster a hard time lately.


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