The Brilliant Fighting Master
1699 The Godlike Martial Doctrine
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1699 The Godlike Martial Doctrine

When Jiang Chen fought Di Juekong in Wind Cloud City, he only had the flame of the Genuine Fire of the Sun.

It made Di Juekong's face unrecognizable.

At that moment, with the Heart Power of the second level, he released the real Genuine Fire of the Sun. The people on the scene felt like it was the real sun that was falling.

Di Jueguang did not want to be burnt by fire anymore. He glanced over the three Jiang Chen quickly.

"Fist Smashing Stars!"

Brandishing his iron fists, Di Juekong rushed at Jiang Chen's true body.

Last time it was exactly Beginning of Nirvana that made him lose!

The minute he approached Jiang Chen aggressively, the golden-red Genuine Fire of the Sun arose.

Di Juekong looked scared. He hurried to stop, not daring make contact with it.

However, this hesitation was his biggest mistake.

Jiang Chen's true body and practicing bodies attacked at the same time. Three swords were thrown over together, and a turbulent sea of fire burst.

This was number one on the Alien Flame List, head of the top-ten Main Flames, the Genuine Fire of the Sun.

If Jiang Chen were not skilled at the property fire, he would have been burnt up by this fire as well.

Di Juekong kept snarling, intending to stimulate his potential to resist this attack.

Before the onlookers could see what he was going to do, the Genuine Fire of the Sun already swallowed him.


The sea of fire gathered with Di Juekong being the center and reduced to a fire pillar. Then it erupted all of a sudden.

The entire sky was tinged with the color of the flame.

Those who were closest to them felt they were next to a furnace. Even their hair was burnt.

The Nine Peaks' grand defense formation of Ling Long Celestial Palace was also activated to resist this powerful attack.

"How could he launch such a powerful attack?!"

Tian Xi, that heroic-looking Wizard beauty, took a deep breath.

The fight had lasted more than one minute, and it did not look like it would end soon, which was completely contrary to what she had predicted.

"It's the Genuine Fire of the Sun!"

"The Genuine Fire of the Sun ranked first on the Alien Flame List? Doesn't it only exist in legends?"

"It's extremely hard to get the Genuine Fire of the Sun. He couldn't have nailed it!"

There were many people skilled at the property fire on the scene. All of them felt jealous of Jiang Chen.

Like all women love jewelry, no strong people related to fire could resist the temptation of the Genuine Fire of the Sun.

Of course, except those who were burnt by the Genuine Fire, for example, Di Juekong.

Being struck by Jiang Chen's most powerful attack, he was feeling terrible.

He gave off a long shout from the sea of fire.

Then sea-like energy erupted from the fire pillar to drive the Genuine Fire of the Sun away.

"Jiang Chen! You are doomed to die!"

Di Juetian looked completely different after coming into people's sight again.

Instead of the neat black suit he had been wearing, he was wearing heavy armor at that moment.

That armor did not physically exist, just like the Divine Recluse's Armor of Divinity or that General Demon's indestructible demonic body.

It was similar to Jiang Chen's Athanasia Armor of Divinity, too.

Not only was his defense enhanced, but his comprehensive ability was improved.

"Wizard Lord Status!"

The Wizard warriors on the scene came to themselves first. They could not help but cover their mouths with their hands, extremely shocked.

They had never thought Di Juekong would have been pushed into such a corner.

As an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable, he had to turn to the Wizard Lord Status.

They should have poured ridicule on Jiang Chen, saying that he had no chance to survive, but at the thought of Jiang Chen's age and state, they were just too ashamed to say that.

"Red Cloud Venerable," Ye Qiu reminded in the Celestial Palace.

"I know."

Xiao Nuo was on guard, ready to meddle in at any minute.

Jiang Chen had already amazed the world with the fighting power he had shown in this fight.

After all, he was facing a Wizard warrior, whose fame came from their great strength!

And his rank among Extraordinary Supreme Venerables was ten-odd places higher than Jiang Chen's.

He had already outdone himself.

"No one can come to your rescue."

Di Juekong, in the Wizard Lord Status, could not change the fact that he had been injured.

Under that airtight armor, his body was burnt red, like fiercely burning coals.

Even if his body could be regenerated, he would not be able to recover completely in a short time.

Fortunately, no Wizard warrior would be defeated by pain.

He turned his pain into wrath. His raising fingers were closing. The air on the battlefield seemed to be frozen.

"That's not good!"

The Red Cloud Venerable was shocked. She acted immediately, but it was still too late. She had been blocked from the battlefield.

"The space has been locked. It's a paramount Wizard Method of the Wizard!"

The onlookers realized the situation was very unfavorable for Jiang Chen. Di Juekong, in a rage, could even kill him.

"You still can beg for my mercy at the moment, so that you won't lose your legs."

Jiang Chen also took the chance to gasp. The energy consumption of the Three Movements to Reach the Comprehension of Zen was huge.

"What is this guy thinking?"

Some people were so irritated by Jiang Chen that they burst out laughing, thinking Jiang Chen was really carefree.

"Heavy Flow's Angry Blow!"

Di Juekong stopped wasting his time speaking. He exerted a unique movement. His strength was overwhelming.

A blue radiance appeared around his body and shrouded him. The moment he charged out, he turned into a white light.

"He can't let the heavy blow get him!"

That was what the whole world was thinking.

However, Di Juekong's speed was beyond imagination.

With a bang, Di Juekong hit Jiang Chen's true body in the face with his elbow.

People heard something hard crack and saw the true body sent flying.

But this was only the start. Di Juekong did not stop at all. He attacked the two practicing bodies in different places almost at the same time.

People felt like it was an illusion because they saw the two practicing bodies sent flying by like two Di Juekong.

Those punches sounded like each one of them was tearing Jiang Chen's flesh to shreds. The onlookers all got goosebumps.

"Even if Jiang Chen isn't dead, he will be at least disabled."

This was the first thought that came to people's minds.

"A Wizard Extraordinary Supreme Venerable is of extraordinary strength. That's all."

However, the true body and the practicing bodies steadied themselves one after another.

Under the heavy pounding, the three Jiang Chen's Athanasia Armors of Divinity were all smashed into pieces, and they also got internal injuries.

"When will you admit your defeat?!"

Di Juekong looked like he could exert the same movement one more time.

His eyes were emitting fire, which meant he would not show any mercy.

"You think I'll just let you punch me without doing anything?"

The true body and the practicing bodies burst out laughing at the same time, brandishing their swords.

Many people felt pity for Jiang Chen. He looked like a conceited teenager who was forcing himself to do something he definitely could not achieve, who refused to make a concession to fate.

"I will kill you with a punch twice as powerful as the previous one." Di Juekong was preparing while speaking. His fist strength was accumulating.

"I told you, you won't get the chance!"

Jiang Chen snarled. The true body and the practicing bodies gave off soaring sword energy at the same time.

When the three sword energies had turned into one, Jian Yi, who had always thought Jiang Chen was the underdog, looked surprised.

Then, his pupils contracted, as if he had seen something he could hardly believe.

"Godlike Martial Doctrine!"

"Level six of the Will of Sword Doctrine!"

"Jiang Chen has achieved Sword God?"

Not only Jian Yi, but many swordsmen sensed that this sword energy was unusual.

"Sword God?!"

Di Juekong, ready to throw his punch, was struck dumb. Then he showed a disdainful smile.

If a Sword God was as weak as Jiang Chen, this title did not make any sense at all.

However, he, not a member of the human race, would never understand how shocked those human swordsmen were at the moment.


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