The Brilliant Fighting Master
1698 Three Movements Exerted at the Same Time
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1698 Three Movements Exerted at the Same Time

She was estimating how long Jiang Chen could persist.

One minute?

In that case, Jiang Chen should still be proud of himself. However, the price would not be just a little.

Wizard warriors never pulled their punches, because, for them, that was disrespect for enemies.

So, Jiang Chen would probably need others to carry him back in the end.

And what if he was killed?

Although that was something Tian Xi would like to see, she and others knew one thing clearly.

As long as the Red Cloud Venerable was here, she would never allow such a thing to happen.

Back to the fight between Jiang Chen and Di Juekong.

The battlefield had been set up. Di Juekong was going to give Jiang Chen a good lesson with his punches.

The Spirit and the Wizard were the most similar to the human race among all races.

Their differences lied in their natural advantages.

The Spirit had an innate skill to use the energy of properties. They could achieve what would take humans a lot of effort easily.

The Wizard was one of the strongest races. They were natural-born warriors.

They were physically strong since they were kids. Their strengths seemed to be endless.

As a result, the Wizard seldomly used weapons.

Their bodies and their limbs were their best weapons.

Most importantly, Wizard warriors would get a talent similar to the human's Martial Soul when they had achieved a certain level.

The Wizard Artifact was also called the Wizard Blade.

For example, Di Juekong's iron gloves.

"Punch through the Void!"

Di Juekong knew perfectly how skilled Jiang Chen was in the Law of Space, so he went all-out immediately.

Hundreds of miles away from Jiang Chen, he did not try to approach. Instead, he threw his punches, and the emitted energy fell like meteorites.

The ripples the punches had created in the air distorted the air and caused many cracks.

"Jiang Chen, great physical movements are not enough for you to be invincible in the world."

Then, Di Juekong jumped out along the trace left by his punches.

"That's gorgeous! His punch totally disturbed the air within a range of one hundred miles!"

"The physical movement Jiang Chen's proud of will be restricted!"

"He will have to confront Di Juekong's attack vis-à-vis!"

Everyone on the scene was amazed by Di Juekong's fighting talent.

The Sovereign Soul Palace was regretting. If they had come up with this solution earlier, they might have been able to keep Jiang Chen the other day.

"Thundering Dragon Fist… The seventh movement!"

What Jiang Chen did next was surprising. It seemed he had never thought about dodging. He was going to confront Di Juekong head-on.

"Oh my! He has combined the Holy Thunder to exert the seventh movement of the Black Dragon Fist! Doesn't it mean he has been able to exert the ninth movement to the fullest?!"

There were onlookers from the Dragon, too.

They were humbled and surprised by the Dragon Power emitted by Jiang Chen.

The Dragon Fist was classified into nine movements, from low level to high level, when it was exerted by humans.

It was said people who could exert the ninth movement would get the real Power of the Dragon God.

Yet it was only a legend since the human body usually could not stand the majestic power brought by the Dragon Fist.

Let alone the Black Dragon Fist.

However, Jiang Chen made it!

The seventh movement of the Thundering Dragon Fist was even more powerful than the ninth movement of the Black Dragon Fist.

The two fist practicers clashed as if two giant mountains had collided. Mountains collapsed, and the earth cracked. The remaining energy caused a tsunami.

However, compared to that, people cared about the result more.

"He parried it!"

The result did not come out immediately after the desperate blow exchange between Jiang Chen and Di Juekong.

The two were still competing, with thick flashes of lightning flashing around their arms.


Di Juekong did not believe this was possible. Pretending it was not a big deal, he said coldly, "You are going out, while I haven't even exerted thirty percent of my strength. You think you can be proud of yourself?"


Jiang Chen's true body did feel as though he was straining while competing with his rival, but he was not alone.

"Unique Theurgy, A Strike of Fast Thunders and Arc Lights!"

The practicing body with the Punishing Heaven Sword combined the pure Law of Thunder and the Immortal Will and then exerted the Heart Power.

Seventy or eighty percent of the effect of the Immortal Martial Dais was exerted.

This sword attack had surpassed the sword attack Xiao Nuo had used to injure the roc from the Realm of Monster a few years ago.

"Get lost!"

Di Juekong, still expecting to shaken Jiang Chen's resolution, absolutely would not let this sword attack strike him without fighting back.

The power hiding in his fists broke out, pushing Jiang Chen's true body away along a straight line.

He looked towards the bolts of lightning. As a Wizard, he surely could not see how powerful this sword attack was.

And a Wizard warrior did not need to know that at all.

"Void Elimination!"

Di Juekong raised his arms high and then struck down, with one leg bending.

His knuckles seemed to aim at the weakness of the void. The mighty impact spread in all directions.

People saw Jiang Chen's practicing body approaching him while brandishing the sword and had been only less than a mile away from him.

However, the practicing body was struck by the impact and sent flying like an average person struck by a sea wave.

"That's amazing!"

Everyone on the scene was shocked by this Wizard Extraordinary Supreme Venerable. His pure and mighty power totally amazed these strong people.


Di Juekong shouted, as loud as a thunderbolt. Without wearing any armor, he hit the void into pieces and moved away in an instant.

The pupils of the practicing body who had exerted A Strike of Fast Thunders and Arc Lights contracted. Di Juekong's large body covered the whole sky and filled everyone's vision.

"Wild Whirlwind!"

In this critical moment, the practicing body forced himself to exert another movement regardless of the situation.

"You are only a joke in front of real power."

Di Juekong opened his palms as soon as he finished speaking. Then he made a pincer movement from the widest angle.


His two fists hit, pressing the Punishing Heaven Sword in the middle.

The immortal sword filled with Metal Thunders went out of control like an unrestrained mustang. Thousands of flashes of lightning and thunders were seen.

The practicing body was immediately injured and sent flying hard.

As to Di Juekong, not even his Protective Dipper Energy was broken. He was standing there, unyielding-looking and supercilious.

"As expected, he is just forcing himself."

"After all, his rival is a strong Wizard warrior."

"Does he think since he had Long Xing killed, he certainly has the strength to kill Long Xing?"

Seeing Jiang Chen at a disadvantage as they had expected and thinking he would fail as they expected as well, people felt disdainful for him.

Pride was a good thing, but it was a fine line between pride and overestimating one's abilities.

Apparently, Jiang Chen was the latter.


Jiang Chen had not given up yet.

The practicing body that had been sent flying did not vanish, either. He put on the Athanasia Armor of Divinity and was only slightly hurt.

Then, the true body stopped using the Dragon Fist. He unsheathed the Redcloud Sword instead.

"Beneath the Bodhi!"

"End of Samsara!"

"Beginning of Nirvana!"

The true body and the two practicing bodies read the sword formulas, respectively. A hot energy arose. The temperature soared.

Fierce flames were emitted from the three Jiang Chen.

The difference only lied in the color.

What the practicing body holding the Punishing Heaven Sword exerted was Beneath the Bodhi. Thunder, lightning, and flames interwove. The fire was gleaming golden.

The fire of End of Samsara was more like a burning gold.

Beginning of Nirvana was the most exaggerating. Its flame was pure red.

The Three Movements to Reach the Comprehension of Zen were exerted at the same time, and their powers multiplied several times.

Due to the breakthrough of his Heart Power, the flame of the Genuine Fire of the Sun grew and finally became a fierce-burning flame.

"That's not good!"

Di Juekong, feeling complacent, recalled the failure of last time. He turned pale.

He used to think he had failed last time because he had been unable to move.

But he could move freely at the moment, so it turned out that that was not the reason!

"Why is this fire's power so dreadful?!"

The onlookers, also having a hunch that something big would happen, could not help but take a few steps back.


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