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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1695 Exile

Xiao Nuo was like a Divine King. Alone, only with one sword, she resisted the army of the Sovereign Soul Palace.

Even though all of their Extraordinary Supreme Venerables fought her together, they were still not a match for her.

It was said some people from the Sovereign Soul Palace were so scared that they passed out.

Eventually, it was not Xiao Nuo who managed to protect the Heavenly Palace.

Instead, it was Xiao Nuo that defeated all of the good ones from the Sovereign Soul Palace and told them to get lost.

In this way, the aggressive army sent by the Sovereign Soul Palace fled in disgrace.

People started to look at Xiao Nuo's strength from a new perspective.

"The Red Cloud Venerable couldn't be so strong in the first place."

"Could it have anything to do with Jiang Chen's visit to the Sovereign Soul Palace?"

"Probably. Otherwise, things wouldn't have been like this for no reason."

People came to their senses from the shock of Long Xing's death. They shifted their attention to Xiao Nuo.

More detailed information came soon afterward.

Just like Long Xing, Xiao Nuo also had been living for five hundred years.

However, without the Extraordinary Power for remaining ageless, she had been living like a walking dead.

After learning this, Jiang Chen went to the Sovereign Soul Palace, regardless of the danger, to kill Long Xing.

"What a great lover. That's really a surprise."

"If Long Xing had denied, the result would have been totally different."

"He is so brave! If my husband could confront the legend of the world for my sake, I would be happy even if I died!"

As time went by, more and more people learned about the inside story of the incident.

Jiang Chen was the First Young Master of the Sacred Zone five hundred years ago.

Xiao Nuo was his fiancée. They were together again in their second life.

He was also the real deployer of the reincarnation of Sovereign Souls and the Wall of the World.

Since Xiao Nuo had reached the peak of the world, people did not think Long Xing's death was a pity anymore.

After all, the main cause of Long Xing's death was himself.

Certainly, the Sovereign Soul Palace denied everything. They claimed Jiang Chen used the dirty move of a curse to have Long Xing killed. They sued him at the Sacred Institute, asking for a verdict.

Neither the Heavenly Palace nor the Celestial Palace aired an opinion for that.

In Xiao Nuo's residence palace, Ling Long Celestial Palace, on that large bed, a naked couple was hugging.

The woman had flawless, smooth skin. The inviting curve of her body was hiding under the quilt.

At the end of the bed were her fair-skinned small feet, as smooth as jade, as soft as silk. Even small vessels could be clearly observed.

The owner of the small feet suddenly bent her feet joyfully. Her body tightened.

After a good while, Xiao Nuo was gasping for air, her skin pink-tinged. Her pretty face had a flush of maiden shyness.

"I didn't expect it to be so pleasant. Fortunately, I waited until I came back to normal," Xiao Nuo said, feeling lucky.

Jiang Chen grinned. Ye Xue and Tianyin were both too shy to speak like this. She was the only one who would say things like that.

"Tell me. With whom do you enjoy the most?"

Xiao Nuo suddenly wrapped herself around him like a vine. Then she sat on him, cupping his face with both hands.

"A massive rumpus must have been caused outside. Is it appropriate that we are doing this now?"

Jiang Chen shifted the topic in a smart way.

The two had been in bed for three whole days. They knew nothing about what was going on outside.

"Don't shift the topic!"

Xiao Nuo did not buy it. She lifted his chin so that they could have eye contact.

In this way, Jiang Chen had to give her an answer.

Xiao Nuo smiled happily. Not until then did she let go of him.

But because of what he had said, Xiao Nuo also thought it was time to call a halt to such a wanton life.

The two took a bath and put on some clean clothes. Then they showed up at the Main Peak.

"Leader the Venerable!"

Grand Elder Tianya had been waiting for a long time outside. He ran over with respect.

"Has the Sovereign Soul Palace had any moves these days?" asked Xiao Nuo.

"The Sovereign Soul Palace has been complaining to the Sacred Institute. They want to seek justice with all races, but they haven't put it into action yet," said Tianya.

Xiao Nuo glimpsed at Jiang Chen, standing next to her. She said to him through voice transmission, "I told you."

"By the way, after Leader the Venerable forced the Sovereign Soul Palace to retreat, more and more people want to join Ling Long Celestial Palace," said Tianya.

Rumor had it that Xiao Nuo was the strongest Extraordinary Supreme Venerable at the moment and was only one step away from becoming Divine King.

"No problem. The qualified ones can join the Celestial Palace. Just treat them as new members in our usual way," said Xiao Nuo.


Tianya nodded. He looked up at Jiang Chen but held his tongue.

"Anything else?" asked Xiao Nuo.

"Leader the Venerable, the Sacred Institute didn't ignore the Sovereign Soul Palace's demand. Instead, they voted to decide whether to sentence Great Leader Jiang," Tianya said, feeling awkward.

"How dare they!"

Xiao Nuo raised her eyebrows. She looked majestic. "I guess the lesson I gave the Sovereign Soul Palace just isn't enough!"

"What did they demand the Sacred Institute to do with me?" Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

"They demanded a death sentence at first, but Ye Qiu from the Sacred Institute vetoed it because Long Xing's death wasn't completely because of you. Then they made a concession and demanded to exile you instead."

"To exile me?" Jiang Chen was surprised.

"Yes. It means you will be forbidden to set foot on the Boundless Continent. Your descendants will also be bound to the verdict," said Tianya.

Xiao Nuo showed a sarcastic smile. She apparently did not think it a big deal.

However, Jiang Chen read something in Tianya's facial expression. "Did the Sacred Institute agree?"

"Despite Long Xing's death, the Sovereign Soul Palace remains very influential, and they imposed their influence on the Sacred Institute."

"They claimed if the Sacred Institute didn't seek justice for them, the Sovereign Soul Palace wouldn't take an active part in the upcoming calamity."

"The top management of the Sovereign Soul Palace also declared if there was no verdict, no forces, big or small, would follow their lead, and the consequence would be severe."

Tianya took his time to tell them everything.

The Sovereign Soul Palace's power was inestimable. Once they decided to harm others even if they would not be benefitted, they would drag the Boundless Continent and even the Black Yellow Great World into it.

"Then I'll collaborate with the Martial Divinity Palace and the Xia to raze the Sovereign Soul Palace and take over everything from them!" said Xiao Nuo.


Jiang Chen shook his head. He did not feel guilty for having Long Xing killed, but if the whole world was implicated, it would be a different story.

"There must be a reason that the Sovereign Soul Palace insisted on doing this despite the knowledge of your strength," said Jiang Chen.

"Well, will you agree to be exiled then?"

Xiao Nuo had just had her first sexual experiences, and her life had just come back to normal. She really did not want to part with Jiang Chen at such a moment.

"Who can exile me when I grow stronger?"

Jiang Chen said, "We have more advantages. There is no need to hurt both sides. One year, that's all I need. One year later, I'll stage a comeback. Let's see what the Sovereign Soul Palace can do by then."

"Huh, you just said you would spoil me. Now you are abandoning me for other women."

Seeing him so decisive, Xiao Nuo put on a pitying look, gazing at him in an appealing manner.

Next to them, Tianya felt awkward. Looking down, he said to himself, "I didn't hear. I didn't hear anything."

"Nonsense. I just think I'll have to enhance my strength anyway. I could just take advantage of the Sovereign Soul Palace's punishment. It won't matter, will it?"

Smiling bitterly, Jiang Chen looked at Tianya. "Grand elder, what's the voting result of the Sacred Institute?"

The Sovereign Soul Palace demanded a verdict, but it would depend on Supreme Venerables' votes whether the Sacred Institute would do it.

"The Sovereign Soul Palace has many Supreme Venerables, plus the support from the Wizard and multiple Ancient races. There is already a verdict," Tianya said with a bitter smile.

Xiao Nuo rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen. Annoyed, she said, "See what you've got from offending so many people?"


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