The Brilliant Fighting Master
1694 All Races Left in Shock and Terror
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1694 All Races Left in Shock and Terror

The Scripture of Void addressed three states, which, from beginner level to master level, were the State of Extremity, the State of Apex, and the State of Emptiness.

After having experienced so much, Jiang Chen finally achieved the peak of the State of Extremity.

It allowed him to be elusive and come and go freely.

None of the Sovereign Soul Palace's measures could deal with him.

No matter how angry Xiao Hongxue and Chu Tianfeng were, they could only see Jiang Chen flee.

Holding the divine crystal, Jiang Chen could travel thousands of miles in each voyage in the air.

When he had been far enough away from the Sovereign Soul Palace, he was going to have himself transmitted to the Celestial Palace directly.

With the vice leader's token, he could activate the transmitting formation of the Celestial Palace by remote control.

After landing on a peak where no one was around, he was going to start the transmission.

But all of a sudden, Jiang Chen turned extremely pale. He hurried to disappear as soon as possible.

Where he had been standing, a hand gave a slap with deadly energy.

It failed to touch anyone. Then the black-robed person whom Jiang Chen had seen materialized gradually.

Jiang Chen was astounded, wondering how this person had caught up with him.

"You reacted fast."

The black-robed person's voice still sounded genderless.

"As long as I don't let you hit me, your so-called Blood Withering Palm will just be useless."

Jiang Chen unsheathed his sword, his look like a sharp blade.

That person killed one of his practicing bodies last time. There still remained an unsettled grudge.

"Well, do you have the confidence that you can always avoid my touches?" the black-robed person taunted.

"A palm attack that can weaken Qi and blood must be as powerful as a Stabbing Method of Void. It needs to take the enemy by surprise," said Jiang Chen.

He did not believe a palm attack that could ignore defense to that extent and devastate a person needed any force accumulation.

"Swollen-headed, that's you humans' personality trait."

"Actually, I came this time to say thank you to you."

The black-robed person did not refute him. Instead, he changed the topic. "On a scale from one to one hundred, your threat to the Blood Race is between seventy and eighty, while Long Xing, almost one hundred."

Jiang Chen frowned at his remark.

"You killed such a big enemy for us. I really should thank you for that. Don't you think so?"

"Thank me with your death then."

Jiang Chen threw his Punishing Heaven Sword over. The lightning-like sword radiance was extremely fierce.

"Hahaha, we are both masters of Escaping Methods of the Nether. The difficulty for you to kill me will be equivalent to that for the Sovereign Soul Palace to catch you."

The black-robed person erupted into laughter. Then he disappeared, vanishing into thin air even more skillfully than Jiang Chen could.

Jiang Chen sheathed the sword after confirming that person had left.

"If you were here to upset me, I'll say you are stupid."

Jiang Chen would not feel even a little bit guilty for Long Xing's death.

However, what the black-robed person said was exactly what people thought.

All of those races were heavy-hearted when Long Xing's death had been confirmed.

They lost a man who was most likely to become Divine King for nothing. This was a big blow for the Black Yellow Great World.

Most importantly, Jiang Chen did not kill Long Xing on his own.

If that had been the case, people would have attributed Long Xing's death to his inadequate skills and been impressed by Jiang Chen's strength.

Although they lost Long Xing, they would have got an even stronger man.

However, it was impossible to replicate the Natural Law's sentence Jiang Chen used to have Long Xing killed.

Jiang Chen was still a second-class Extraordinary Supreme Venerable.

It surely gave people a feeling that they had suffered a great loss.

Besides, Long Xing was an overlord. After his death, the stable situation that had been achieved with much effort would be broken once again.

As to the truth of the reincarnation of Sovereign Souls and the Wall of the World, people only felt shocked. Except for the shock, they did not feel anything special.

Long Xing, with his impossible yet real strength, was regarded as a legend. The Sovereign Soul Palace led by him, together with the Martial Divinity Palace and the Xia, were the three most influential forces in the world.

People would not change their opinions just because he once saved the world.

Not to mention the fact that Jiang Chen was still not strong enough, even though he saved the world twice.

Rumor had it that the Sovereign Soul Palace had gathered all of their fighting forces and was fully prepared. They were going to eliminate the Heavenly Palace and the Celestial Palace.


Jiang Chen did not see a single soul around the Nine Peaks when he had been back to the Celestial Palace. It was super quiet.

Not until ten-odd minutes later did Xiao Nuo come back to the Celestial Palace with some subordinates.

"Jiang Chen?!"

They were extremely surprised to see Jiang Chen already back.

"Freak. How could you be so fast?"

Xiao Nuo said involuntarily.

They returned as soon as they learned the news from Jian Wuji, but they still arrived later than Jiang Chen did.

They supposed Jian Jingfeng from the Martial Divinity Palace had not seen Jiang Chen, either.

"Come with me."

Holding Xiao Nuo's hand, and regardless of others' surprised gazes, he came back to his villa with Xiao Nuo.

"Relax. Don't try to resist. Take the immortal body. It will make your strength enhance by leaps and bounds."

Jiang Chen pierced the divine crystal into her chest as he spoke.


Xiao Nuo still had a lot of questions in her mind. She wanted to clarify those doubts first.

However, with the divine crystal pierced into her body, her body went out of control immediately. Her body tightened. Her palms were open.

Jiang Chen put his hand on the divine crystal too, to use the Extraordinary Power to the fullest.

The way Long Xing and Lin Yueru used the ageless and the immortal Extraordinary Power was definitely a big waste.

It was not strange. Without Holy Souls, they could only accept the Extraordinary Power in a passive manner.

At that moment, with Jiang Chen's aid, Xiao Nuo experienced a significant change.

Her Sovereign Soul, that red cloud, rose into the air and shrouded the entire Dragon Tiger Mountain.

At the same time, Xiao Nuo's body was absorbing the Extraordinary Power vulturously. Her soft skin was brilliant and shining, like jade.

Life recovered in the vintage makeup on her face. She looked spirited.

After a long while, the bright divine crystal dimmed down, which meant Xiao Nuo had taken in all of the Extraordinary Power.

"My strength!"

Things changed too fast. Xiao Nuo could hardly believe it.

She put her delicate hands before her face. There were electric arcs flashing around her fingers.

She was good at Holy Thunder, just like Jiang Chen.

She felt at this moment that if she exerted a unique theurgy, she would be able to defeat a god!

"I've got the strength of the Red Cloud Venerable completely!"

"The world I'm seeing isn't grey anymore!"

"I've come back to life again!"

Xiao Nuo had been like a walking dead since her revival. There had been no fun at all. And it was a grey world that she had been seeing.

Although she had hidden it well, when all of this had gone back to normal, she felt so glad that she burst into tears.

She threw herself into Jiang Chen's arms and held him tight.

"Well, I told you I couldn't sleep with you because your state was too low. Actually, I lied to you."

"I just didn't want you to do it with a dead woman…"

Xiao Nuo flushed as she spoke, and her voice was lower and lower until she could not be heard anymore.

Jiang Chen could not help but raise his eyebrow. He was quite thrilled.

"Well, let's wait until I solve my trouble."

"Leader! Great Leader Jiang! The Sovereign Soul Palace sent all of their fighting forces. They've put the Heavenly Palace under siege!"

At that moment, Grand Elder Tianya arrived in a hurry.

The Sovereign Soul Palace intended to crack them one by one, so they started with the weaker Heavenly Palace first.

"Let me handle it."

Looking up at Jiang Chen, Xiao Nuo said with a resolute face, "Let me solve the remaining troubles."

Then, with a long roar, Xiao Nuo turned into a beam of light and whooshed across the sky, almost tearing the sky apart.

On the Boundless Continent, the same night when Long Xing died tragically, the Sovereign Soul Palace had gathered a shockingly strong fighting force and put the Heavenly Palace under siege.

They were going to eliminate it at all costs.

Despite its fast development, the Heavenly Palace was still quite vulnerable before the long-standing Sovereign Soul Palace.

The Heavenly Palace was almost eliminated when the Red Cloud Venerable had arrived. She was beyond comparison with her greatly enhanced strength. She pushed the Sovereign Soul Palace to retreat on her own.

By then, all races were left in shock and terror.


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