The Brilliant Fighting Master
1693 Killed by Trash Talk
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1693 Killed by Trash Talk

In the Imperial Hall of the Xia, Mrs. Yang, in her court apparel, was discussing with the ministers about Jiang Chen's trip to the Sovereign Soul Palace.

They were paying close attention to the information, but the Imperial Hall of the Xia was too far away from the Soul Hall of the Sovereign Soul Palace. As a result, there would be an information delay.

The latest information they had at that moment was Jiang Chen talking about the reincarnators of Sovereign Soul and the Wall of the World.

"What on earth is Jiang Chen up to? Even if he is eloquent enough to convince those people, what will it lead to?"

"With the tight siege of the Sovereign Soul Palace, he will have to pay the price even if he runs away."

"If the Sovereign Soul Palace is irritated, the Heavenly Palace and the Celestial Palace will definitely be affected."

The Xia's ministers were gloomy and worried. They suddenly looked a few years older than their actual ages.

The late emperor of the Xia died on the Alien Battlefield. The new emperor was still very young. And after the formation of the Boundless Continent, many officials in the dynasty had wild ambitions to usurp the throne.

Fortunately, the Xia's solid foundation allowed them to hold on for a few more years.

Mrs. Yang pinned her hope on Jiang Chen. That was the background of the cozying up that happened in the Heavenly Palace last time.

"General Qi Tian is already near the Soul Hall. Shall we tell him to act?"

In the end, all of the ministers looked at Mrs. Yang.

The battle between Jiang Chen and the Sovereign Soul Palace was inevitable.

The Xia had sent an army over to observe the situation so that they could help Jiang Chen in case there was a crisis.

This was a very important decision. If any carelessness, the downfall of the Xia's dynasty would speed up.

"Your Majesty, please tell General Qi Tian not to act. Who cares what will happen to that moron!?"

When she was hesitating, a teenager of about twelve or thirteen years of age walked in.

He was good-looking. He had a pair of shrewd eyes, showing wisdom and pride.

"He went to the Sovereign Soul Palace alone to court death. A moron like that can protect my throne?" said the teenager disdainfully.

At the thought of that kiss he gave her in the Heavenly Palace, Mrs. Yang tended to help him.

However, none of the ministers there thought it was a wise decision.

Her son's opinion took away the last bit of courage from her. She just could not make the decision.

As a result, when Chu Tianfeng and Xiao Hongxue attacked Jiang Chen, the general of the Xia did not show up.

Soon, new information arrived at the Imperial Hall.

The information was only six words long.

Long Xing dead! Jiang Chen alive!


Mrs. Yang and others were scared out of their wits.


Long Xing was the legend of the world.

The news that he died in a fierce thunder fire somehow spread rapidly.

At first, no one could believe it.

Long Xing was a man strong enough to go against nature.

Some claimed he was the strongest Extraordinary Supreme Venerable, and his strength was unfathomable.

However, he was swallowed by thunder fire after Jiang Chen's trash talk. Who could think of that?

"It's absolutely impossible!"

Most people refused to believe it after getting the news.

At the Eastern Divine Peak, Middle River.

This was where the Sovereign Soul Palace bordered the Martial Divinity Palace.

"How could this guy be so fast?"

Xiao Nuo led the whole crew of the Celestial Palace there.

But this was not their final destination.

They would go deeper towards the Soul Hall.

"Look, isn't that the Celestial Palace? They are all here. What are they doing? Are they declaring war on the Sovereign Soul Palace?"

"That's barely possible. They only managed to resist the Sovereign Soul Palace, relying on the advantages of their Spiritual Land. If they run into each other outside the Spiritual Land, the Sovereign Soul Palace will absolutely put the Celestial Palace to flight. They don't get to declare war on others Spiritual Land at all."

"I think they are courting death."

There was a town at the foot of the mountain. It was impossible to bypass it when traveling between the Sovereign Soul Palace and the Martial Divinity Palace. So the town was always crowded. There were people from all walks of life.

They were first surprised at the sight of such a team in the air. Then they felt puzzled.

In fact, the crew of the Celestial Palace was all very nervous and uneasy.

They could not help but want to turn back at the thought that it was the Sovereign Soul Palace ahead.

"This is courting death!"

This was what everyone thought.

"For those who want to go, follow me. For those who don't, stay here as reinforcement."

Just like Jiang Chen would be willing to fling caution to the wind for Xiao Nuo, Xiao Nuo would not let him down, either.

Her words put those who had thought about turning back guilty. They made up their mind.

When they were about to hit the road again, a group of people came from the Martial Divinity Palace.

"Red Cloud Venerable, please stop here."

Their leader was Jian Wuji, the son of the vice lord of the Martial Divinity Palace. He was leading a group of elites of the Martial Divinity Palace.

"We are heading for the Soul Hall. It's none of your business," Xiao Nuo said bluntly.

"Red Cloud Venerable, the thing with the Soul Hall is already over. Please go back as soon as possible. It's dangerous to linger here."

Jian Wuji was as handsome as three years ago, giving off an acuteness uniquely owned by swordsmen.

He saw Ye Xue in white out of the corner of his eye as he spoke. His pupils dilated as soon as he saw her.

"It's too late."

The news made Xiao Nuo shiver. She was extremely sad and guilty. Seized with uncontrollable emotion, her long black hair turned white instantly.

Ye Xue looked emotionless. The cold energy given off by her was freezing the world.

She insisted on going to the Soul Hall to revenge Jiang Chen.

"The whole Sovereign Soul Palace has gone mad. If they know you are here, they will definitely chase you and attack you fiercely," Jian Wuji said immediately.

The Martial Divinity Palace was close to the Sovereign Soul Palace, so compared to other forces, they had advantages to get information about the latter.

"My father has agreed to be Jiang Chen's backup. It will be fine," he added.


The crew of the Celestial Palace was shocked because he sounded as if Jiang Chen was still alive.

"So, why did you say the thing with the Soul Hall was over?" Xiao Nuo threw him an unhappy look.

"Venerable, Long Xing is dead, and Jiang Chen has survived. Isn't this over?" Jiang Wuji said, confused.

"Long Xing is dead!?"

The crew of the Celestial Palace felt like they were in a fever dream.

Their vice leader killed Long Xing alone?

That was quite impossible.

Before, no matter how surprisingly great Jiang Chen was, it was reasonable, although it was beyond expectation.

But if he killed Long Xing as a Martial Arts Saint, that would be like a mission impossible was completed.

"How did Long Xing die?" Xiao Nuo asked, still feeling uneasy.

Jian Wuji frowned, wondering how to put it. In retrospect, he actually reacted pretty much the same as these people when he had got the news.

"Killed by trash talk."

Jian Wuji found a proper way to put it in a second.

It was surely confusing for the crew of the Celestial Palace.

Unfortunately, Jian Wuji did not have the time to tell them more details. It was an emergency, and it was very unsafe out there.

"Let's go back. Ye Xue, you go back to the Heavenly Palace. Tell them to impose a curfew!" Xiao Nuo ordered as soon as she made the decision.


Ye Xue was still feeling uneasy. Gazing at where the Sovereign Soul Palace was, she wanted to confirm Jiang Chen was fine with her own eyes.

"Do what I said. That's also what Jiang Chen would want you to do."

Hearing Xiao Nuo say this, Xiao Nuo had to follow her order.

Time passed by. The news about Long Xing's death spread across the Boundless Continent like a tornado.

Many people could not accept such a fact. After confirming the news, again and again, they were petrified.

"Is this Jiang Chen a god? He could verdict a person and kill a person by trash talk?"

There was no way for those who had not seen the whole thing with their own eyes to know how peculiar the situation had been.

They only thought Jiang Chen had appealed to the Natural Law to sentence Long Xing.

Three years and eighty-three days after the reorganization of the Black Yellow Great World.

Long Xing died outside the Soul Hall. The whole world was shocked.


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