The Brilliant Fighting Master
1692 Raze the Heavenly Palace! Crack the Celestial Palace!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1692 Raze the Heavenly Palace! Crack the Celestial Palace!

No matter how reluctant Long Xing was to admit it, he had been aware this was not just an illusion.

He mastered numerous gorgeous methods in five hundred years. He was omnipotent and all-powerful.

And he had been hiding his real strength well. The Supreme Sovereign Stone only graded him as an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable ranked third.

Long Xing was disdainful for the result. Even if the top-ten Extraordinary Supreme Venerables fought him together, they would not be a match for him.

He had been accumulating skills and getting stronger and stronger all these years. He had been studying tactical formations and exploring the world of wards, intending to achieve Jiang Chen's height in the old days.

"The First Young Master of the Sacred Zone was only a disabled man who couldn't practice martial arts techniques. That's why he spent so much time on these unorthodox things."

"I won't get old. I've got endless time."

This was what Long Xing was thinking when the idea of betraying Jiang Chen first occurred to him.

Then this idea seized him more and more.

As the Sovereign Soul Palace developed faster and faster, his strength reached an unparalleled level very soon after.

The pride growing in him made him reluctant to go on taking Jiang Chen seriously.

He had thought he was mentally strong enough, and he would not be scared even if Jiang Chen came to settle with him.

However, the minute he learned Jiang Chen had returned, his heart still missed a beat.

It was at that moment that Long Xing realized Jiang Chen would become his demon inside if he did not kill the latter.

"Jiang Chen, I'm already very strong. Even your father isn't a match for me. How will you be able to settle with me!?"

That was what Long Xing thought when the intent to kill Jiang Chen first came to his mind.

This day, when Jiang Chen swaggered into the Soul City, his heart was beating wildly.

At the same time, he would rather kill Jiang Chen before the latter became too strong.

"Jiang Chen, even if the whole world believes the so-called truth you told, so what?"

"Five hundred years passed. Do you think I would be the same as those who have a lifespan of only dozens of years? You think my strength would be so limited?"

This was the reason that Long Xing had gone to see Jiang Chen before the latter came to see him.

It was beyond his wildest dreams that Jiang Chen would have dealt with him in such a way.

The invincible strength was useless in front of the sentence of the Natural Law.

"You schemed against me! You schemed against me!"

The Hellfire would swallow him soon. He said in anger, "You chose me back then because you wanted the lightning to strike me instead of you! Shame on you!"

"Did I tell you to betray me? Did I tell you to attack me?"

Jiang Chen did not feel any pity for Long Xing's tragic look. He said with a cold smile, "But sure, I'm still grateful that you took the lightning strike for me."

Otherwise, it would be him that the Hellfire was burning.

Long Xing was speechless. Feeling the vitality leaving his body, he was panicked. He shouted at the sky, "I… I am not the deployer! It's him who did everything!"

In this way, people knew everything Jiang Chen had said was true.

"The world will be shocked!" someone thought.

"Kill Jiang Chen!"

Meanwhile, Chu Tianfeng led the Sovereign Soul Palace to attack Jiang Chen.

A ward had been deployed to block the area.

Jiang Chen could still exert the Great Method of Void, but not as smoothly as before, and he would leave traces behind him.

At that moment, the authority of the Supreme Venerable Stone was demonstrated.

Except for that time, the Human Emperor Bow shot General Green Dragon by surprise. Jiang Chen had always felt very pressured when facing Extraordinary Supreme Venerables ranked before him.


Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster was shocked by Long Xing's look by then. He decided to go to Jiang Chen's rescue.


That Wizard Extraordinary Supreme Venerable stopped him. "Jiang Chen intends to kill Long Xing and declare war on the Sovereign Soul Palace. Do you think we need to meddle in?"

"What did Jiang Chen do? He was just speaking," Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster argued.

"One of the strongest people in the world is dying because of his trash talk. Isn't that something?" said Wizard Extraordinary Supreme Venerable in anger.

Jian Yi considered for a while. Then he said, "So, Jiang Chen turns out to be the deployer. He saved the world twice. Isn't that something?"

That Wizard Extraordinary Supreme Venerable surely would not refute him.

In this way, Jian Yi and Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster went onto the battlefield one after the other to protect Jiang Chen.

"I don't think Long Xing can survive. We can go," said Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster.

"Wait a second."

Jiang Chen was holding the divine crystal in his hand. He was not here to kill Long Xing by trash talk. He was here to take away his Extraordinary Power instead.

"Jiang Chen! I'll haunt you when I become a ghost! Don't think you can walk away, scot-free!"

"All members of the Sovereign Soul Palace, I declare the Heavenly Palace and the Celestial Palace are the Sovereign Soul Palace's sworn enemies. The grudges between us are irreconcilable!"

Seeing the sentence of the Natural Law still going on, Long Xing shouted madly.

"Tianfeng! Finish what I can't finish! Kill Jiang Chen!"


Chu Tianfeng was extremely indignant. He felt like the sky was collapsing.

The other members of the Sovereign Soul Palace all felt the same.

Not only because of Long Xing's sufferings but also because of the truth disclosed by Jiang Chen.

The Sovereign Soul Palace had the most reincarnators of Sovereign Souls.

They regarded Long Xing as their father in this second life. They were extremely grateful to him.

However, the truth was bloody cruel. No one saw that coming.

"Aah! I can't believe this! This isn't over!"

In the end, Long Xing was burnt up by the Hellfire.

Five hundred years of careful scheming, five hundred years of wild ambitions, all of these came to nothing.

The Hellfire erased him from the world. When the Hellfire was extinguishing, a bright blue light emerged. It was exactly the Extraordinary Power Jiang Chen had spent so much time waiting for.

He moved to the fire instantly and absorbed all of the Extraordinary Power through the divine crystal.

"Jiang Chen! That belonged to my grandmaster! It should go to the Sovereign Soul Palace!"

At that moment, a familiar voice came.

Then an aggressive Fire Kylin flew over, dashing around madly and rushing at Jiang Chen.

"Xiao Hongxue!"

It was one of Long Xing's three apprentices. He had not shown up until then. It turned out he had been hiding in the dark.

He tried to grab Lin Yueru's immortal body on the Alien Battlefield.

He certainly would not miss the ageless body, either.

Be it ageless or immortal, the person who had it would have eternal life.

"Don't rush. I'll send you to reunite with your master."

Jiang Chen took the divine crystal back since he had collected all of the Extraordinary Power. After throwing Jian Yi and Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster a grateful look, he exerted the Great Method of the Void.

The Great Method of the Void could only be exerted to a certain extent in the blocked area.

The first time was difficult, but when he had been away from the center of the blocked area, it became much smoother the second time.

After the third time, he left the blocked area successfully and went away.

Numerous angry members of the Sovereign Soul Palace were in despair. They could do nothing with him.

"Well, Jiang Chen didn't really attack you, Sovereign Soul Palace, did he?" said Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster.

Since Jiang Chen had left, he and Jian Yi did not need to launch another attack.

With the Extraordinary Supreme Venerable there, no one made things difficult for them.

"Apprentice Elder Brother Hongxue, what shall we do now?" Chu Tianfeng was totally lost. He pinned his hope on Xiao Hongxue when he had seen the latter.

"Raze the Heavenly Palace and crack the Celestial Palace! Revenge our master." Xiao Hongxue was indignant. Those who did not know the truth would think he was so mournful because of Long Xing's death.

"Raze the Heavenly Palace! Crack the Celestial Palace!"

Chu Tianfeng pulled himself together. His eyes were full of anger.

The other warriors of the Sovereign Soul Palace shouted the same thing.

"There will be a big battle."

The folks of the Soul City witnessed the whole thing. None of them had come to themselves yet.

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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》