The Brilliant Fighting Master
1691 The Hellfire
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1691 The Hellfire

Somehow, Long Xing had a feeling of unease.

Jiang Chen's performance in the fight had been awful so far.

Long Xing had imagined all kinds of acts of revenge Jiang Chen could take against him before this day finally came.

However, even the least threatening revenge he had imagined was more threatening than what Jiang Chen was doing at the moment.

It was exactly how the uneasy feeling came.

Because he knew Jiang Chen could not be such a foolish person.

"Jiang Chen, for the sake of what you achieved on the Alien Battlefield, I'll give you fifteen minutes more. If you are still making trouble out of nothing, the Sovereign Soul Palace will officially declare war on you."

So, Long Xing tried to force him to quit.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Numerous people were crying out in the Soul Hall. Senior, Junior, and Extraordinary Supreme Venerables could be seen everywhere.

Some people noticed that the disciples of the Soul Hall were sieging Jiang Chen, and such a siege was usually used to deal with void-level fighters.

"Sovereign Souls are authorized by the Will of the Natural Law. The reincarnation of Sovereign Souls aims to help the Will of the Natural Law reveal the River of Fate."

Jiang Chen went on speaking, not bothered by Long Xing at all.

The River of Fate he had mentioned made many people confused. They did not know what he was talking about.

"The function of the Wall of the World is to gather the fragments of the broken Black Yellow Great World. With the aid of the Will of the Natural Law, it will piece together the fragments so that the Black Yellow Great World will be complete again," Jiang Chen added.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Long Xing said in a cold voice.

"You'll know very soon."

Jiang Chen was getting to the point. He said in a profound voice, "However, balance is what matters most to the Will of the Natural Law. The Will of the Natural Law won't help anyone for no reason, unless that person sacrifices his or her most precious thing, namely, life, as an offering to it."

Long Xing's bushy brows knitted together. He had a hunch that something was coming.

"Since the schemer who is carrying out the Sovereign Soul Project needs help from the Will of the Natural Law to complete the plan, he will need to give away a life. The schemer himself will never be reincarnated. What awaits him is nothing but endless darkness," Jiang Chen continued.

"If you are trying to use this story to scare me, honestly, you are really stupid," Long Xing said to him through voice transmission. There was a hint of nervousness in his voice.

Jiang Chen shook his head. He spoke in a stage whisper.

"However, it doesn't have to be the schemer's own life to be given away. If another vital person is willing to substitute for the schemer to be the offering, the schemer will thus survive."

Some people had a premonition that Jiang Chen would make a big move very soon. They showed a serious face.

"Jiang Chen! What on earth are you up to with such an absurd story!?" Chu Tianfeng said unhappily. He did not believe a word of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen simply ignored him again. Looking at the lord of the Sovereign Soul Palace in front of him, he said, "Long Xing, let me ask you one more time. Was all this planned by you five hundred years ago?"

What Jiang Chen was asking was the same question. Long Xing should be able to answer it immediately.

But somehow, Long Xing stayed in silence.

"Could he...?"

Many people thought of the possibility Jiang Chen had hinted. The idea obviously terrified them, so they shook their heads in disbelief.

"Jiang Chen, time is up. Fight."

In the end, Long Xing neither admitted it nor denied it.

"It's a stupid question. Lord doesn't bother to answer it. That's all," explained someone from the Sovereign Soul Palace.

"It's okay that you don't admit it. I'll take your response as a yes as long as you don't deny it," said Jiang Chen coldly.

Then Jiang Chen heard Long Xing snarling immediately. "Stop bluffing. You think you are smart? You think I am an idiot? That I'll let you take all the credit for the Sovereign Soul Project just because of what you said here?"

He sounded irritated, but when Jiang Chen looked over, he looked as calm as a cat.

"Well, let's start then."

Jiang Chen opened his fists with his palms facing the sky.

No one knew what he was doing. They did not perceive any special energy either.

However, a gloomy, chilly wind came from somewhere. The sky was suddenly overcast with dark clouds.

Thunder and lightning were threatening to befall.

"Judgement of the Natural Law!" Jiang Chen said solemnly. People had thought him to be weird, and by then, this feeling grew stronger.

Almost at the same time, Long Xing turned very pale.


Long Xing launched an attack without any sign. He threw his palm over to Jiang Chen.

This palm attack was strong enough to split mountains and rivers and rip the sky open.

Long Xing's unusual reaction made many people realize what Jiang Chen had said could be true.

"Why do you think I didn't come to see you until now?"

Jiang Chen vanished from where he was as he spoke. He dodged Long Xing's attack this way.

Everything Jiang Chen had said was true.

A plan in defiance of nature surely had a price.

Whoever the schemer was, he would be judged by the Natural Law.

The judgment could befall anytime. Or Jiang Chen could start it himself.

In other words, Long Xing had bombs tied to his body, while Jiang Chen had the fuse of the bombs, and he could ignite them anytime.

As long as he kept himself safe from Long Xing when he ignited the bombs, he would not suffer any losses.

"Members of the Sovereign Soul Palace, I command you to kill Jiang Chen. Don't stop chasing him until he is dead…"

With a sullen face, Long Xing gave the order as soon as he failed to hurt Jiang Chen.

However, a bolt of flaming lightning struck towards Long Xing. He could not even finish speaking.

Long Xing was a very strong man. Facing the flaming lightning, he threw a powerful slap.

The flaming lightning fell apart from head to tail, of course.

"Hahaha, this is the judgment of the Natural Law? Jiang Chen, you made such a mystery of it. You've offended my Sovereign Soul Palace, and you will not be forgiven even if you die thousands of times!" Long Xing said complacently.

He felt lucky that he had not been struck by lightning.

"The most sophisticated plans are usually carried out in the simplest way. Really?"

Long Xing had to admit there had been one second in which his confidence had been shaken, but fortunately, he held on.

"A contemptible scoundrel."

In the Soul City, the female Wizard said with a sarcastic smile, gazing at Jiang Chen.

Then, neither she nor others could squeeze a smile, including Long Xing himself.

The retreated flaming lightning did not disappear. Instead, it moved towards Long Xing like wind, regardless of his defense.

It struck Long Xing very soon after.

"This is the Hellfire. There is no way you can dodge it," said Jiang Chen.

"This little fire is nothing!" Long Xing said in a stern voice.

The Hellfire was only burning on his arms, his waist, and back.

And it was a special fire that would not spread. Instead, it would only keep burning in one place.

Jiang Chen shook his head, his eyes cold.


Countless people were dumbfounded one second later.

Within a range of thousands of miles, one and then another thunder fire fell. They were all in different sizes. It was a marvelous spectacle.

There were thousands of flashes of lightning and thunder. Those who did not know what was happening could even think it was some Divine King going through a ko.


Long Xing found in terror that all of the thunder fire was targeting him only.

"You might have another chance if you had denied it," said Jiang Chen.

"No, it's impossible. I've been working so hard over the past five centuries. All of my schemes, all of my accumulations. How is it possible that I will lose everything this way?"

"This is an illusion. Exactly. It's an illusion. Jiang Chen wants to use this illusion to trick me into telling the truth. I won't take the bait!"

Long Xing was burning with fire. Despite the pain, he rushed at Jiang Chen.

"Go to hell!"

He thought as long as he defeated Jiang Chen, he would be able to crack the illusory method.

However, tens of thousands of people were petrified to see Long Xing burning and lightning flashing across the sky.


Chu Tianfeng and the other members of the Sovereign Soul Palace were extremely anxious.

"At least you will die for the schemer. It's kind of what you've always wished for."

Jiang Chen exerted the Great Method of Void. He was like a duck to water. Long Xing was unable to touch him at all.

"No! No!"

Long Xing shouted in pain.


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