The Brilliant Fighting Master
1690 Humble Effor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1690 Humble Effor

Soul City had the strongest overall strength among the mega-cities, consisting of multitudes of warriors from many different ranks and races.

The news of what was happening in Soul City spread like the wind to all the different lands.


In the Realm of Evil Spirits, the mighty Demon and Bai Ling were situated deep inside a hall. This place where they were was like a world complete in itself.

Heaven and earth were here, but they weren't beautiful lands with nice scenery. They were more like a battlefield that had gotten used to the fact that it was always at the brink of life and death.

The howl of a tiger could be heard following an intense battle.

"He certainly has the bloodline of the God of Carnage. Given time, he will definitely become a true Demon God." The Demon God looked at the situation on the battlefield, and he nodded in satisfaction.

Then, at that moment, he received some sort of news that changed his expression and made it become weird.

"This Jiang Chen...really is unpredictable."

The Demon God shook his head with a wry smile. He looked toward Bai Ling and said, "No matter what, Jiang Chen cannot die. If he died, this little guy would go crazy again."


In the Xias' resplendent, ornate palace, the ravishing Mrs. Yang was lying on her side on the soft bed. She was beautifully dressed in a snow-white dress.

She shut her eyes as she listened to the beautiful sound of instruments. Suddenly, the music stopped. The musicians cried out in alarm.

"Who allowed you to stop?" Mrs. Yang's face was full of discontent. As she opened her eyes, she saw a eunuch walking hastily toward her, and he bent over and whispered in her ear.

"Why did he go to Sovereign Spirit Palace? The time has not arrived yet."

Mrs. Yang was quite shocked. She'd pinned all her hopes on Jiang Chen and didn't want anything to happen to him.

When one considered the Sovereign Spirit Palace's great influence, it was far too early for a frontal assault.

"Everyone, leave!" Mrs. Yang was vexed and she shouted.


Similar conversations were taking place among all the other forces.

Some forces regarded this matter with indifference, while other forces were gloating over Jiang Chen's misfortune.

Normally, for a mere Extraordinary Supreme Venerable to go to Soul Hall was undoubtedly to seek death.

However, it turned out that this man was Jiang Chen.

According to his past record of achievements, Soul Hall was going to have a hard time.


Going back to the Sovereign Spirit Palace, the people of Soul Hall had come to the point where all that was left was waiting for Jiang Chen's answer.

No matter how crazy Jiang Chen was, he should probably calm down.

"All right, as you wish, let the war begin! All good and bad will perish together."

Soul City actually trembled as countless people started moving around in preparation for the battle ahead.

Some were wondering what exactly the Sovereign Spirit Palace had done to Jiang Chen, causing him to be so furious.

However, the people of the Sovereign Spirit Palace were confused as well. Even the core members couldn't figure out why Jiang Chen was so angry that he wanted to start a war with them.

Recently, they had been busy with the upcoming Spiritual Land Battle. They hadn't had time to deal with Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen! How did Soul Hall offend you enough for you to declare war without hesitating one bit?" Chu Tianfeng was flustered and exasperated as he didn't expect that Jiang Chen would be this crazy.

"The lord of your palace has taken something that belongs to me. I am here to get it back," said Jiang Chen coldly.

This statement confused people, but at least they knew what Jiang Chen's motive was.

"That's laughable! What has my Sovereign Spirit Palace taken from you?" Chu Tianfeng shouted.

"No point in us talking so much!" Jiang Chen was impatient and didn't want to say much.

"Barricade the Soul Hall! No matter what it takes! Kill Jiang Chen!"

"After killing him, flatten the Heavenly Palace and leave no one alive."

Chu Tianfeng was still very young. In the heat of battle, the blood rushed to his head and he decided he wanted a fight to the death with Jiang Chen.

However, his fervent, excited words didn't seem to have much influence.

"What's the matter?"

Chu Tianfeng looked over questioningly as he realized that everyone's gazes were focused in a single place.


Chu Tianfeng looked over in utter shock.

"His master had appeared because of Jiang Chen?"

At that point, Chu Tianfeng felt extremely ashamed. He hated himself for not being able to finish Jiang Chen off by himself.

Upon the appearance of the Marching Dragon, many people held their breaths and focused. They couldn't even blink their eyes.


In the meantime, three Extraordinary Supreme Venerables who had been in Wind Cloud City had arrived as well.

They were Jian Yi of the human race, the Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster of the Demon race, and the Divine Body of the wizard race.

TSK! TSK! TSK! "He's actually daring to challenge the Marching Dragon."

The wizard couldn't help gloating over Jiang Chen's misfortune when he saw that he was actually going to challenge the Marching Dragon.

Jian Yi and the Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster were scared to death when they'd realized how serious the situation was.

"Jiang Chen, what has made you so mad?" The Marching Dragon was a being full of dignity. He wasn't angry, which made people feel bad for him.

"Marching Dragon, are you still pretending?" shouted Jiang Chen.

"I really don't understand what you are talking about."

Looking at the furious Jiang Chen, the Marching Dragon felt relieved. Jiang Chen had never done anything stupid.

That was an agreement that he'd come up with back in the Sacred Zone. However, right now, he was a little bit nervous about whether he was going to keep his word.

"The truth back then? What about it? There was no proof. Who would believe it?

"But it was because of that that Jiang Chen had never come."

However, it was just because of their agreement that the Marching Dragon didn't understand the reason why Jiang Chen was here today.

"All right, I will spell it out for you."

Jiang Chen smiled coldly and said, "Marching Dragon, you were a person from the Kun Lin realm of the Sacred Zone 500 years ago, an ordinary man with no significant achievements. However, you laid out the Sovereign Spirit Reincarnation and the Wall of the World."

Upon hearing those words, Marching Dragon became even more disdainful. On the surface he smiled however. "Are you trying to say that I'm not worthy enough?"

"Jiang Chen, my grand master hadn't had signifcant achievements simply because he was hiding from the blood slaves. Otherwise, how would the Sovereign Spirit Reincarnation and the Wall of the World have been built?" Chu Tianfeng rebuked Jiang Chen.

Everyone else present nodded. This theory had been implanted in their culture forever, so no one had any doubts about it.

The Marching Dragon smirked.

"All right, let me tell you really how the Sovereign Spirit Reincarnation and the Wall of the World were completed," said Jiang Chen.

Here it comes!

The Marching Dragon was stunned. This was what he had always feared the most. Fortunately, he had prepared a plan to counter it. Which was to remain silent and smile.

"Ha, ha, ha, Jiang Chen, this is a mystery. How do you know about it?" Chu Tianfeng mocked him.

In Soul City, a lot of people started whispering to each other.

"From what he's said, Jiang Chen is questioning the heroic feats of the Marching Dragon."

"All these years, there've been quite a number of people who had doubts, but no one had any proof. However, the Marching Dragon has indeed survived from the Sacred Zone 500 years ago."

"The Marching Dragon is high and mighty. How can he be someone who Jiang Chen speaks carelessly about?"

The majority looked at Jiang Chen and found him laughable.

"Let me tell you all how the Sovereign Spirit Reincarnation and the Wall of the World were achieved."

Unexpectedly, the next thing that Jiang Chen said made everyone wonder.

Even the Marching Dragon's expression changed. "Jiang Chen, what are you planning to do? Don't you know that even if what you say is true, what can you do about it?"

The Marching Dragon's voice sounded beside Jiang Chen's ears.

"Marching Dragon, I used to tell you that everything in the world comes and goes. Everything is bound to the Law of Conservation."

Jiang Chen continued his speech.

"Right here, I will ask you one last time, was it you who was responsible for the Sovereign Spirit Reincarnation plan and the Wall of the World?" asked Jiang Chen in a deep voice.

At this moment, a completely different energy was diffusing out of his body.

"I just made a humble effort to save the Black Yellow Great World."

Of course, the Marching Dragon wasn't going to deny it.



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