The Brilliant Fighting Master
1689 One Man against Soul Hall
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1689 One Man against Soul Hall

Thinking of what Xiao Nuo had been going through, Jiang Chen felt extremely guilty. He had gone to Soul Hall for the purpose of killing the Marching Dragon in order to save his beloved.

Soul City was dead silent. Everyone was speechless, looking at each other with disbelief.

Someone had dared to call out the Marching Dragon in the sacred grounds of Soul Hall?

The Marching Dragon was a contemporary legend and the savior of many.

The Wall of the World and the Sovereign Spirit Palace had given all the races a chance to take a breath. The 500-year time period that they had acquired had allowed them enough space to prepare to face the blood race.

Now, even though the Sacred Institute had been established, the Marching Dragon's prestige hadn't diminished. He was still venerated at an extremely high level.

He was not only an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable, but he was also entitled to the honorific, the Honorable Supreme Venerable, because he had been born to a family of extremely high privilege.

Also, the Sovereign Spirit Palace had the most Sovereign Spirit Reincarnations, which made them the greatest of all forces.

"I am 80 percent sure that whoever is calling out the Marching Dragon is just another lunatic." Everyone thought to themselves.

Often, someone would become unhinged and lose their minds and then try to challenge the Marching Dragon so that they could become famous.

Normally, these types of people would be killed by experts from the Sovereign Spirit Palace long before they'd even had a chance to meet the Marching Dragon.


Soul City and Soul Hall sent countless beams of light shooting toward the figure in the air.

Someone appeared from Soul City, leading a group of armored warriors. He was an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable.

"Guard Cang Long!"

"I had no idea that General Cang Long was in the palace. This guy shouting for the Marching Dragon is dead for sure."

"General Cang Long has a bad temper. He is frank and straightforward. The number of souls dead by his hand has surpassed 1,000."

This General Cang Long, who all the people from the city were talking about, was over 40 years old. He was tall and mighty and wearing a shining golden armor. His facial expression was twisted with fury.

"Jiang Chen!' After confirming that the guy calling out the dragon had Jiang Chen's face, General Cang Long immediately recognized him. His anger dissipated instantly.

"What? He is Jiang Chen?!"

All the races who had been watching the hustle and bustle of the troops readying for battle suddenly realized that things weren't going to be that simple.

Jiang Chen, who had just become an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable, had come all the way to Soul Hall. Why would he want to start a war?

However, in checking out the situation, it was evident that there were no members of the Heavenly Palace or the celestial palace present. Jiang Chen was alone.

Looking at Jiang Chen's cold expression, a number of people were wondering if the Sovereign Spirit Palace had attacked Jiang Chen again.

The Sovereign Spirit Palace, the Martial Divinity Palace, and the Xias were all enemies of Jiang Chen. Not to mention that quite a few of them had died at the hands of Jiang Chen.

Even the establishment of the Sacred Institute could not remove this antipathy between the two groups.

"The lord of the palace will be insulted!"

General Cang Long regained his senses. His will to fight was spiking. The long sword in his hand was radiating a golden beam of light. He looked like a Heavenly God Warrior.

"He is ranked number 36 among Extraordinary Supreme Venerables, while Jiang Chen is ranked around number 40."

"Where did he get the courage to declare war here at Soul Hall?"

After confirming that Jiang Chen was here alone, the people felt very confused.

The Supreme Venerables' rankings weren't determined by people. They were ranked by the Supreme Venerable Stone.

This assured the authority of the Supreme Venerable warriors. Even just one rank apart represented a gap that couldn't be crossed.

The Marching Dragon was ranked in the top ten among the Extraordinary Supreme Venerables.

Jiang Chen was definitely not qualified to be his opponent.

"Nice! Nice!"

In Soul City, a graceful, lively lady's face was filled with joy. Her eyes were sparkling.

"Jiang Chen, I never thought you'd come to seek death yourself."

All the onlookers easily recognized that this lady was from the wizard race. She was the one who'd stood up for the wizard race at the Heavenly Palace.

Up in the air, General Cang Long attacked with a mighty sword swipe. His attack was brutal and unstoppable. It was a pure, majestic strength that carried the power to turn everything in front of it to dust, and it was sweeping toward Jiang Chen.

However, even before it reached Jiang Chen's clothes, he had managed to avoid it. Jiang Chen had dodged and changed his position, and the strike missed.

"I am here only to see the Marching Dragon," said Jiang Chen coldly.

"You are an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable. It would be better for you to request a meeting with him politely." General Cang Long, seeing Jiang Chen's remarkable skills, squinted his eyes.

"Request a meeting? Is he worthy?"

Jiang Chen felt disdainful. He said loudly, "Marching Dragon! It's time for us to resolve the grudge between us. I know you're in there."

His thunderous voice traveled in all directions. It could even be heard from 1,000 miles away.

Deep inside Soul Hall, in a confined space, the Marching Dragon was sitting with his legs crossed, not budging at all.

He really didn't care what General Cang Long and the others thought, he had no reason to bother about Jiang Chen.

However, now he frowned and looked troubled, as if he were being confronted by a formidable enemy. His eyes seemed confused.

"The lord of the palace's salvation is an entity that will be remembered for generations. You are just a mere nobody. What gives you the right to insult my lord?"

General Cang Long was furious. He attacked once again like a bull. All the voids within the radius of a 100 miles were locked. He was not going to give Jiang Chen any more chances to dodge the next attack.


However, just when he was about to strike with his sword, a golden rainbow rushed over from afar. It was moving so straight and so fast that it couldn't really be seen clearly.

The golden rainbow struck General Cang Long with a direct hit.

Just one hit and his golden armor was instantly shattered. He started vomiting at least three quarts of blood.

All of a sudden, everyone noticed what exactly the golden rainbow was.

"An arrow!"

"The Human Emperor Arrow!"

"Simultaneous Nine Arrows!"

Jiang Chen heavily injured General Cang Long with the Simultaneous Nine Arrows. No one had ever thought that Jiang Chen, who'd obtained the Human Emperor Bow, could really achieve the Simultaneous Nine Arrows.

The one who'd fired the arrows from afar was probably one of Jiang Chen's practicing bodies.

A great enemy had been gotten rid of with just one shot.

"Marching Dragon, are you really not coming out?" Jiang Chen asked again in a deep voice.

"Jiang Chen, Soul Hall is not a place for you to behave atrociously. The strength of Soul Hall is beyond your imagination."

Ten-plus Extraordinary Supreme Venerables came out of Soul Hall in an imposing manner.

"Wow! You can tell this is definitely Soul Hall."

This was the first time for all the onlookers to witness such a line-up.

The shock of General Cang Long almost being killed by the Simultaneous Nine

Arrows disappeared immediately. People were wondering what Jiang Chen was going to do.

"Kneel down now and beg for Soul Hall's forgiveness, and we will spare your life."

Among the ten-plus Extraordinary Supreme Venerables, the strongest one was the youngest one. He had become an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable even before he turned 30. He looked much younger, with red lips, white teeth, and a handsome face.

"The third disciple of the Marching Dragon, Chu Tianfeng."

"Ranked in the top 20 among Extraordinary Supreme Venerables."

Facing such a line-up, Jiang Chen had no chance of winning.

"The entire Soul Hall is trying to stop me? If I wanted to leave, which one of you could stop me. If I were to come at you, which one of you could resist?" Jiang Chen said proudly.

As he was speaking, his figure suddenly flickered. Suddenly he appeared in another position.

"If the Marching Dragon doesn't come out to see me, I will start hunting him in the Sovereign Spirit Palace."

"If he doesn't show up in one day, I will kill one Senior Supreme Venerable. If it's two days, I will kill two!"

These words sounded like roaring thunder, making the entire Soul City tremble.

"Jiang Chen is starting a war."

"The problem is the things he threatened were doable."

His practicing body and the Simultaneous Nine Arrrows of the Human Emperor Bow were impossible to guard against.

"What about your Heavenly Palace and your celestial palace?" shouted an elderly man beside Chu Tianfeng.

"That's right, if you do that, we could flatten the Heavenly Palace and annihilate the celestial palace!"

"Don't think that you're the only one who can pose a threat."

The people in the Sovereign Spirit Palace had gotten extremely agitated and wanted to start a war with Jiang Chen.



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