The Brilliant Fighting Master
1686 The One Vice Leader of the Ling Long Celestial Palace
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1686 The One Vice Leader of the Ling Long Celestial Palace

More than 500 years ago, there had been four doctrines of swords, as well as Sword God level warriors in the Sacred Zone.

Rumor had it that although the Sword God's level was stuck at the peak of a Martial Arts Saint, he still could be considered comparable to a Venerable Sovereign with his sword.

Lin Chenqing was an extremely well-known swordsman who was admired by millions of his fellow swordsmen. His aim was to become a Sword God and to also have the title of an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable.

However, Lin Chenqing understood that becoming a Sword God was almost as difficult as becoming a Divine King.

And now, unexpectedly, he was in a position to see someone who was extremely close to getting the Sword God title.

"Still want to fight?" asked Jiang Chen in a deep voice.

"I don't dare fight with you." Lin Chenqing was also aware that Jiang Chen had become an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable. He realized that he was no longer a match for Jiang Chen.

The entire Ling Long Celestial Palace had broken out in a ferment of noise and excitement. No one had ever seen it quite like this before.

Even Jiang Chen's most loyal supporters found all the changes in Jiang Chen extremely hard to comprehend.

"Wow! Judging by this situation, it seems as if Jiang Chen's power can now be compared with the power of our Leader the Venerable."

"This brings glory on our Ling Long Celestial Palace."

"Jiang Chen is such an extraordinary man."

The three grand Elders were very pleased.

Inside the residential palace, Xiao Nuo had learned across the void of the extraordinary new powers that Jiang Chen had received. Her flaming red lips broke into a huge smile, as her eyes overflowed with happy tears.

When no one was around to see her, Xiao Nuo had a very fragile side.

"I always believed that you could accomplish this," she said to herself.

She thought back to that last time when she was supposed to have made love with Jiang Chen, which had turned out to be her final chance. She'd been afraid that once she'd experienced the sweetness of being together with Jiang Chen, she might not have been able to bear to do what she'd had to do.

Hence, she'd held the Infinity Sai and she'd sat on the bed, waiting for Jiang Chen to come in. She would never ever forget the look on Jiang Chen's face as he died.

She'd understood then that after Jiang Chen had been reborn, he would hate her to the bone.

Then, 500 years later, the Sacred Zone had been invaded by the blood race and completely plunged into misery. No one had been able to survive. Regarding everything that you had done, Jiang Chen would never ever know the truth. He would keep on hating you and live the rest of his life without the girl he loves.

Her master, the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch, had been troubled about what his disciple was going through. He was extremely distressed about it because he really cared about her.

"I am willing to bear it," Xiao Nuo said with determination.

Fortunately, the Southern Sea Heavenly Monarch and Jiang Chen's father, the Yan Monarch, couldn't bear seeing her like that, so they had devised a plan to allow her to live for 500 more years.

However, how did they manage to fool the Grim Reaper?

There was a reason why ever since Xiao Nuo had been established in the Ling Long Celestial Palace, she almost never went out. She stayed in the gloomy residential palace and trained day after day.

In the sky, Lin Chenqing's will to fight had vanished.

Jiang Chen sheathed his sword. His cold eyes were staring at An Yingyue and her mother, Liu Yuefeng.

"The reason why he didn't take any action was because he could defeat me even without using his sword."

An Yingyue finally realized that she had been prejudiced against Jiang Chen, and she'd been thinking that he was despicable. However, the truth was that she had just been acting like a clown.

"From now on, Liu Yuefeng will follow all orders from our Great Leader Jiang. The whole An State will show no disloyalty to the Ling Long Celestial Palace," Liu Yuefeng yelled excitedly.

Jiang Chen made a face. Liu Yuefeng stopped talking and stood quietly on the side until Lin Chenqing came up to her. After clarifying the situation, they came forward.

"If I had lost, what would you have done?" asked Jiang Chen.


Liu Yuefeng's complexion went pale. It had no trace of blood. Her back was suddenly covered by a cold sweat.

Her main objective had been power, to obtain power from the Leader the Venerable and take control of the Nine Peaks. However, she'd now realized that depending on outsiders to defeat Jiang Chen wouldn't have been able to change a thing.

What if it was not just defeat?

"I...I..." Liu Yuefeng wanted to say something but she was at a loss for words.

"Your daughter has been even worse than you were, shouting and threatening in the grand hall. She wanted to kill all three of my celestial palace's grand Elders at the main peak," said Jiang Chen coldly.

"Jiang Chen, what do you want?" An Yingyue gathered her courage and asked.

"If everyone can just offend my Ling Long Celestial Palace and get away with it, won't I look like a joke? On account of you being a Reincarnated Sovereign Spirit, from today onward, you will have to stay in the Ling Long Celestial Palace until the catastrophe arrives," said Jiang Chen.

"Isn't this captivity?" An Yingyue was shocked, angry, and surprised. She said, "I am the Senior Supreme Venerable of the Sacred Institute. I can go in and out of the Supreme Venerable Hall whenever I want."

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw that Jiang Chen had an inexplicable smile on her face. Her expression suddenly changed. She instantly realized that Jiang Chen was the new Extraordinary Supreme Venerable. Who was more important could now clearly be seen.

"Fine, I'll do what you order." Compared to her death, An Yingyue could only accept her fate.

"Liu Yuefeng, you are from a kingdom with a thirst for the power of a king. Let me ask you, what happens to the party that loses in a war over a dynasty?" said Jiang Chen.

Listening to those words, Liu Yuefeng was ashamed.

Lost in a fight for power? It usually meant that all must be beheaded and all family members must be killed as well. One could never change one's fate.

"Jiang Chen, please, I beg you to spare my mother."

An Yingyue was pleading for mercy for her mother. She understood Jiang Chen quite well. In situations where he was capable of restraint, he wouldn't just kill someone for no really valid reason.

Jiang Chen didn't pay any attention to An Yingyue. He stared with a deadly look at Liu Yuefeng, and he said, "This will be your punishment." Upon finishing his sentence, a ball of light flew out of Jiang Chen's fingertips and it went straight into Liu Yuefeng's body.

Liu Yuefeng was shocked. And then her face took on the ferocious look of a beast. Her power as a Venerable Sovereign had vanished into thin air.

However, there was no pain, which meant that all of her powers hadn't been disabled.

"Before the catastrophe, you must stay here just as a normal human being with your daughter. Hopefully, this can sweeten your heart."

Jiang Chen's expression was calm but stern. Having control over other's life or death was the true authority.

After finishing all this business, Jiang Chen looked down at the Nine Peaks.

The Nine Peaks were an extremely huge world with countless members. However, when he looked down on the world, the pressure on all its members increased many times over. No one dared to look straight at him.

"No matter whether you are the original disciples or people from State An, as long as you are disciples of the Ling Long Celestial Palace, you must follow the rules of our clan."

Right now, Jiang Chen finally had amassed the absolute power as the vice leader.

And at this time, the crisis in the Ling Long Celestial Palace had finally come to a stop.

An Yingyue had to be constrained in the Ling Long Celestial Palace. Lin Chenqing had a nice chat with her before he left.

"Such an outcome was perhaps too lenient."

"I thought Jiang Chen would kill them all."

Among the grand Elders, Yun Hezi and Baili Zhan felt rather disappointed. They thought that for what An Yingyue and Liu Yuefeng had done, even killing them was not enough.

"This means that Jiang Chen is finally our qualified vice leader." said Tian Ya, who had a different view.


The news of another new Extraordinary Supreme Venerable attracted all the world's attention.

Every race was hoping that the new Extraordinary Supreme Venerable would be from their race.

Currently, the number of Extraordinary Supreme Venerables was just slightly over 100. It was the greatest power possible, and made them the only real candidates for becoming the Divine King.

According to the rules, whoever was first to become the Divine King would have control over the whole world.

In the blink of an eye, the news was out. This new Extraordinary Supreme Venerable was from the human race, a mid-level Martial Arts Saint.

After seeing the news, all the great influencers held back their urges to reprimand their intelligence units and continued reading all about what had happened.

"Jiang Chen?"

After finding out generally who this man was, everyone was suddenly enlightened and weren't really surprised anymore.

From all the things that Jiang Chen had done, there were a lot of people who could even believe that he was indeed a divine immortal.

The human race was no doubt the happiest race to hear the news. However, some members of the human race couldn't feel happy hearing about what had happened with Jiang Chen. Instead, their moods became worse.

These people were most of the people from the Sovereign Spirit Palace.

"The true source of fire. D*mn! That was supposed to be mine." After receiving the news, Xiao Hongxue became extremely furious.



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