The Brilliant Fighting Master
1685 Head Swordsman of Nine Heavens
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1685 Head Swordsman of Nine Heavens

"Extraordinary Supreme Venerable?"

Jiang Chen, sitting in his back room, hadn't expected his improvements to cause such a domino effect either.

The Heart Power was a new, unknown power in the world. There had still been no system developed to grade it. However, Jiang Chen, with his abilities, could totally create one by himself.

To save effort, just like with the Will of Sword Doctrine and the universal energy, he'd classified it into nine levels.

What he'd previously achieved was simply level one. Now, he felt certain he'd achieved level two.

"Should I go back to Tianling Mountain to kill Xiao Hongxue?" He smiled. His look became as cold as ice.

"Well, maybe not now. The Spiritual Land Battle is going to start soon." Jiang Chen decided against traveling to Tianling Mountain. He got to his feet and put on the Vulcan Ring.

An idea had come into his head as he'd walked out of the back room. He looked up at the sky.

"I guess the Will of the Natural Law that surveys me hasn't gotten up yet." Because Jiang Chen knew that no matter how small a state breakthrough had been, a flawless divine body would always incur the kos of thunder.

But, at the moment, it was quite peaceful. For some reason, his state breakthrough hadn't incurred any kos of thunder. Maybe it was too quiet around here.

"Apprentice Younger Brother." Seeing Jiang Chen walk out, Ye Xue became very shocked. She had felt that Jiang Chen was like a bottomless abyss, unfathomable, before he'd gone into the back room.

Now, she gazed at Jiang Chen and felt that he was like a vast universe, which she could only look up to.

"Apprentice Younger Brother, it was really you." She broke into a smile when the shock had worn off. The stronger Jiang Chen was, the happier it made her.

In the Vulcan Ring, the Fire Kylin kept swallowing his saliva. He couldn't help but ask, "What on earth are you practicing? Could you teach me?"

"Only people with great wisdom, lots of willpower, and great luck can master it," Jiang Chen answered him, since he was in a very good mood.

"That's me, apparently." Fire Kylin was full of confidence.

"Okay. So you reincarnate first. Spend thousands of years to steel your heart. This is the first step," said Jiang Chen.

Heart Power could not be replicated. Even superior Heavenly Gods couldn't replicate it.

It was not just rhetorical when Jiang Chen said, "My heart will go on..."

"I'm from the same time as you. And I've survived too," the Fire Kylin said.

"But, in the end, all you've been thinking about is seizing someone else's body," Jiang Chen said, amused.

Living long was not enough of a criteria to necessarily entitle one to Heart Power. This was just one of the conditions one had to meet.

From preliterate times to ancient times and then to the current era, the Fire Kylin had been retreating from the world and only thinking about becoming the Flame Emperor.

This was totally different from what Jiang Chen had been accomplishing over all this time. The Invincible God of War had experienced nine reincarnations.

In his first life, he had been the Lord of Eternals, who'd led all the races to find light in a broken world and had established the system of the Nine Realms in the end.

In his second life, he had been titled the True Force the Great. He'd figured out how the world functioned after it had been destroyed. He'd created the Martial Doctrine and sowed the seeds of the human race's rise.

In his third life, he'd been hailed as the Head Swordsman of the Nine Heavens, whose name was still mentioned from time to time. Many Sword Gods and Sword Immortals continued to hold the Head Swordsman in awe.

It was in this same third life that he'd married his apprentice elder sister in her former life.

He'd had different enemies in every life: giant ancient beasts, rising Demon Lords, the alien Blood Race, and so on…

His ultimate goal was to get the Black Yellow Great World to keep recovering its primordial energy until the day the complete Endless Universe could be recovered.

The Blood Race was only the greatest ko he'd had to solve in his ninth life. It was not even in his plan in the first place.

He had reached the limits of his ninth life. And it was time to complete the great plan that he'd been working on for thousands of years.

The Black Yellow Great World would be recovered very soon. The Natural Law would be complete. The Force of Heaven would be available for use once again.

Jiang Chen suddenly came to himself. He looked up at An Yingyue and Lin Chenqing, who were still waiting for him up in the air.

Compared to all that he'd experienced, these two were simply like motes of dust.

Jiang Chen flew into the air, gazing at the two with gusto.

"Martial Arts Saint in the middle stage." An Yingyue felt relieved when she'd detected Jiang Chen's state change.

It would be a joke if a Martial Arts Saint in the middle stage could become an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable.

She knew Jiang Chen had been able to defeat her mother, a Venerable Sovereign, without effort. But what he'd used was some unknown force, which had nothing to do with state force at all.

So the improvement of his state force had nothing to do with the force that could defeat a Venerable Sovereign, and it would not affect anything.

An Yingyue was not being stupid and stubborn in this case. Anyone would have reached the same conclusions as she did, based on what they'd learned about the world as they grew up.

"You're not a match for me anymore. Retreat," Jiang Chen said calmly.

He hadn't expected his breakthrough to be so great either. What he'd said about the fight certainly didn't count anymore.

Lin Chenqing wouldn't have believed Jiang Chen if he hadn't had that hot feeling in his palm, which came from the light seal.

But, at this moment, he had to treat Jiang Chen's words seriously. Gazing at Jiang Chen and sparing no effort to observe him carefully, with all of the experiences he'd had with people in his life, he was trying to discover some clues.

Unfortunately, with his human eyes, he could only see Jiang Chen as an unusual Martial Arts Saint in the middle stage.

"I don't know what to say. I really don't. You are such a good actor. You hid behind Ye Xue at first. Then you claimed you needed to practice in seclusion. Now you've transformed, and you've come back here to tell us that Elder Brother Chenqing isn't a match for you anymore, that he should retreat. You've never had the nerve to fight, not even for one second. That's really something. You're really something."

An Yingyue applauded him by clapping her hands. She said in a sarcastic tone, "If Elder Brother Chenqing attacks you, will you ask your fiancee to help you again?"

Her harsh voice made the members of the celestial palace who were watching this frown.

"Miss An does make some sense."

"If our vice leader is really so great, why doesn't he just attack and defeat his rival. Such zigzagging isn't necessary at all."

"Alas, I'm afraid he is just making a mystery of himself."

The Ling Long Celestial Palace's Nine Peaks had many new members from State An, who hadn't yet been convinced about Jiang Chen. They were confused and had been riled up by An Yingyue's accusation.

Jiang Chen gazed at Lin Chenqing. The reluctance on the latter's face told him that the fight was inevitable.

So Jiang Chen unsheathed the Heaven-Punishing Sword.

There was no deliberate posing. It was just a simple unsheathing movement, which a swordsman does hundreds of times. It was smooth and neat.

However, as soon as the blade was unsheathed, the magnificent sword energy shook the whole world.

The sword energy brought with it a wild tide that surged through the air. No one in the air could stand still, including the Venerable Sovereigns.

"I have a sword. Gods and Demons are to be demolished."

Jiang Chen raised his sword. Lil Ying, the Sword Soul of the Heaven-Punishing Sword, chimed excitedly. The blade, surrounded by thousands of metal thunders, charged into the blue sky.


Thunder roared. Wind blew, and clouds surged. Dark clouds were everywhere.

"Good heavens!"

The whole world felt as if doomsday was coming. They felt helpless and scared.

Jiang Chen had a crystal body that looked like it was made of golden glass. He looked extremely mighty.

Liu Yuefeng was shocked beyond belief. She'd finally realized what Jiang Chen's words meant.

"To respect him as if he was a god!"

The current Jiang Chen was like a Heavenly God descending to the earth indeed.

"Extraordinary…Extraordinary Supreme Venerable! He is really an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable!" An Yingyue was shocked also.

"His Will of Sword Doctrine has achieved level five?! He…he can even become a Sword God!"

Feeling the extraordinariness of Jiang Chen's sword attack that was coming, Lin Chenqing couldn't stay calm anymore. He was shaking, but it was because of excitement instead of fear.

The excitement of witnessing a myth coming true!

The level five and the level six of the Will of Sword Doctrine created watershed moments. A Sword God could be born once this watershed was crossed.



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