The Brilliant Fighting Master
1683 Lin Chenqing
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1683 Lin Chenqing

"Jiang Chen! No, Great Leader Jiang, please let go of Yue'er. I will quit the celestial palace. I'll never compete with you again."

Seeing the situation had become extremely unfavorable for her daughter, Liu Yuefeng hurried to beg for Jiang Chen's mercy.

However, Jiang Chen acted as if he couldn't hear her. A smile pulled up one corner of his mouth as he gazed at the icy belle in front of him.

Life is long. Not everyone could keep advancing all the time. There would be setbacks, ordeals, and difficulties.

Even Jiang Chen had once been lovesick and desperate.

In this world, the majority of people would spend most of their lives in obscurity. However, there were always people who would suddenly amaze the world.

Some people were not talented enough, but they never gave up. They became some of the strongest in the world through gradual skill accumulations and good preparation.

Some people didn't get famous at a young age because the methods they practiced only grew more and more powerful as time went on. For this reason, they'd spent the first half of their lives as nobodies. Ye Xue fell into this second category.

Back in the past, the Icy Spirits had preferred to go back on their promises to Jiang Chen in order to keep Ye Xue with them, and that was exactly because of her supreme-venerable-level Spiritual Heart.

Then a grand age came around, but Ye Xue did not appear to be especially outstanding.

Since the Icy Spirits had been living in the Three Middle Realms, they thought the supreme-venerable-level Spiritual Heart had reached its limit, and Jiang Chen had moved to the Three Upper Realms.

Who could have anticipated that that was only the beginning?

Now, as a new Venerable Sovereign, Ye Xue had defeated Senior Supreme Venerable An Yingyue.

Under Jiang Chen's hot gaze, this time Ye Xue didn't look away. She looked into his eyes and showed a smile that was indeed rare to the world. A single smile of hers could overthrow a city! The people who had witnessed her smile realized that this was not just a dramatic description.

"Apprentice Younger Brother, no one can separate us anymore from now on." Underneath Ye Xue's calm tone one could hear the mental sufferings she had been through.

When she had been found to have a supreme-venerable-level Spiritual Heart, to protect herself from the Kill Talents project carried out in the Spirit Realm, she had gone to the Natural Law School located in the Realm of Nine Heavens to seek refuge.

She had been totally alone there. There was not even anyone with whom she could talk. Until Jiang Chen had appeared and opened up her heart.

However, their relationship had not been smooth at all. Besides the obstructions from the Icy Spirits, Jiang Chen had also gone through many crises during his adventures from the Realm of Nine Heavens to the Three Middle Realms.

Even though the Icy Spirits finally agreed that the two of them could be together, Ye Xue had had to go back to the Spirit Realm in order to find the Ice Soul Stone, and, while she was there, she got trapped by the conflicts between the Water Spirits and the Icy Spirits.

By then almost ten years had passed. Both she and Jiang Chen had become outstanding. No one could stop them from being together anymore.

They would travel around hand in hand, fly across the starry sky, and do whatever they wanted to do together. No one could say anything anymore.

Their efforts and hard work had been proved to be worthwhile this day.

"Even Heavenly Gods won't be able to tear us apart," Jiang Chen responded to his apprentice elder sister with a most determined look.

The two started to whisper sweet nothings in public, regardless of the current situation, as if they had forgotten where they were.

Ye Xue's heart beat fast. Soon she came to herself. She exerted her spiritual power to relieve her of the blushing that Jiang Chen had provoked. She didn't want others to find any clue.

"Great Leader Jiang." Looking at her frozen daughter, Liu Yuefeng was extremely anxious.

"You were wrong in the first place. Why are you scrambling for the Red Cloud Venerable's power?" Not until then did Jiang Chen throw her a look.

"Nooo. Why would I?!" Liu Yuefeng hurried to shake her head. She was from a kingdom, where scrambling for imperial power was a common thing, so she was just doing what she had been used to doing in the celestial palace.

However, despite the various conflicts in a kingdom, the emperor was paramount and unshakable. No one would have the nerve to covet the throne.

Just like Liu Yuefeng wouldn't covet the Red Cloud Venerable's position.

"Then you should treat me in the same way as you treat Leader the Venerable. Show me respect, as if I am a god," Jiang Chen said in a profound voice. His voice was deafening. The whole world was shocked.

It would be easy to kill An Yingyue and Liu Yuefeng, but it would not be helpful on a long-term basis. Xiao Nuo would not like to see that happen either. Just like Wind Cloud City, the Ling Long Celestial Palace had shifted its position into a new state and needed to pay attention to diplomacy.

However, Jiang Chen wanted this woman to understand one thing. She, Liu Yuefeng, was not only second to Xiao Nuo in terms of power. She, Liu Yuefeng, was actually behind Xiao Nuo and Jiang Chen.

Liu Yuefeng and the three grand Elders would be on an equal footing. They would share the responsibility of managing the Ling Long Celestial Palace in a system that consisted of separation of powers.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, how dare you, a kept man, bluster like this." All of a sudden, An Yingyue's disdainful laugh came from within the ice sculpture.

She couldn't accept the fact that she'd lost to Ye Xue. She had totally lost her senses. Regardless of her life, she was still provoking Jiang Chen.

"Yue'er!" Liu Yuefeng said immediately.

"Mother, you should have begged the number one on the Beauty List instead of him. This guy absolutely has no nerve to kill me. I'm a Senior Supreme Venerable. I have the right to vote. I can decide the fate of the Black Yellow Great World. How is it possible he has the nerve to kill me?" An Yingyue shouted.

It was the Protective Dipper Energy instead of her that was frozen. As a result, she still could speak.

"Most important, Elder Brother Chenqing is here." An Yingyue added.

She had informers all over the Dragon Tiger Mountain. They informed her of everyone who came and went here, even though she was in the ice sculpture.

"Lin Chenqing?! The Senior Supreme Venerable ranked fifth?" Liu Yufeng was shocked and then she felt happy. So she hadn't lost yet.

Under Jiang Chen's cold gaze, she didn't dare trash talk. All she was doing was standing there in silence.

Then a golden sword radiance whooshed across the air and over the Nine Peaks. A figure showed up.

"Rising Sun!"

His Sovereign Soul had been released before people could see his face clearly. Contrary to An Yingyue's Sovereign Soul, it was a burning sun with infinite power.

Under the scorching sun, the cold in the air was dispelled, and An Yingyue's ice sculpture melted.

Ye Xue was going to throw her sword over immediately, but Jiang Chen stopped her. "Leave this to me."

Everything happened in an instant. When the Sovereign Soul had disappeared, people found An Yingyue had been released from the ice sculpture. A tall, handsome man was standing next to her.

"He is so handsome!" Many female disciples of the celestial palace couldn't help but exclaim.

The man was more than good-looking. He was definitely an Adonis. If there had been a Beauty List for men, he would definitely have been ranked in the top three for sure.

"Elder Brother Chenqing."

Seeing her man looking so glorious, An Yingyue seemed pretty calm. She was going to air her grievances to him.

"I already know."

Lin Chenqing smiled at her gently. His face became cold and serious again when he looked at Ye Xue and Jiang Chen.

"Men versus men, women versus women. It's useless to ramble. Or, you two can fight together," said Lin Chenqing calmly.

He said it casually, but what he said aroused a burst of exclamations. However, people didn't feel as if he was being arrogant. Because he looked like he was totally able to resist Ye Xue and Jiang Chen at the same time. That was why he sounded very natural.

Speaking of contrasts, An Yingyue, next to him, was the greatest example.

"He'll definitely hide behind that woman. He didn't even have the nerve to accept my challenge. And I'm a Senior Supreme Venerable ranked in the top 30. Not to mention Elder Brother Chenqing, who is ranked in the top five," she boasted.

Lin Chenqing didn't speak. He kept gazing at Jiang Chen silently.

"You are good enough to be my rival."

Jiang Chen ignored An Yingyue. He met Lin Chenqing's eyes.

Maybe it was because they were both swordsmen, but Lin Chenqing squinted and instantly knew Jiang Chen was not simple.

However, what Jiang Chen said next was pretty confusing.

"But for the moment I can't fight you," Jiang Chen said calmly.

"Why?" asked Lin Chenqing.



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