The Brilliant Fighting Master
1682 A Chilly Winter
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1682 A Chilly Winter

Jiang Chen shook his head in wonder..

An Yingyue's state could've made her one of the strongest fighters if it had been 500 years ago.

However, in terms of her nature, there was a huge difference between her and the strongest ones back in the old days.

Jiang Chen didn't even find her interesting enough to want to fight her.

"Leave her to me," Ye Xue, who had come with him, suddenly said.

Jiang Chen was surprised. He looked back at her. Seeing her resolute gaze, he nodded.

"You have no right to insult my apprentice younger brother. And you have even less right to fight him." Ye Xue walked up, demonstrating her aloofness and dignity as the Icy Spirit King.

Her hair was flying in the wind. Her exquisite face was super-serious.

An Yingyue and the others hadn't expected this.

Then An Yingyue flew into the air. She sized up Jiang Chen and Ye Xue.

"I see." She hadn't been pissed off by Ye Xue's remark. Instead, she seemed to have been let down, as if she had uncovered some secret that was unknown to other people.

"You finally have the nerve to show up in front me because she's achieved the Venerable Sovereign state, am I right?"

An Yingyue sneered disdainfully at Jiang Chen. Then she said to Ye Xue, "You shouldn't have fallen in love with such a lame man."

She was actually gloating.

"You made the Sovereign Bell toll nine times, but so what?

"You are ranked first on the Beauty List, but so what?

"Women should be conquered by men stronger than they are.

"Ye Xue's man was not half as good as her man."

"Cut the crap." Ye Xue shook her wrist and the Thick Ice Sword showed up in her hand. It gave off so much cold energy that the whole celestial palace seemed to have fallen into a deep winter.

Her aggression incurred An Yingyue's hostility. "However, why you are with him can be explained by your stupidity.

"You became a Venerable Sovereign. The bell tolled nine times. But it doesn't mean you are very strong.

"I broke through to Venerable Sovereign two years ago and was graded Senior Supreme Venerable later. I have a Sovereign Soul and know many unique theurgies and ultimate-level martial arts techniques.

"What do you have to confront me with?

"Your beauty has zero value in a fight, especially when it's a fight with a woman."

An Yingyue's comments got harsher and harsher. She was venting her jealousy and anger.

"So what?" Ye Xue was eager to fight. She was not as eloquent as Jiang Chen was in terms of arguing, but the coldness that was rising up from the bottom of her heart was actually the most powerful form of disdain.

"Great. Great." An Yingyue showed off her sharp blade, refusing to admit being inferior.

At this moment, a vast energy swept over the world. A thin moon was hanging in the sky, absorbing all the light like a dark hole. The day suddenly turned into the night. The moonlight was resplendent.

"Sovereign Soul!"

It started an uproar in the crowd. This was the sign that a reincarnated Sovereign Soul would launch an attack. People knew it represented everything a once-strong Venerable Sovereign had had.

Once the reincarnated Sovereign Soul launched an attack, it had to be some striking unique technique that had been long lost to the world.

"One movement, to defeat you."

An Yingyue's voice rang out. The scimitar in her hand, with a curve similar to the thin moon's, was thrown over.

The air vibrated, and radiance flashed everywhere.

Jiang Chen frowned involuntarily, his face concentrated. If there was ever something wrong, he would act immediately.

Jiang Chen didn't ask too many questions since he trusted Ye Xue, but it didn't mean he didn't care about her safety.

Facing An Yingyue's tough attack, Ye Xue looked calm. Her black eyes were staring.

The next second, her sword was thrown over like lightning. Where the blade was pointed, the air became frozen. Block after block of ice showed up out of nowhere. They froze in the air for half a second, and then fell like hail.


An Yingyue, already working on her victory speech, was given a scare.

Those ice blocks were her blade, which was powerful enough to slice through the air.

But then it ended. She could hardly believe it.

These blades didn't physically exist. They were a fatal attacking method evolved from her profound martial arts techniques and her strength.

"How come it was frozen?" An Yingyue couldn't figure it out.

The onlookers were also confused.

"Lunar Aura." Jiang Chen finally realized where Ye Xue's confidence came from.

His true source of fire could crack attacks through burning.

Similarly, Ye Xue's Lunar Aura could achieve the same effect.

"A World of Ice and Snow."

Ye Xue's decisiveness made her look like a machine. The Thick Ice Sword, with freezing frost on it, was thrown over at An Yingyue.

"You think I'm scared of you?" An Yingyue suppressed her shock. Holding the scimitar high in the air, she took the Martial Soul of the thin moon into her knife blade.

Her energy soared. Her clothes were fluttering in the wind. Her endless strength was surging.

"Yue'er is getting serious!"

Those who had come along with An Yingyue got excited. The knife attack was only a casual one from An Yingyue. When she got serious, what she would show was the strength of a Senior Supreme Venerable.

"Exterminating Everything!"

An Yingyue was holding her knife with both hands. She and the knife had turned into one.

The energy she emitted when throwing the knife over was like a landslide or an earthquake.

The knife radiance sprinkled like moonlight. It whooshed across the sky, impossible to defend against.

Attacked by such a fierce killing move, Ye Xue looked extremely calm, as if she was just taking a walk in the yard. The sword in her hand was being brandished at a moderate speed.

The frosts contained in the sword energy covered her body. A unique world was created. It was a world where snow was falling.

Every brandishing of the enemy's knife would smash snow flowers into pieces.

Except for that, Ye Xue was totally fine.

"She's dodged it. A new Venerable Sovereign has dodged the attack from a Senior Supreme Venerable?"

"She's great. No wonder the Sovereign Bell tolled nine times."

"This woman is such a surprise to the world. At first it was her beauty. Now it's her strength!"

An Yingyue, whose attack had just failed, was pissed off by those remarks.

"I don't believe I can't even crack your defenses."

"Unique Theurgy, Evil Moon!"

An Yingyue took her knife back for a moment. She exerted a unique theurgy. The same unique theurgy would be exerted with different power and subtlety depending on who exerted it.

It was beyond doubt that An Yingyue was the best person to exert this unique theurgy.

Jiang Chen was terror-stricken, not because he was afraid, but because he had fears for Ye Xue.

"Look out," Jiang Chen warned her.

"Don't worry."

Watching the moon rushing at her, Ye Xue still looked very calm. She was really like a fairy, who could not be affected by anger or joy.

"All Land under Ice!"

Then Ye Xue also played her trump card. She obviously knew how powerful this bright moon was.


Ye Xue was freezing. And starting from her, everything in the world was also freezing.

The bright moon, which looked like an invincible chariot, approached Ye Xue, but, affected by the freezing, it started to slow down and lose its power.

In the end, a giant frozen moon showed up high in the air.

This was not over yet. The freezing energy was rushing at An Yingyue like a wild tide.

An Yingyue wanted to retreat, but she found she could not move anymore.

She switched on her Protective Dipper Energy. However, even her Protective Dipper Energy was frozen now. She looked like a weird ice sculpture by then.

It looked weird because with the frozen Protective Dipper Energy, she looked like she was trapped in there, but her face and her eyes could still move.

"That's all?"

After a long while, people saw An Yingyue trying her best, but she still couldn't get out of the ice sculpture.

However, Ye Xue was already able to prepare for the next movement. It was obvious who would win.

The fight had not even turned white-hot yet. In this sense, An Yingyue's failure was complete.

"Apprentice Younger Brother, do you want me to kill her?" Ye Xue asked all of a sudden. Her question scared the crowd out of their wits.



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