The Brilliant Fighting Master
1680 Nine Tolls
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1680 Nine Tolls


The Sovereign Bell tolled. All the creatures living on the Endless Continent, the Sacred Spirit Continent, and the Heavenly Sword Continent and in every other Plane's Worlds could hear the bell toll.

The bell tolling did not seem strange to anyone in the world anymore. It had actually tolled every few days over the past three years. Not until recently had it slowed down.

These tolls of the bell sounded just like thunderbolts. They would catch people's attention, but wouldn't surprise them.


Another one. Two bell tolls were kind of normal.

Only one toll was almost like a joke.


When the bell tolled for the third time, some people left their houses and looked up at the sky with curiosity.

Then, the fourth toll totally ignited people's enthusiasm.

At least, judging from the bell tolls, this Venerable Sovereign was worth some attention.


As the fifth toll was echoing in the sky, an uproar started among people all over the world.

Five tolls were an extremely good result, which meant this one was a Supreme Venerable.

In the Ling Long Celestial Palace, Yue'er got a weird look on her face.

She hadn't looked happy when the fourth bell toll had rung. This was because there had been only three tolls when she had broken through to Venerable Sovereign.

Compared to the Red Cloud Venerable's result, three tolls were actually not that bad.

However, Ye Xue had broken her record so easily. She was completely distraught. When she'd finally accepted that she'd been beaten, the Sovereign Bell had kept on tolling. Soon, it broke the Red Cloud Venerable's record.

The whole world was completely shocked by what was going on. Everyone was wondering who this amazing person was.

This new Venerable Sovereign would become famous overnight and go very far without a doubt.


To everyone's surprise, another clear toll rang out, which actually made many people's blood freeze up.

For a simple reason: this was the eighth toll!

This was the second Venerable Sovereign with eight bell tolls in the last three years.


But this was not over yet. The ninth toll, which was the highest achievement, rang out.

No one in the world, even the Extraordinary Supreme Venerables of many different races, could stay calm anymore.

The whole world started chattering like a noisy market. All the races were having intense discussions in their separate languages.

However, it was super-quiet in the Ling Long Celestial Palace. It was even possible to hear a pin drop.

Different from in other places, they all knew clearly who had made the bell toll, and that was why they were behaving like this.

At the Main Peak, Xiao Nuo walked out of her residential palace, which didn't happen very often. She looked at Jiang Chen's villa with a complicated facial expression.

Jiang Chen was pleasantly surprised. Not just anyone could make the bell toll nine times.

"A Supreme-Venerable-level Spiritual Heart?" Jiang Chen murmured to himself.

The uniqueness of the Spirit could be observed in Ye Xue.

"It's so cold." He suddenly found that the temperature had affected him.

The whole peak had become an ice peak, covered by a crystal layer of thick ice.

People who were below Martial level would turn into an ice sculpture as soon as they arrived here.

Jiang Chen had to call out the true source of fire to resist the cold.

"Oh?" Ye Xue was in a back room, but the soaring temperature caught her attention immediately.

Jiang Chen heard the stone gate of the back room open with a muffled noise. Then a white-clothed woman walked out.

After achieving Venerable Sovereign, Ye Xue had experienced some significant changes. Her skin was as clear as ice and as smooth as jade. Her hair looked like a black waterfall. Her exquisite features were like the best painting created by the gods.

Jiang Chen was struck dumb by her beauty.

"Apprentice Younger Brother, why are you staring at me?" Ye Xue said in a gentle voice since she was embarrassed by his stare. If others had heard her voice, they would definitely have been stunned.

"Because I want to look at the most beautiful woman in the world," said Jiang Chen in a very serious voice.

"Liar." Ye Xue's white teeth looked like pearls. She said, "Watch out. You'll be doomed if Elder Sister Xiao Nuo hears you."

Jiang Chen was surprised. It seemed as if Ye Xue and Xiao Nuo had gotten along well in his absence.

"She just has a sharp tongue."

Jiang Chen smiled when he thought of what Xiao Nuo had said to him before his departure.

"Don't worry. Your Elder Sister Xiao Nuo is very open-minded," said Jiang Chen.

"Yeah? But someone told me a different story last time."

Xiao Nuo suddenly appeared in the villa, smiling cunningly. There was teasing in her amorous eyes, as if she had picked up on Jiang Chen's faults.

"Yeah? What did I say?" Jiang Chen smiled awkwardly, playing dumb.

"Let me think. Big boobs and brainless?" Xiao Nuo said. Squinting, she walked over with a you-are-doomed face.

"What the h*ll. I said that in my previous life," Jiang Chen complained.

"Don't you know that women are vengeful?" Xiao Nuo threw her hand over as she spoke.

Jiang Chen was given a good scare. It was not one of those gentle knocks that girls usually made.

He used the Great Method of Void to dodge her right away.

"You aren't that weak First Young Master anymore. What are you scared of?" Xiao Nuo said unhappily since her palm attack had failed to reach him.

"You weren't a Venerable Sovereign of the extraordinary supreme venerable level back then either," Jiang Chen said with a downcast face.

"Great. Ye Xue, if this man ever has the nerve to have another woman, we'll give him a beating together." Xiao Nuo looked over teasingly, giving Ye Xue a wink.

"Sure, Elder Sister Xiao Nuo. If Apprentice Younger Brother has the nerve to fool around, I won't mind freezing off that thing of his."

Ye Xue answered without thinking. Seeing those two having so much fun together, she was happy too.

However, both Xiao Nuo and Jiang Chen were struck dumb by what she'd said.

When Ye Xue's face showed that she'd realized what she'd said, Xiao Nuo gave a ringing laugh.

Jiang Chen looked pained. He tried to weep, but failed to shed a tear.

"Ye Xue, I didn't know you were even crueler than I am. Ha, ha, ha, that's the way to go."

Xiao Nuo came up to Ye Xue and gave her a hug. They were looking at Jiang Chen and gloating.

However, Jiang Chen's facial expression suddenly changed.

Standing together, Xiao Nuo and Ye Xue formed a big contrast. They were both stunning, but they had completely different styles.

Ye Xue was like a fairy living in a Moon Palace, who knew nothing about the earthly life.

Xiao Nuo was like a fairy who was in love with the earthly world. Her beauty was beyond comparison also.

The two women were embarrassed by his stare. They were going to say something, but Jiang Chen's look suddenly became hot.

The two women lowered their heads involuntarily.

Jiang Chen walked over to stand between them, his arms around their thin waists.

If anyone could have seen this, Jiang Chen would definitely have incurred the jealousy and envy of every man in the world.

"With you two here, even if it's doomsday, I won't have any regrets," said Jiang Chen.

Such a confession of love was too much for Ye Xue. It was her first time to have such an intimate moment with Jiang Chen in the presence of another woman. She kept her head lowered.

She was not feeling sad, since the other woman was Xiao Nuo. She felt proud that her man hadn't picked someone mediocre.

Out of selfish motives, she certainly wanted Jiang Chen to be hers only. However, she'd been really moved by the story between Jiang Chen and Xiao Nuo when she'd been told about it.

She'd even thought about leaving Jiang Chen so that Xiao Nuo and he could have each other only, but Xiao Nuo had accepted her existence in their relationship.

To give her lover an opportunity, Xiao Nuo had given up her Sovereign Soul and her opportunity to be reincarnated and stayed in the Sacred Zone to confront the Blood Race.

So Ye Xue understood that despite their bickering Xiao Nuo and Jiang Chen had an amazing history between them, and their relationship was unshakable.

"By the way, there are some people outside waiting for you. They are going to try to cause you some trouble. But why are you here?" Xiao Nuo asked curiously.



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