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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1677 Li Churan

Jiang Chen walked out of the crowd toward the Supreme Venerable Stone.

Coincidentally, another man, who had been standing opposite him, walked out of the crowd at the same time. He was in his 30s, good-looking, and obviously not a human, which was evident from many of his features.

However, the most impressive thing about him was his height. He was over eight feet tall, and he had a hint of divine energy that would make those who were not very strong involuntarily fall to their knees to worship him.

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows in surprise. This guy was a Divine Recluse. He'd dealt with this race once before when he was in the World of Bloody Sea, so he knew them well.

And both of them had come to try out on the Supreme Venerable Stone at the same time. Jiang Chen kind of knew what was going to happen next.

As he'd expected, the two of them approached the Supreme Venerable Stone and arrived pretty much equally close. And since the Supreme Venerable Stone didn't have any restrictions and anyone could give it a try, this kind of scene where two people walked up at the same time was nothing strange for the people of the Sacred City.

"You go first."

To Jiang Chen's surprise, this male Divine Recluse even had manners. The Divine Recluses that Jiang Chen had met in the World of Bloody Sea were all as completely impolite as psychos.

"Okay." Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders, accepting his courtesy.

"Okay? Do you have any manners or not?!"

To Jiang Chen's surprise, the Divine Recluse had been followed to the stone by a pretty human woman who proceeded to challenge his manners.

She was very charming. All of the jewelry she was wearing was of the highest grade, but their luster still couldn't be compared to her beautiful skin. Her fashionable velvet long skirt gave her a noble air.

"Isn't that Miss Li Churan?"

"She's one of the ten most beautiful women in the Endless Continent."

"She is really pretty."

Everyone had been paying attention to the male Divine Recluse, but when the woman had spoken up to Jiang Chen, the crowd went into an uproar.

Since the Nine Realms had become the Endless Continent, some busybodies had been spending their time ranking pretty women all over the continent.

Ye Xue, the Icy Spirit, was ranked first of course.

She was followed by the Red Cloud Venerable, the strongest female Venerable Sovereign.

Man Tianyin, the owner of the Martial Soul of the Purifying Azure Lotus, was ranked the third.

This Li Churan was ranked the fourth.

However, Jiang Chen definitely didn't think she should be ranked up there behind these other three women whom he knew very well. Her pretty physical appearance could not make up for her ugly heart.

Jiang Chen frowned at Li Churan. He looked up at the male Divine Recluse, who was smiling. In his eyes there was a complacency that he couldn't hide.

Jiang Chen realized the man hadn't meant it when he had asked Jiang Chen to go first.

"What does this have to do with you?" He looked at Li Churan.

Maybe it was the coldness that was now apparent in Jiang Chen's eyes. Li Churan couldn't help but stiffen. She had never seen such coldness in a man's eyes before.

When she'd finally gotten over the initial shock of Jiang Chen's distaste, she frowned to show her unhappiness. However, she didn't continue speaking with Jiang Chen.

Instead, she looked at the male Divine Recluse seriously and said, "Young Master Shen Liu, I apologize to you on behalf of the human race. Please forgive his rudeness."

The man called Shen Liu smiled. He waved his hand to show that he didn't mind. Then he walked on ahead to stand by the Supreme Venerable Stone.

It was impossible to carry on the test this way. He was waiting for Jiang Chen to leave.

Jiang Chen stared at Li Churan with disgust, which was very rare for him. He was absolutely disgusted by the woman's apology.

"You have no right to apologize to any race on behalf of the human race. Your base heart is the only thing you can speak on behalf of," said Jiang Chen in an ice-cold voice.

Li Churan's reaction to this comment could be easily observed. She became short of breath, and her chest started heaving up and down rapidly.

"I don't argue with unreasonable people." Li Churan didn't want to argue with Jiang Chen because she thought that was beneath her dignity.

"You're already a Venerable Sovereign?" Li Churan came to herself. Jiang Chen looked like a teenager. How could he be qualified to take the Supreme Venerable Stone's test?

She smiled with a nasty grimace. She said, "Young Master Shen Liu is a talented Divine Recluse. More than that, he is also a reincarnated Sovereign Soul. Average Venerable Sovereigns can resist no more than ten movements of his."

Then she looked at the onlookers. She asked them with a smile, "Which one of them do you think should take the Supreme Venerable Stone's test?"

Pretty women always have some advantages. Seeing her sweet smile, many people couldn't help but stand by her side, ready to shout the obvious answer out.

"Don't make trouble to piss off Miss Li Churan."

"What you're doing is really inappropriate. You should at least show your state."

"Exactly. Don't waste our time."

Many people started to condemn Jiang Chen, and most of them were humans.

Jiang Chen didn't speak. He just felt weird.

"You are human. If you are a Venerable Sovereign, I guess you'll be the youngest Martial Sovereign ever," Shen Liu suddenly said. His remark made people condemn Jiang Chen even more.

But they didn't ask Jiang Chen to go away. Instead, they wanted to see his state.

"All right then." So Jiang Chen showed his state.

The crowd quieted down immediately. Then they burst out laughing.

Li Churan, who was still standing opposite him, was also laughing, covering her mouth with her hand.

"Young man, don't strain yourself. Just back off and let him take the test first."

Some people thought Jiang Chen was just attempting something he couldn't do because Li Churan had pissed him off.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen backed off.

"You should have done this earlier." Li Churan shook her head. Then she extended her hand as an invitation.

Shen Liu nodded. He gestured to those around him to step back. Then he put his hand on the Supreme Venerable Stone seriously.

It was a smooth process without too many energy fluctuations. It usually meant Shen Liu was qualified.

What people were wondering at the moment was whether Shen Liu would be a Junior Supreme Venerable or a Senior Supreme Venerable.

As to Extraordinary Supreme Venerable, Shen Liu was still too young for that.

The answer appeared on the Venerable Sovereign Stone very soon. There were two lines: Junior Venerable Sovereign. Sixth.


Many people exclaimed in surprise. It meant Shen Liu would be ranked the sixth among Junior Supreme Venerables.

"He'll be qualified to enter the Supreme Venerable Hall. Those with him will get the best treatment."

Everyone felt extremely jealous of him. This result meant Shen Liu could step onto the biggest stage of the era.

However, some people noticed that Shen Liu didn't look happy at all. It turned out that Shen Liu had aimed to get the title of Senior Venerable Sovereign.

"Young Master, you still have many undeveloped potentials. You'll probably achieve Extraordinary Supreme Venerable or even Divine King one day," Li Churan said to him in a gentle voice. "Not like some people, who can only soak up the spotlight by playing to the gallery."

As she spoke, Li Churan looked at Jiang Chen out of the corner of her eye.

"Are you done? If you're done, don't stand in my way," Jiang Chen said bluntly as he walked up to the Venerable Sovereign Stone.

Shen Liu and Li Churan were irritated by him, but they didn't have any reason to linger there anyway.

"Okay. So please show us all where a human Martial Arts Saint will be ranked among Supreme Venerables." As Shen Liu spoke, he and Li Churan stepped aside.

"Why would he even want to try? Won't it be humiliating when he is sent flying?" Some of the onlookers felt puzzled by Jiang Chen's behavior.

"He would be mocked too if he slipped away without trying. He should just give it a try. Maybe it's just like what Miss Li said, he wants to play to the gallery so that people will remember him."

Someone in the audience started to analyze Jiang Chen, thinking himself smart.



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