The Brilliant Fighting Master
1676 Supreme Venerable Stone
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1676 Supreme Venerable Stone

The Sacred Institute was located in the most prosperous part of the Endless Continent. And a Sacred City had been built there.

There was also a Hero Palace, where strong people from all the races gathered.

Jiang Chen arrived with the Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster with great expectations and curiosity, wondering to what extent these races had rebuilt the Sacred Institute.

Unfortunately, he was disappointed very soon. The current Sacred Institute, without adopting the spirit of the former Sacred Institute that once had fought the Demons, was only a shell of its former self.

In the old Sacred Institute, all the races had worked together in unity. They had overcome their prejudices and contributed what they had could to the general welfare.

This was the goal of the current Sacred Institute as well. But, unfortunately, everyone was still hung up on their own selfish interests.

It did not mean that the Sacred Institute had been established for individuals or races to gain interests. On the contrary, no one had the nerve to try to gain interests in the name of the Sacred Institute, because that would incur contempt from all the other races.

At the present moment, important people from all the races were gathered in a spacious room in the Supreme Venerable Hall of the Hero Palace.

They were sitting around a long table arguing, making so much noise the place seemed like a marketplace.

Everything had started immediately from the information that Jiang Chen had brought about the black-robed man from the blood race.

"Jiang Chen, have you verified this information?"

"Hey, watch your attitude! Jiang Chen saved the whole world. Do you think he would lie to us?"

"It just sounds so absurd. We haven't heard anything about it during the past three whole years, and he just ran into it so easily?"

The Supreme Venerable Hall erupted in chaos again.

There were some people who had doubts about the information Jiang Chen had brought, but these people incurred angry scoldings.

Everyone here had fought in the war on the Alien Battlefield and witnessed the miracle Jiang Chen had performed.

Looking at those who spoke up for him, Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously. He didn't feel grateful at all. There was a thing called d*mning with praise.

Some of these people might not be doing this intentionally, but there were some people with evil intentions too, who would throw excessive compliments deliberately at Jiang Chen and then get pleasure at seeing him fall hard.

"It's meaningless to argue. The black-robed man will definitely show up again.

"The Sacred Institute was established to bring all the forces in the world together, not for our self-interests, but simply to establish the correct goals for governing ourselves.

"The most urgent thing at the moment is to check the Wall of the World and find that crack. The second thing is to see if we can find more fragments of the bronze cauldron," Jiang Chen said in a deep voice, unable to put up with the current situation of endless chattering anymore.

His remarks did make an impression. Many people stopped arguing and nodded their agreements.

"I agree with Jiang Chen. That's the right thing to do."

A person in a high position at the the long table also expressed his support for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen looked at him and the two's eyes met. Then they both smiled in a way that was hard to read.

This supporter of Jiang Chen was the lord of the Sovereign Soul Palace, Long Xing.

"So, let's do this. Check the Wall of the World in the Sacred Zone first," Ye Qiu said.

The debate thus ended.

Those in the Supreme Venerable Hall started to fade out and disappear.

"Jiang Chen, I hope we can sit down and have a talk face to face next time," Long Xing said with a meaningful smile as he got to his feet. Then his figure faded out, like an extinguished beam of light.

It turned out that it was only the projected figures of the Supreme Venerables of all the races that had attended the meeting in the Supreme Venerable Hall. They hadn't attended the meeting in person.

Eventually, only Jiang Chen, Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster, and Ye Qiu, who were all physically there, were still in the Supreme Venerable Hall.

"The Sacred Institute can't be compared to the former one if there is no Sacred Lord here." Jiang Chen thought these two were trustworthy, which was why he said it.

Each race's Supreme Venerables had the right to speak in the Sacred Institute. Important decisions would be made after discussion. If no consensus could be reached, majority rule would be adopted.

It sounded perfect, but they still needed a leader in harsh times.

"Not only a rector of the Institute, but also a Sacred Lord like the Goddess of Empyrean is needed."

Ye Qiu said, "Actually, the races did agree that the first Divine King would be the rector of the Sacred Institute."

"That's the way to go."

As soon as there was a Divine King, no matter how many Venerable Sovereigns there were, the Divine King would be in charge. A Divine King had paramount strength. It was natural for such a person to lead the Sacred Institute.

"In my opinion, I'm hoping that you could be the Sacred Lord. Once you become a Divine King, those races will accept the fact that you saved the world. In that way, we'll be fighting like one person," said Ye Qiu.

"Well, some people won't like your opinion." Jiang Chen smiled. He remembered very clearly that look of Long Xing's.

Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster said, "In countries controlled by imperial power, should anyone want to start a rebellion, stories will be made up to show the bad qualities of the leader of the rebels. However, there is already a myth that Jiang Chen reorganized the world. And it's a true story."

"It's still too early to talk about that. First things first: I need to be a Venerable Sovereign."

"Yeah. Just leave all the short-term things to us. You try your best to strengthen yourself."

In Ye Qiu's eyes, Jiang Chen was like a prince appointed by the gods.

Then Jiang Chen and Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster walked out of the Supreme Venerable Hall.

They decided they would let these races handle the crack in the Wall of the World and the black-robed man.

"Come on. Let's go to where the Supreme Venerables are selected." It was important for Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster for some reason.

Jiang Chen learned one thing after the debate in the Supreme Venerable Hall. Supreme Venerables could enter the Supreme Venerable Hall and have the right to vote.

Junior Supreme Venerables had one vote, Senior Supreme Venerables had three votes, and Extraordinary Supreme Venerables had ten votes. The right to vote should in no way be underestimated.

Although the current Sacred Institute was not good enough for Jiang Chen, it was after all still a force that had an influence on the entire world.

The integration of resources and the planning of deployments would both depend on the Sacred Institute's decisions.

The right to vote could help each force and each race gain more interests for themselves.

Jiang Chen certainly followed Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster with enthusiasm.

The selection of Supreme Venerables was taking place in Sacred City. It was an open and transparent process. The test to select Supreme Venerables was strict. Trickery was absolutely forbidden.

This Sacred City was much larger than the former one in the Realm of Nine Heavens. It had been built only three years ago and was already crowded with people. It was now one of the ten largest mega-cities in the world.

The ten largest mega-cities in the world were determined not only by area, but also by population. Only a city with more than 10 million inhabitants could be called a mega-city.

In such a crowded city, the place most people wanted to visit was certainly in the city center where the Supreme Venerable Stone was located.

Whether one was qualified to be a Supreme Venerable would depend on the Supreme Venerable Stone.

This was why trickery was impossible. After all, the Supreme Venerable Stone didn't have feelings.

The Supreme Venerable Stone's reliability had been doubted when Jian Yi was selected as an Extraordinary Supreme Venerable. But then Jian Yi proved the authority of the Supreme Venerable Stone to people by the use of his sword.

"The test is simple. Put your hand on the Supreme Venerable Stone. Qualifiers will get a grade, while non-qualifiers will be sent flying," Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster said to Jiang Chen.

Then they heard exclamations coming from the crowd around the Supreme Venerable Stone. They heard a crack of energy and then a man was sent flying.

Ha, ha, ha. The crowd then erupted into laughter. One's happiness always stems from others' misfortunes.

The man who had failed the test got up. He smiled awkwardly and then ran into the crowd to slip away.

Since the Supreme Venerable Stone was available at the moment, Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster threw Jiang Chen a look, suggesting the latter take a try.

Jiang Chen saw the Supreme Venerable Stone for the first time. It was oval and had a smooth surface. And its pure black color gave it a quality of metal.



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