The Brilliant Fighting Master
1674 Battle Against A Supreme Venerable
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1674 Battle Against A Supreme Venerable

This Supreme Venerable from the wizard race was the same as many others. He hated Jiang Chen's guts.

There were nine departments in the wizard race. The emperor department, which was one of the most respectable ones, was suffering from the hands of Jiang Chen.

The Supreme Venerable wasn't a member of the emperor department, however, this was affecting the wizard race's honor and reputation.

Jiang Chen had made the wizard race look like a laughingstock, and this had provoked all the wizard warriors.

"Others will say that the Sacred Institute is a bully if you do that," said the Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster, discontentedly.

"Does being a member of the Sacred Institute mean that I have to greet my enemies with a smile on my face? Besides, I only want to teach him some basic principles of life."

The Supreme Venerable from the wizard race pouted. He didn't care about the Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster's words. Out of the corner of his eyes he was observing the other Supreme Venerables among the three.

The human race's Supreme Venerable was holding his breath with fixed concentration. He had no intent of interfering.

Therefore, the Supreme Venerable from the wizard tribe swaggered up to Jiang Chen.

"This time it's over for you!"

A large number of people looking at this scene were worried.

No matter how scary Jiang Chen was, facing a Supreme Venerable, he would definitely have to surrender.

The nasty crowd in Wind Cloud City gloated over his misfortunes. Unfortunately, the wizard race's Supreme Venerable wasn't their leader. He couldn't help them retrieve the fire energy.

"You want to teach me the basic principles of life?" Jiang Chen asked while sizing up the wizard race's Supreme Venerable.

This Supreme Venerable gave one an indestructible impression, like a lofty mountain.

He'd evidently been strong from birth. A masculine face and broad shoulders indicated, among other things, that he was the strongest wizard race warrior.

He didn't say a word, but his sharp gaze shot toward Jiang Chen like an arrow.

"Do you think you're worthy?" Suddenly, these words resounded in everyone's ears like a cannonball.

Everyone's scalps began tingling as they found this situation impossible to believe.

Jiang Chen was so daring. He was facing a Supreme Venerable.

Thinking back to his previous performances, perhaps he was hiding his true power?

"Worthy or not, you will find out."

The wizard race's Supreme Venerable smirked and an extremely cold gaze was pasted on his face.

The next second, he immediately used his fists.

His earth-breaking fist power contained some mysterious spell that sealed space and confined the enemy.

To some people, it seemed as if Jiang Chen had voluntarily thrown himself toward the punch.


Jiang Chen took a punch in his chest. He felt as if he were a piece of paper that had been torn into pieces. He disappeared with the wind, emitting crystal-like lights.

"This is the lesson you were talking about?!"

The Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster got extremely angry when he'd witnessed that scene.

While he was blaming himself for Jiang Chen's death, he realized something was not right.

The Jiang Chen that had been shattered was not his original body. There was an afterglow.

Based on his Great Method of Void, there was not supposed to be an afterglow. However, the Supreme Venerable was indeed a Supreme Venerable.

Jiang Chen reappeared a few hundred yards away. He didn't seem quite as relaxed as before, but more as if he'd just struggled out of a swamp.

"Remember, you are not this era's main character. No matter how many weaklings you've defeated, there's no way you can prove that you're a warrior."

The wizard race's Supreme Venerable was slightly surprised. His punch had been packed with the intent to severely injure Jiang Chen, leaving him bedridden for a short period of time. Surprisingly, he was only lightly wounded.

Luckily, it was only a casual punch, which made him look strong in others' eyes.

If he were to do it again, he might become a subject of gossip.

Hence, he decided to leave.

A number of people felt relieved. Jiang Chen hadn't been doing that bad against a Supreme Venerable.

"Did I say you can leave?"

Unexpectedly, Jiang Chen suddenly spoke up.

"This brat..."

The Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster put his hand on his forehead and shook his head with a wry smile.

He hadn't had too much contact with Jiang Chen, but he knew this man always advanced courageously and would rather break than bend.

He'd never thought that after three years, he was still the same.

The wizard race's Supreme Venerable turned around. There was no expression on his face, which was colder than ice.

"You think it's not enough?"

He strode back, wanting to make Jiang Chen crawl on the ground.

"Hey, hey, hey, you're going up against a Martial Arts Saint. Do you intend to attack continuously? Let's make it fair, you will attack in turns," said the Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster.

Normally, the wizard race's Supreme Venerable wouldn't listen to what he said.

However, this Supreme Venerable took others' views to heart. Therefore, he clasped his hands behind his back where he stood and said, "I hope your attack is as good as your mouth."

"I won't let you down."

Jiang Chen let out a mysterious smile, looking at the enemy who was standing there next to him. These were the perfect conditions for him.

He transformed and his practicing body appeared. It was a shame that one of his practicing bodies had already been killed. He'd only been able to make one in this short period of time.

The magic of transforming one Qi into three was known by everyone present. However, witnessing it now still made them feel surprised.

This kind of skill that was able to make a practicing body with equivalent power to the original one was unbelievable.

The practicing body remained stationary. The original body put his sword in front of his body as he pressed the body of the sword with his fingers on the other hand.

The bright Golden Flame rushed out and was burning much more fiercely than before.

The sword hummed in anticipation. At the spot where the fingers were placed, a burning bright disc appeared.

The disc started rotating. The boundless Golden Flame expanded suddenly.

Suddenly, beyond everyone's expectations, the Red Cloud Sword was burning furiously.

It wasn't the fusion of the fire energy and the holy sword, but this holy sword couldn't endure the fire energy and started burning.

The Red Cloud Sword's durability was greatly damaged by the fire. In just a minute, it appeared to be severely damaged. However, in this minute, the power it unleashed was extremely terrifying.

"The Three Movements to Reach the Comprehension of Zen, Beginning of Nirvana!"

The moment the power of the sword was successfully condensed, countless people backed off, although they had always been at a safe distance.

The wizard race's Supreme Venerable remained expressionless. He straightened his back. The only visible difference was that the light in his eyes didn't seem quite as flourishing as it had been before.

"Unique Theurgy, Interceptive Divine Finger."

The moment the original body unleashed the sword power, the practicing body unleashed the unique theurgy,

This time, the wizard race Supreme Venerable's expression changed. He knew something bad was going to happen.

Jiang Chen unleashed the unique theurgy at this moment as a surprise attack, to leave the enemy defenseless.

The Interceptive Divine Finger couldn't be blocked. Most enemies could only take it silently, then think of a way to release themselves when its state weakened.

The wizard race's Supreme Venerable was no different. What surprised him was that Jiang Chen was able to weaken his fighting power by 30 percent.

At the same time, the sword which had been empowered with the fire of the sun was rushing toward him.

The wizard race's Supreme Venerable gritted his teeth. He changed his initial plan, which was to rebound Jiang Chen's attack back to him, and used an absolute defensive spell instead.

When the wizard race warriors who were present saw their Supreme Venerable leader putting up a barrier spell successfully, they felt relieved.

The power level was clear. No matter how mysterious and miraculous Jiang Chen's attack was, that fact couldn't be changed.


However, right as they were thinking that way, there was the sound of an impact that was so powerful it made anyone who'd heard it feel uncomfortable. The wizard race's Supreme Venerable was sent flying a few hundred yards by the Red Cloud Sword.

His defenses had been exhausted during the process. After his defenses were broken, a deafening energy roar could be heard.

The wizard race's Supreme Venerable was instantly engulfed by the Genuine Fire of the Sun.

He let out a miserable scream. Many who heard it felt their scalps tingle.

"What are the extents of Jiang Chen's power?" Almost everyone gathered here that day was flabbergasted. They'd just seen a fight they were never going to forget.



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