The Brilliant Fighting Master
1673 Supreme Venerables
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1673 Supreme Venerables

The two lords' defeat didn't bring about the end the battle. The rest of the people of Wind Cloud City were filled with righteous rage.

And hiding under their rage was their greed.

From everything that had been heard, it wasn't hard to figure out that what Jiang Chen had obtained was some sort of fire energy. Plus, the thing that had defeated the two lords was also related to fire.

Therefore, they assumed that for Jiang Chen, who was only at the early stage of being a Martial Arts Saint, to defeat these two lords, it must be all due to the acquisition of some kind of fire energy.

What they were thinking was that if a Martial Arts Saint could turn the tide with this fire energy, what would happen if it were to fall into the hands of these Venerable Sovereigns, wouldn't they be indomitable?

Hence, not only were the people of Wind Cloud City ready to attack Jiang Chen, but even people who had nothing to do with this matter were ready to cause trouble.

The people of the three great forces looked at each other, then started to attack.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha." Jiang Chen burst out laughing. This was the fight that he had been hoping for.

If he'd only defeated two lords, he wouldn't have been content.

The Red Cloud Sword detected his fighting will. The body of the sword started blazing at its utmost..

Even an immortal sword couldn't really handle the genuine fire of the sun. However, the Red Cloud Sword was closely related to fire, which gave it a huge advantage in dealing with the fire of the sun. In fact, all the potential of the Red Cloud Sword was forced to come out when dealing with the fire of the sun..

Looking at tens of Venerable Sovereigns getting ready to attack him, Jiang Chen wasn't afraid at all. He rushed into the crowd, raised his sword, and made a swift cutting motion, followed by a fiery explosion.

The scuffle with the Venerable Sovereigns had begun.

In this era, splendid battles such as this were hardly ever seen. Jiang Chen's heroic battle against an enormous group of warriors was going to leave an unforgettable memory in the minds of everyone who had witnessed it.

Once the battle started, many of the onlookers realized that Jiang Chen was not only great at sword and fire, but his defenses were fabulous as well. He was practically in a situation where nothing could hurt him. He seemed to be running amok.

Facing a siege attack, he still managed to laugh, waving his sword back and forth.

The fire unleashed by the Red Cloud Sword was like an obedient Fire Dragon, totally under his control.

"Too, too strong..."

"He is indeed the man who was saved by the Will of the Natural Law!"

"Now I kind of believe all the stories about what he did at the Alien Battlefield."

Countless people were dumbfounded. The biggest thing that confused them was that they couldn't understand why, when Jiang Chen was fighting like this, his power level was still shown to be at the early stage of Martial Arts Saint.

This was completely illogical.

"This is Jiang Chen." Those who couldn't figure it out no matter how hard they tried could only think of it this way.

The spectators were shocked, and those on the battlefield were suffering silently.

Jiang Chen was far stronger than anyone could've imagined. All the things that he was able to do were far from just depending on some fire energy.

Even ignoring his ability to switch between offense and defense, his skills were completely unpredictable.

"How exactly was it possible to be trained to be so well-rounded?"

Fortunately, Jiang Chen had no murderous intent. Most of the people were knocked down and not killed.

"All of you, stop!!"

Out of the clear blue sky, a voice rang out, which made the people on the battlefield sigh with relief. Everyone retreated from the battlefield, one after another, and stood waiting to see what was going on.

Each and every Venerable Sovereign was not as arrogant as they had been before.

Their bodies were smoking from their contacts with fire, and they were panting heavily.

Jiang Chen, on the other hand, seemed energetic. It seemed as if he could still handle much more.

He raised his head in dissatisfaction.

The voice who had stopped everyone had been heard from high up in the sky. He descended little by little.

"The Sacred Institute."

After seeing the face of the person clearly, the crowd was shocked.

At the present time, it was no longer the era of the three great forces controlling the Endless Continent. Instead, the Sacred Institute was now everyone's great hope for the future. They had huge influence.

Of course, the Sacred Institute's main members had come from the three great forces. This was an indisputable fact. The difference was that the Sacred Institute was not only made up of the three great forces.

After the Demon Slayers Palace had become a leading part of the Sacred Institute, warriors from all races had joined.

The Spiritual Land Battle was an event organized by the concerted efforts of the Sacred Institute to strengthen the bonds between all races.

Anyway, now there descended three people from the Sacred Institute. They represented the human race, the wizard race, and the Demon race.

These three individuals were wearing different costumes. However, all of their costumes had a pattern that everyone who worked for the Sacred Institute would have.

After having a good look at the patterns, everyone felt chills running down their spines.

"Supreme Venerables!"

These three individuals were all at the Supreme Venerable level.

The so-called Supreme Venerable was equivalent to being a genius warrior of the third level of Martial Emperor.

However, when one reached the Martial Emperor level, one naturally stopped using terms like levels or genius, which were terms that were often used by normal people.

Among the Venerable Sovereigns, those who skipped the challenges were called Supreme Venerables.

This was part of a new system that had been promulgated by the Sacred Institute during the last three years, based on the foundations of being Martial Emperors.

It was said that when one reached the level of Divine King, which was similar to the Supreme Venerable, one was called Royal.

The Supreme Venerable among the Venerable Sovereigns, the Royal among the Divine Kings.

The Royal hadn't appeared yet, but there were already quite a number of Supreme Venerables. They all represented strong parties.

It doesn't matter if one is willing to admit it or not, there are differences between each and every individual.

All the Venerable Sovereigns only started showing up during these past three years. At the same time, there were huge differences among the Venerable Sovereigns.

"These three must be the Extraordinary Supreme Venerables, the best group of people."

Some in the crowd were discussing these venerables, secretly of course.

The Supreme Venerables were also divided into Junior Supreme Venerable, Senior Supreme Venerable, and Extraordinary Supreme Venerable.

The Senior and Junior Venerables had almost all been taken over by the Sovereign Spirit Reincarnations. The Supreme Venerables had been the dominating warriors before the arrival of the Venerable Sovereign era.

For example, the Demon Race's Supreme Venerable was the Demon Race's Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster.

"What's happening? What is worth tens of Venerable Sovereigns getting caught in a scuffle?"

The three Supreme Venerable stood there with hands clasped behind their backs, looking at the crowd, waiting for an answer.

As soon as the question came out of his mouth, the people of Wind Cloud City sounded like a pot of popcorn popping. They all started talking at once, chattering nonstop.

All they were talking about was Jiang Chen's arrogance.

After finally understanding what they were talking about, the three Supreme Venerables looked at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen and the Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster locked eyes for a short while. He then quickly looked away.

"Don't you have anything to say?" The human race's Supreme Venerable asked.

"What they said was basically true. The only thing I want to stress is that if I hadn't retrieved the fire energy, there would've been countless casualties in Wind Cloud City." said Jiang Chen.

"You sure know how to blow your own trumpet."

The wizard race's Supreme Venerable's gaze sharpened after figuring out Jiang Chen's identity.

"Who the fire energy should belong to is out of the Sacred Institute's control. We are just here to stop the fight."

The Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster said, "Wind Cloud City has indeed moved before. Even if the fire energy was right below it, we can't say with certainly that it belongs to them. As for whether what Jiang Chen said was true, it is not important anymore."

The wizard race's Supreme Venerable wanted to elaborate, but the human race's Supreme Venerable looked toward the people of Wind Cloud City and said, "How much do you understand about the fire energy? Do you know its name? Is there any proof showing the relationship between the fire energy and Wind Cloud City?"

Compared to the Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster, the human race's Supreme Venerable still cared a lot about Wind Cloud City.

As long as Wind Cloud City gave a reason, he might even take action.

In the end, the people of Wind Cloud City were faltering. No words came out of their mouths.

"So, you all should thank us for saving you from being murdered by Jiang Chen," said the Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster.

"That's it?" The wizard race's Supreme Venerable was not content.

"Or what? Which rule of the Sacred Institute states that we should deal with any fight between these two parties?" asked the Stepping Heavenward Venerable Monster.

"Humph, Jiang Chen's foul energy was too strong and had no respect for anyone. As seniors, we should let him know that there is always someone better than him."



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