The Brilliant Fighting Master
1667 Master of Blood Slaves
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1667 Master of Blood Slaves

"We were supposed to meet up here, but he hasn't shown up. This Zhang Tian is going to be the death of me, sooner or later."

"After this is all over, we need to take some action."

Jiang Chen detected two blood slaves, a man and a woman. They were both quite old, obviously having had many experiences throughout their lives.

They had wanted to meet up with Zhang Tian in Wind Cloud City, but he had never shown up.

As they were looking for him outside the city, coincidentally they had seen Zhang Tian blow himself up.

The Void Divine Wind that had been dispersed at his death had excited their senses. They'd rushed toward it at top speed.

However, when they'd arrived, traces of Zhang Tian were nowhere to be seen.

Just as they were starting to express their annoyance, an outstanding sword rushed down from the void toward the old man blood slave.

"Watch out!" As the old woman blood slave screamed out a warning, the sword reached the old man.

The sword, imbued with the Escaping Method of the Nether, exploded with a golden thunder that was able to pierce through barriers and successfully wound a blood slave at the Venerable Sovereign level.

"Go to h*ll!"

These two blood slaves had a very close relationship. Witnessing her partner being struck by a sword of this magnitude, the old woman blood slave started rampaging.

Almost all blood slaves came from the Nether World School. They were good at the Stabbing Method of Void. This meant they were able to attack even if they couldn't see their enemy's whereabouts.

A loud screech was heard after a collision. Jiang Chen could be seen coming out of the void.

Looking at Jiang Chen's face, the female blood slave couldn't believe her eyes.

It was not because she couldn't recognize Jiang Chen, but because she couldn't believe how he looked so young, completely different from what she'd imagined.

"You blood slaves sure have more guts than brains." Jiang Chen wiped the blood off his sword and stared coldly at her.

Upon hearing those words, the old woman blood slave's heart sank. She looked all around, searching to see who else was there. After making sure that Jiang Chen was alone, she finally calmed down.

There was an second when she thought that maybe Zhang Tian had betrayed the blood race and planned this whole incident to harm her and her teammate.

"He's Jiang Chen!" The injured old man blood slave had managed to recognize Jiang Chen.

He wasn't paying any attention to his injuries. His face was filled with rage. It seemed as if he was looking on Jiang Chen as one of his sworn enemies.

"No wonder we couldn't find Zhang Tian anywhere."

The old woman blood slave suddenly understood what had been going on. She had heard all about how lethal Jiang Chen's sword was, and she asked in a serious tone, "Did you kill Zhang Tian?"

"You guys are going to have a chance to meet him again very soon," said Jiang Chen.

"Where are his remains?" asked the old man blood slave in a sharp voice.

Jiang Chen frowned. These two hadn't seemed to have figured out the situation they were in.

"Don't think that victory is in your hands. Our master is going to come here very shortly and finish you off."

The old woman blood slave's words made Jiang Chen hesitate. To be recognized as a master by the blood slaves, one would naturally be someone from the blood race that everyone in the Black Yellow Great World hated from the very depths of their souls.

"Your master?" asked Jiang Chen.

"It is thanks to you that the Endless Continent was formed. This created a crack in the Wall of the World, which allows our master to enter.

"Hand over all the stuff that belongs to Zhang Tian," the old woman blood slave shouted in a cold voice.

Jiang Chen didn't say a word. His eyes turned to the Star Chart once again. His Wisdom Eye was activated. Everything in the world seemed different. Space was moving about and lines could be seen in it. The color of everything seemed to have become much dimmer.

As he set his gaze on the two old people blood slaves, he was traveling back in time. Jiang Chen could see all the places that these two blood slaves had passed on their way here, and he could hear all the words they'd said.

Then he went even farther back in time and saw these two old blood slaves at the base of some mountain, bowing down to a man in a black robe.

Every word they'd said and every action they'd taken were captured for his consumption.

The whole process seemed as if it would take a very long time, but, in reality, it didn't take even two minutes.

The old man and old woman blood slaves watched the changes in Jiang Chen's eyes and felt confused.

"Gu Po, Xue Qi."

Soon, after Jiang Chen's eyes returned to normal, he called out the names of the two blood slaves.

"You guys are here to search for Zhang Tian's bronze fragment," said Jiang Chen.

He was letting them know that he had discovered their original objective for making this trip. They were stunned.

Ever since realizing how the Black Yellow Great World had been formed, countless groups of people had been looking for the remaining fragments of the world.

Some of them wanted to imitate Jiang Chen by collecting all the fragments and completely uniting the Black Yellow Great World. Not until then would the Will of the Natural Law be completed and the forces of the heavens would be free of restrictions.

Then there were also evil people like the blood slaves who wanted to find the fragments in order to gain control over the Black Yellow Great World.

"So scary!" Gu Po and Xue Di of course remembered everything just as Jiang Chen had seen it with his own eyes. Thiswas a God-like skill.

"So now you know that we haven't been lying."

Gu Po threatened Jiang Chen again. "When my master arrives, you are going to die for sure."

"That's amusing. Because before he comes, you two are going to die right here."

Jiang Chen's mood suddenly turned very nasty.

"The Wall of the World actually had a crack." He hadn't known about this, and he hadn't expected it either.

Just when Jiang Chen was going to take action against these two old blood slaves, a sudden chill came over him. It felt as if he was suddenly in an ice-cold ocean.

"I don't think so..."

Just as when Jiang Chen unleashed his Great Method of Void, this presence had arrived without a trace or sound. It was also similar to Jiang Chen's strike on Xue Di.

Jiang Chen subconsciously activated his Athanasia Armor of Divinity and successfully withstood the palm strike that could have taken his life.

However, the chilly feeling continued to spread throughout his body.

"Blood-Withering Palm!"

Gu Po and Xue Di smiled cruelly at first, and then they looked in the direction of the strike and started bowing.

"So you were the ones who could stop anything? I should tell you that I'm very disappointed." This member of the blood race, presumably their master, was covered in a black robe from head to toe. There was a layer of mist covering his face, so that it couldn't be seen.

His voice didn't sound like a normal voice. It sounded as if many voices had been combined into one.

Jiang Chen couldn't fight back at this point. He felt as if he'd just taken some deadly poison. All his energy had drained away very quickly, and it seemed as if his blood flow had slowed way down.

He felt like a wilting flower.

The scariest thing of all was that it seemed as if he couldn't reverse it.

He tried to unleash the Great Method of Void, but he failed.

"Be arrogant, continue being arrogant." Xue Di, who'd almost died at his hands, rushed over and beat him up.

Jiang Chen knew this was his last chance. He gritted his teeth and he forced himself to unleash the Great Method of Void one more time. He vanished on the spot.

Xue Di, who had been in the middle of beating him up, realized that Jiang Chen had purposely let him come toward him to attack him and then treated him like a shield so that his master couldn't do anything about it.

Upon realizing that, he knelt down in fear. His whole body started shivering.

"If I'd really wanted to kill him, do you think I would have let you stop me? Search the area and look for the bronze fragments."

The black robed man remained stationary. He couldn't have cared less about Jiang Chen's life and death.

"Yes, master."

Gu Po and Xue Di followed his instructions at once without any hesitation.

The black robed man looked toward the opening in the void that had been formed by the Dragon Race.

"Master, the Spiritual Land Battle is about to start. You should keep yourself hidden to avoid any accident," the two old blood slaves said, after noticing his interest in what was going on in the world.

"Do you think I need you to tell me that?" The black robed man sounded unhappy. The two old blood slaves started shivering with fear.


Then the black robed man disappeared. No one knew if he had gone to the underground world or if he had gone exploring in the outside world.


In another area, the practicing body appeared before the real body.

The practicing body looked terrible. He was beyond recognition. He was matchstick thin, his body had turned purple, and blood was flowing continuously out of his mouth.

His body was beyond repair.

But most important of all, before this practicing body disappeared, the real body absorbed all of the Void Divine Wind that had come from Zhang Tian's blowing himself up. He had served his purpose loyally.



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