The Brilliant Fighting Master
1664 Wind Gusting Nine Clouds
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1664 Wind Gusting Nine Clouds

"Jiang Chen is here?"

This was the first thought that came to Shen Xingchen and all the other people's minds. They couldn't see any other people anywhere around them.

If the incoming Venerable Sovereign didn't have poor eyesight, it meant Jiang Chen was among this group of people.

Before they could think through this conundrum, the sword ray struck toward them without mercy and far beyond anything they could withstand.

However, at the last moment, they all felt as if they had been moved a short distance. And then the radiance of the sword disappeared as well.

Realizing they were safe, they glanced at one another, perplexed and speechless. Then they all looked at Jiang Chen.

Among all the people in the group, he was the most mysterious one and the one who had disclosed the least information.

Jiang Chen was looking at somewhere not far away in the same direction that the previous attack had come from. Someone was standing there.

He had an upright posture with broad shoulders and a slim waist, and he gave the impression of being a handsome and refined young man.

Even so, his face was incredibly ugly. It looked as if it had been burned by fire or slashed by a sharp blade.

He was wearing a black robe with a hood. His eyes were icy cold.

"Breeze Swordsman Zhang Tian? I haven't seen you for years and years. You've really got more and more handsome."

Jiang Chen would never have been able to recognize him only judging by his appearance. However, he could never have forgotten that sword attack.

"You're a dead man!"

Hearing Jiang Chen mocking him to his face, Zhang Tian suddenly lost control.

"Wasn't Jiang Chen the culprit who was responsible for turning him into this ghastly monster?"

Without any hesitation, he took out a sharp sword and charged headlong at Jiang Chen.

"You don't seem to understand the situation." Jiang Chen looked calm and relaxed.

Letting Zhang Tian storm up to him, he sneered at him. "Ever since the moment that you invaded the celestial palace, you should have been focusing on how to avoid being killed by me, instead of how to kill me."

"Get ready to die!"

Zhang Tian didn't have any desire to speak to Jiang Chen at all.

His patience had nearly been taxed to the limit ever since he'd found a trace of Jiang Chen. Even having had to endure a half day more before he found him would have almost driven him insane.

Wind Cloud City was crowded with eyes and ears of spies and rumor mongers. He would bring catastrophic consequences down on himself if he attacked Jiang Chen and failed.

Fortunately for him, Jiang Chen had chosen to leave the city in the middle of the night, and this provided him with an opportunity.

Facing the deadly sword attack, Jiang Chen exercised the Great Method of Void and jumped to the other side.

Zhang Tian's strike missed him again. Curling up his lips into a sneer, he spat and said, "Jiang Chen, if you hide from me again, I will kill one of these people."

Hearing this, Shen Xingchen and the others began to realize their current circumstances in a flash.

"It has nothing to do with us." Fang Shen shouted bitterly.

"Also, he doesn't care about our lives anyway." Deng Xin felt it was unfair.

Confronting destructive strikes from a Venerable Sovereign, of course, Jiang Chen would hide away if he could. Why would he bother to take anyone else but himself into consideration?

Zhang Tian leered confidently, "You don't know him."

This person who had the deepest vendetta and enmity with Jiang Chen just happened to be the one who understood him the most.

Jiang Chen shrugged and closed off the distance between himself and Zhang Tian.

"Then again, isn't this only because I took your position as the vice leader? Don't you think you've been holding this grudge for too long?"

Jiang Chen actually found this all quite funny. "You even deliberately follow me around to try to kill me."

"Shut up! It was only because of you that my face became so frightful!" Zhang Tian howled.

"If hating me so much could change a person's appearance into this, how many more hideous people will show up in the world?" Jiang Chen said.

"Ahhh! Why are you always such a loathsome swine!!" Zhang Tian yelled furiously. "You really think no one in the world is able to kill you? I am a Venerable Sovereign! I can crush you with my little finger."

"Calm down, calm down. Anger is not good for your skin, although it looks like that ship has sailed and you have no further reason to worry about that now. All right, all right, I will stop talking and let you continue."

While he was speaking, Jiang Chen looked almost contemplative. Then, as if he had just thought about something that he had forgotten before, he asked, "Why did your face become like this?"

"Thanks to you!" Zhang Tian said, clenching his teeth.

"Let me guess. Because your role as a traitor was exposed, you had to destroy your handsome looks to conceal your identity and hide from people?"

Zhang Tian's silence confirmed that Jiang Chen's speculations were not wrong.

"That doesn't seem to have anything to do with me. You chose the wrong side. How was that my fault?" Jiang Chen looked quite innocent.

"If not for you! If not for you! How could this happen? If you not for you, I would have long ago become a Supreme Venerable," Zhang Tian said with deep resentment.

Over on the side where they were standing, Shen Xingchen listened to Jiang Chen and Zhang Tian's conversation and fell into a state of serious thinking.

They had all heard of the Sword King of Breeze.

He was the most infamous traitor in the Alien Battlefield back in the day.

Since he hadn't been transformed into a Blood Slave, he had been dodging punishment in recent years.

His words couldn't be false, coming from someone who had personally experienced the battlefield.

It could almost be called an honor to be resented so profoundly by a Venerable Sovereign.

Yang Zong clenched his fists and tried to resist the urge to scream. If it weren't for Zhang Tian, he would really have loved to cheer in jubilation.

On the contrary, Deng Xin and Fang Shen were feeling very complex emotions. They still couldn't entirely believe what had happened.

"Didn't I tell you that in the Devil's Mountain the last time I saw you? If you hadn't betrayed us, now that you're already a Venerable Sovereign, wouldn't you still have been able to become a Supreme Venerable?" Jiang Chen said.

"Ha, ha, ha, you're giving me the same speech again. You'll never be able to understand a true genius's mind.

"The past three years have confirmed what I expected. Those Sovereign Spirit Reincarnators have become the stabilizing force. People who joined the Sovereign Spirit Reincarnators have come to be the elites. The hierarchy they formed has totally deserted me, the Sword King of Breeze!"

Zhang Tian's complaint was not entirely without merit. It's true that he had become a Venerable Sovereign, but he was still miles away from people like Xiao Hongxue.

Jiang Chen hadn't yet encountered a Venerable Sovereign who was a Sovereign Spirit Reincarnator. But they were probably rather powerful, judging by what he'd heard of other people's feedback.

"Just shut up," Jiang Chen suddenly lost his patience and said to Zhang Tian abruptly.


Still venting his grievances and frustrations, Zhang Tian stopped for a moment.

"Even if you have tens of thousands of reasons, you shouldn't use those as excuses to harm other people. What's worse is that you have been hurting the entire world. You're nothing more than scum.

"Having a heart so fragile and delicate, it is your destiny that you will never become the most powerful swordsman.

"Even without the Sovereign Spirit Reincarnators, you will only play a minor role in our era," Jiang Chen scolded him relentlessly.

With every word he said, the breathing of Shen Xingchen and the others got heavier and heavier.

Every one of them was filled with dread.

Facing a raging Venerable Sovereign, Jiang Chen really hadn't held back one little bit.

"Ha, ha, ha!" Zhang Tian was so furious that he burst into fits of laughter. His hand holding his forehead, he fell into a hysterical and frantic state.


His most deadly sword strike lashed out in the next moment. The energy of the sword had been forged into an intimidating pressure by the dark place he had been inhabiting.

The brilliant radiance of the sword still manifested the command presence of the Sword King of Breeze from the old times.

Everything seemed fine if one could just overlook his face.

"Wind Gusting Nine Clouds!!"

Executing his most powerful move, Zhang Tian felt all his acrimony and resentment of the last three years were pouring out of him freely.

"Die, just go die."

He didn't think Jiang Chen had any chance of winning. During the past three years, numerous people had attempted to kill him. Surviving in a desperate lifestyle, his Will of the Sword Doctrine had swelled.

Even Venerable Sovereigns in the same state as he was wouldn't be able to bear his most forceful blows.

"Is that how much you've changed in three years? What a shame. I thought you were going to bring me as much amazement with your sword moves as your face did."

Still and all, Jiang Chen's voice still came from the direction of his sword attack like a nightmare.

Immediately, what happened next left Zhang Tian open-mouthed and his heart almost exploded.



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