The Brilliant Fighting Master
1663 Underground World
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1663 Underground World

These three people had also been hired by Shen Xingchen, just like Jiang Chen.

"Currently, people of the Endless Continent can be divided into two groups: one group worships Jiang Chen; the other one decries him."

Wen Qing had witnessed the previous conversation and made this comment to Meng Shan, who was walking next to him. Jiang Chen happened to hear what Wen Qing had said.

"The young man who worships Jiang Chen is named Yang Zong. The other couple are Fang Shen and Deng Xin." Meng Shan introduced his teammates to Jiang Chen.

Yang Zong's remark had been overheard by the arrogant couple. Fang Shen had been about to argue with him when he was stopped by his female companion.

"Why would you waste your energy on people like him who don't have the ability to think independently," Deng Xin said scornfully.

Yang Zong uttered a snort instead to show his displeasure.

Before the two sides got involved in an even bigger conflict, Shen Xingchen said gently, "Folks, if you're ready, let's go."

Yang Zong and Fang Shen and Deng Xin exchanged scowls, and then disdainfully decided to ignore one another.

Afterwards, led by Shen Xingchen, the team started off, walking along the ridge of the small hill.

The terrain was complex, yet of no difficulty for these martial-grade masters.

The extremely steep, strenuous mountain paths felt almost like strolling on flat avenues to this team.

Nonetheless, people were puzzled about why they weren't flying to their destination.

Despite their curiosity, no one asked Shen Xingchen, knowing that she had everything well planned.

After an hour, the team jumped down from the mountain, following Shen Xingchen.

When they had landed on the ground, they realized that they had arrived at an abandoned mine. There were obvious signs everywhere of quarrying, and there were rusted carts and tracks lying around.

A broken track led to a mining pit that looked as if it would collapse at any time.

"Why didn't we just dig through from the other side?" Yang Zong asked inquisitively.

Spending an hour looking for a mining pit seemed apparently very inefficient for people in their state.

"Because I'm not familiar with this area yet. It wasn't easy to find this place. More important, it's not only us who have our eyes on the Alien Flame. So let's keep it low key," Shen Xingchen said.

"Rest assured, Miss Shen. With us here, we guarantee that you will get the Alien Flame successfully." Yang Zong expressed his intense enthusiasm to Miss Shen. The look in his eyes revealed his heart too.

"Barking at the moon."

Fang Shen and Deng Xin had noticed Yang Zong's interest in Shen Xingchen, They found it to be hilarious.

Shen Xingchen was a dazzling woman who, without a doubt, enjoyed much attention.

Even though she didn't have the same high levels of fame or popularity as Ye Xue, she was pursued fervently by men no matter where she went.

"Thank you, Young Master Yang. Let's go."

"Miss Shen, from now on, please let us walk at the front."

Wen Qing's suggestion received approval from all the other people.

"Miss Shen stays in the middle. You guys walk at the front, and we will stay in the back," Fang Shen said.

The arrangement seemed all right.

But Yang Zong didn't agree with having four people ahead and two people behind. To him, it simply seemed to demonstrate how conceited this couple was, thinking they were more powerful than all the other four people combined.

Recognizing that another quarrel was about to break out, Shen Xingchen said, "How about Wen Qing, Meng Shan, and Young Master Yang can walk ahead, Fang Shen and Deng Xin can stay in the back, and Young Master Chen Xin and I will walk together in the middle."

Needless to say, everyone agreed now that she had made the arrangements herself.

Nevertheless, no one had expected that Jiang Chen would be the one who benefited the most by getting to walk next to Shen Xingchen.

Fang Shen and Deng Xin were intrigued by Jiang Chen.

After entering the mining pit, they lit up the way forward with various radiances of energy.

At first, everything was calm and peaceful. Nothing seemed odd.

"Young Master Chen Xin, based on your looks, you must be younger than 20 years old. What a successful young man." Deng Xin couldn't resist the urge to start up a conversation with Jiang Chen on their way.

"Actually, I'm already 30. I just look a lot younger than I am," Jiang Chen said.

This was the truth. Yet, sadly, everyone thought he was joking.

Because it didn't seem to them that he was only young looking. Judging with their holy awarenesses, Jiang Chen also radiated a very youthful vitality.

"At your age, I bet you could enlighten us on the opinions of your generation. Young Master Chen Xin, I wonder what you think about Jiang Chen?" Fang Shen asked.

It was a very sensitive subject to bring up in the team.

Yang Zong, who was walking in the front, turned his head since he wanted to hear Jiang Chen's response.

"If I applaud Jiang Chen, does that mean I don't have a pair of eyes that can tell right from wrong?" Jiang Chen answered with a question.

Perhaps he had sensed something from Jiang Chen's reply, because Fang Shen's face turned cold, and he said, "All the rumors that are floating around are ridiculously unfounded. But for some reason, so many dumb commoners have chosen to believe all the tales."

"Do you firmly maintain that the tales aren't true only because most people believe them, and you feel a sense of superiority by having a different opinion from the others, and thus you can label yourself as a minority?"

Jiang Chen smiled and shook his head as he said, "While, in fact, the requirement of intelligence for standing with the minorities isn't much higher than for standing with the majorities."

Jiang Chen didn't say anything bluntly. But the connotation of his comment hit Fang Shen and Deng Xin's pride hard.

Fang Shen was going to argue some more, yet he was pulled back by Deng Xin again.

"Another brainless person who glorifies and lionizes Jiang Chen," Deng Xin mocked Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled casually and didn't speak any further with them.

Disparaging other people and twisting their words to suit one's own agenda indicated guilt and insecurity.

"Buddy, well spoken." Yang Zong gave Jiang Chen a thumbs-up from the front of the team.

Jiang Chen smiled back and remained silent.

"Somehow, I actually tend to believe that you're really 30 years old."

Suddenly, Shen Xingchen passed her voice to him in silent communication.

"Oh? Why?" Jiang Chen maintained his composure and communicated with her via holy awareness as well.

"What you just said could only have been spoken by someone who has some life experience."

Listening to him speak, Shen Xingchen started to feel intrigued by Jiang Chen for the first time.

They had already gone down deep inside of the mine while they had been talking.

Now they could feel a steady flow of heat waves coming from in front of them.

"Based on the direction we've been traveling in, we have walked back to Wind Cloud City, underneath the ground."

"You're right. We're underneath the city."

However, their thoughts got shaky when they realized what they were seeing after walking through this passage.

If they were underneath the city, then all the ground underneath the whole city must have been hollowed out.

It looked like an entirely different underground world except that there was no sky.

They were under the mountain, yet could see undulating hills far away and a lot of wide open ground.

"It's so hot."

The most distinct feature of this underground world was its blazing heat. The temperature was much higher than what a normal person could tolerate.

"Is it necessary for you to go through all this trouble to make it so intricate?" Jiang Chen couldn't help asking Fire Kylin in the ring.

"It's apparent that two pieces of land have overlapped and formed an underground. My fire was only placed in the depths of some mountains initially." Fire Kylin stated that it hadn't been him who had spent so much effort to design this place.

The inside of the mine had just happened to be on the border between two continents.

It had not been easy for Shen Xingchen to find it.

"Let's fly there."

The landscape here was no longer accessible for walking.

The team took off, flying to the mountains in the distance.

All of a sudden, a piercing and forceful sound could be heard. A sword ray that was familiar to Jiang Chen flashed.

The radiance of the sword, extremely bright with an exceedingly wide attack range, covered the whole team.

"It's a Venerable Sovereign!"

Everyone in the team became ashen-faced. They didn't understand why a Venerable Sovereign would attack them.

"Jiang Chen! Prepare to die!"



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