The Brilliant Fighting Master
1662 Think Independently
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1662 Think Independently

Jiang Chen took off the Vulcan Ring and sensed with his heart. As expected, he immediately detected burning fire power underneath the city.

His holy awareness dived deeper and deeper. After traveling through endless darkness, a giant fireball suddenly appeared in front of him, which resembled the blazing sun.

At this exact moment, Jiang Chen opened his eyes and broke the link with his holy awareness.

What he had found was undoubtedly the true source of fire.

Unfortunately, just like the detection he'd gotten from the Vulcan Ring, he couldn't find a way to access the true source of fire.

Jiang Chen thought about what Shen Xingchen had said. She'd probably found the entrance after searching for a long time.

Jiang Chen put the Vulcan Ring back on and described the situation to the Fire Kylin.

"Ever since the Endless Continent was formed, anything could happen. It's fortunate that this hasn't caught too many people's attention," the Fire Kylin said, feeling that they had indeed been lucky.

"If this true source of fire could have been easily sensed three years ago, it would be impossible that it's only being discovered now."

"What are you trying to say?" The Fire Kylin was having a hard time trying to understand what Jiang Chen was talking about.

"The fire is burning more and more intensely. Why?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"D*mn it!"

The same possibility that had occurred to Jiang Chen arose in the Fire Kylin's mind as well. Emotionally stirred up and furious at the same time, the Fire Kylin made the temperature of the Vulcan Ring rise greatly.

"It must be because the jade flask that contained the fire was broken during the formation of the Endless Continent. We have to hurry. If the flask was completely shattered, the true source of fire could demolish the entire Wind Cloud City."

"Seriously?" Jiang Chen was stunned. As one of the ten largest cities, Wind Cloud City had a population of almost 10 million.

If the fire was really unleashed, countless lives would be annihilated.

"Just imagine what would happen if the sun fell into the city," the Fire Kylin said.

Jiang Chen couldn't help but be moved after hearing the Fire Kylin's analogy.

It was extremely crucial for Jiang Chen to find the true source of fire, but there were millions of families living in the city and their lives mattered too.

"You're not thinking about spreading the news, are you?" the Fire Kylin asked nervously, noticing Jiang Chen's reaction.

"It's always wise to play it safe. If that ever happened, millions of families would be destroyed."

"Even so, no one would believe what you say. Besides, you may startle people and create panic. For now, I think it's better to think of a way to find and get control of the true source of fire."

The Fire Kylin couldn't care less about the lives of the people living in the city. "If we're lucky, maybe we can retrieve it by tomorrow night. Anyhow, the fire hasn't exploded in three years. A couple of more days won't matter."

"If you're this indifferent about their lives, why were you so feverish just then?" Jiang Chen asked, confused.

The Fire Kylin went silent for a while. Then he said, "If the jade flask is shattered and the true source of fire is released, the fire will die out later. I will cease to exist as a consequence."

Needless to say, the Fire Kylin cared about himself the most.

Jiang Chen didn't think it would be helpful to criticize the Fire Kylin, but he didn't want to sit around with his arms folded either.

Nonetheless, just as the Fire Kylin had said, it was exceedingly difficult to evacuate the entire city.

Leave aside whether he could succeed in evacuating the city, if the true source of fire didn't explode in a short time, the people who had evacuated would be bewildered.

"Think of something when it's really about to explode."

Fire Kylin was right. It had been three years. There was no reason for this to happen right away.

Now, only people who were sensitive to fire's power could sense it. Later on, the average people would start to feel that Wind Cloud City was particularly hot.

Even as Jiang Chen was comforting himself in this way, he still felt restless and fidgety.


Late in the night, a knock sounded on the door.

"Young Master Chen Xin, please meet us at the west gate in 15 minutes." Shen Xingchen's voice rang out.

When Jiang Chen opened the door, Shen Xingchen was already gone.

More than happy to act now, Jiang Chen rushed to the west gate. He walked out of the gate. There was an outdoor teashop not far away.

Shen Xingchen was sitting there. She saw Jiang Chen coming and gestured to him with her eyes, then left immediately.

Jiang Chen went to the table Shen Xingchen had been sitting at and saw a line of words written with water on the table: At the foot of the small hill 600 yards away.

"They're really careful." Jiang Chen thought to himself.

It only took Jiang Chen a split second to travel 600 yards.

Interestingly, there were a thick woods at the foot of the small hill Shen Xingchen had referred to.

Two people were standing on top of a tree, looking toward the direction of the gate and waiting for Jiang Chen to arrive.

They had waited for a long time, yet still didn't see Jiang Chen.

"It has taken so long. Did we have the directions wrong?"

"That's impossible. My holy awareness covers a very wide area. As long as the general direction is correct, we should be able to find him."

"Could it be that he has already found us?"

"That's even more impossible!"

Shen Xingchen had brought these two people. They had worked with Shen Xingchen many times and developed a tacit understanding.

It was a rule they had that they always tested the water first with anyone Shen Xingchen brought on board.

After all, Shen Xingchen was only a deity-grade apothecary who didn't know much about practicing.

There was one time when she'd found someone who was only a pretender. It had undermined the entire team and they'd still had to pay the person afterward.

That's why these two people were doing this.

They had hidden there and planned to pounce on Jiang Chen to see how he dealt with them. If Jiang Chen didn't pass the test, they would get him off the team straightaway.

"Gentlemen, are you waiting for me?"

Just when the two people were trying to figure out where Jiang Chen had gone, a ghostly voice sounded behind their backs.


The two people turned pale with fright. They turned around hastily and saw Jiang Chen was somehow standing under their tree.

An embarrassed look appeared on their faces. They felt so ashamed.

"How did he come up behind us?"

The two looked at each other, looking equally perplexed.

"Well, Miss Shen asked us to pick you up here."

In an instant, the two people jumped off the tree, bit the bullet, and spoke to Jiang Chen.

"I see."

Jiang Chen hadn't gotten to the bottom of it. He said with a smile, "My name is Chen Xin."

"Wen Qing."

"Meng Shan."

They started to introduce themselves, no longer interested in testing Jiang Chen anymore.

Just judging by the technique Jiang Chen had shown, the consequences would have been unthinkable if he had attacked them sneakily from behind.

Following the two people to the top of the hill, Jiang Chen saw Shen Xingchen again.

Seeing Jiang Chen walking toward her, Shen Xingchen knew that he had passed the test. She was not surprised either.

After all, Jiang Chen had already taken the title of the Greatest Fist in the World. But Wen Qing and Meng Shan hadn't been in the city during the day and didn't want to believe hearsay without witnessing it themselves.

"Miss Shen is really cautious," Jiang Chen exclaimed.

"It's because I'm rather weak as an apothecary and have no other choice. I can only hope Young Master Chen Xin will excuse me for my precautionary measures," Shen Xingchen said.

Despite what she had just said, Shen Xingchen actually had a very strong ability as powerful as a titled martial arts practitioner.

Both Meng Shan and Wen Qing had the same ability.

Some more people approached from the other side of the hill.

"Miss Shen is too modest. Apothecaries can be quite strong when they get cornered," a young man in his 20s said with a smile.

"Take that Jiang Chen as an example, I heard that he was the one who made the Black Yellow Elixir and has extraordinary strength."

Speaking of Jiang Chen, Shen Xingchen nodded and agreed with him.

"More and more people are boasting about Jiang Chen nowadays."

"The majority of those people are usually blind and lacking the ability to think independently."

At the moment, however, a conversation between two other people could be heard.

It was from a man and a woman, both around 30, with considerable strength.

Although they were smiling, it came off as a smug superiority rather than geniality.

"More self-righteous people as well..." The young man who had first mentioned Jiang Chen scoffed with heavy sarcasm.



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