The Brilliant Fighting Master
1661 Deity-Grade Apothecary
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1661 Deity-Grade Apothecary

The match for the Legend Stele had only one round each day.

Thus, after the Greatest Fist in the World title had been taken, the fight for this day had come to a conclusion.

As everyone watched, Jiang Chen walked over to the Dragon team.

"You amaze me every time I see you," Ao Yue said enthusiastically.

As a member of the Dragons, Ao Yue was naturally pleased to have seen Jiang Chen beat the arrogant Wizards with the Dragon Fist.

Even her older brother had stopped speaking badly about Jiang Chen now.

However, seeing that he didn't appear to plan on apologizing, Jiang Chen gave up on the idea of talking to him any further.

He was about to say good-bye to Ao Yue. But she didn't seem to be interested in the farewell and pulled him aside affectionately. She went a bit away with Jiang Chen, disregarding her brother's nasty look.

"Are those rumors about you on the Alien Battlefield true?" Sneaky and secretive, Ao Yue only whispered her question to Jiang Chen after making sure that no one was eavesdropping. Her eyes were filled with curiosity and desire, wanting to know the answer.

"What do you think?" Jiang Chen laughed.

"I believe that they're true. But there are always some annoying fellows who want to argue with me." Speaking of that, her small nose wrinkled up.

"Whether people believe it or not depends on how high I will reach in the future. It's useless to argue with them now," Jiang Chen said.

"All right."

Ao Yue understood what he was saying. Even if Jiang Chen had told her the truth now, she still wouldn't be able to avoid endless arguing with people when the subject came up.

"By the way, Jiang Chen, why did you come to Wind Cloud City?" Ao Yue asked curiously.

She knew that Jiang Chen was a swordsman, and he'd only joined into that fight for the Greatest Fist in the World title because he detested the hubris the Wizards had displayed.

As a result, it wasn't difficult to guess that Jiang Chen hadn't come specifically for the Legend Stele contest.

Jiang Chen looked awkward. He didn't know how to explain and didn't really want to anyway.

"I know!" Surprisingly, Ao Yue shouted with excitement, and then leaned into Jiang Chen's ear and said, "You came to look for a treasure, didn't you?"


It was Jiang Chen's turn to be surprised. He didn't understand how or why Ao Yue knew that he was looking for something.

Laughing with her small white teeth showing, Ao Yue was very satisfied with Jiang Chen's reaction.

"It also has something to do with fire, am I right?" she added.

Jiang Chen's face became very serious. Judging from her words, Ao Yue seemed to really know something.

"People from the Fiery Dragon Race told me. They sensed that there was unusual fire power underneath this city," Ao Yue said before Jiang Chen asked.

Hearing Ao Yue's answer, Jiang Chen was both exhilarated and worried.

It meant that he wasn't the only one who knew about the tru source of fire.

The good news was that maybe he could find the true source of fire from the Fiery Dragon Race.

But it was also too bad that Ao Yue couldn't introduce him to the Fiery Dragon Race so that he could join in their search.

Ao Yue didn't care about the treasure underneath the ground. She'd only heard about the news because someone from the Fiery Dragon Race had been trying to impress her with his knowledge.

"Young Master Chen Xin."

Just as Jiang Chen was hesitating about pursuing this subject with Ao Yue, a pretty woman walked up to him. Jiang Chen could feel a blazing hot energy radiating from her.

It meant she had either the Alien Flame or the fire power.

"I'm Shen Xingchen, a deity-grade apothecary."

The woman was cordial and modest. Adding to her attractive face, she was extremely elegant.

"A deity-grade apothecary!"

Her self-introduction drew many astonished gazes from the people around them.

To Jiang Chen, immortal elixirs were nothing more than elixirs produced by the Heavenly Palace in batches every day.

However, only a handful of people around the world had the privilege to consume deity-grade elixirs.

For that reason, deity-grade apothecaries enjoyed a highly respected social status.

"Hello, may I help you?" Jiang Chen asked with a smile.

Shen Xingchen was a little surprised by his response. Not many people would remain unaffected after learning about her identity and profession.

Even though she didn't act domineeringly just because of her position as a deity-grade apothecary, she had been used to other people being deferential to her. Jiang Chen's attitude was slightly bizarre.

"I want to discuss something with the Young Master. Do you have a moment?"

"No problem."

They, along with Ao Yue, went to the luxurious hotel where Shen Xingchen was staying.

"Young Master, do you know what the most important thing is to an apothecary?" Shen Xingchen asked him once they had arrived in a quiet room.

"I think it's probably fire," Jiang Chen said.

"Yes, that's the impression most people have about apothecaries. You can't make elixirs without fire.

"For that reason, I have been searching for an Alien Flame that suits my needs. Now that I have some clues, I've also encountered another problem that all apothecaries face. I need protection when going in and out of dangerous fields," Shen Xingchen said.

"I understand."

Jiang Chen had guessed that the Alien Flame that she'd mentioned was the same as the source of fire that he was looking for.

Instead of jumping to accept her offer, Jiang Chen asked, "Can you please clarify what kind of a place it is and how much the pay would be?"

It would probably raise her suspicions if he'd made a promise right away.

Shen Xingchen nodded, feeling reassured that Jiang Chen had asked these questions.

"I don't know all about the details. But I wouldn't ask you to risk your life if there were insoluble problems. As for your pay, I can't estimate how much it would be yet either. But I guarantee that you won't be disappointed after it finishes."

"Will the pay be delivered no matter if I survive or not?" Jiang Chen asked in a professional manner.

"Yes, if you died, I would send your death benefits and compensation to the person you designated."

"Then I don't have other questions. When will we start?" Jiang Chen accepted.

"We will wait until everyone is here. You can stay in this hotel for now. We should be ready tonight at the earliest, or tomorrow night at the latest. I hope you're prepared."

There was no chance that Shen Xingchen had only hired one person. It would be impractical or dangerous.

It was also important to make sure that all the people she hired weren't too close to each other.

Shen Xingchen settled Jiang Chen at the hotel and didn't rush to introduce him to the others.

It indicated that this was not the first time she had hired bodyguards. She seemed as if she had extensive experience with this kind of thing.

"Unfortunately, you won't be able to take the fire without the Vulcan Ring." Watching her leave, Jiang Chen thought to himself.

"It seems that your performance before did bring you some benefits," Ao Yue only spoke after Shen Xingchen had left.

It was obvious that Shen Xingchen had come to hire Jiang Chen because of his performance during the fight for the Greatest Fist in the World.

"I'm going too." Ao Yue added. "Of course, I will follow the people from the Fiery Dragon."

Shen Xingchen hadn't invited Ao Yue.

It wasn't that Ao Yue didn't have enough strength or ability. Being a saint, she was about to become a Venerable Sovereign. Shen Xingchen didn't bring it up because Ao Yue was the ninth princess of the Dragons, and she couldn't afford her.

"Maybe we're not going to the same place. Don't be so sure," Jiang Chen chuckled.

"They're both in Wind Cloud City and they're both related to fire. I can't be wrong," Ao Yue said confidently. "If we run into each other, you have to promise you'll be gentle with me."

"You're just making trouble," Jiang Chen smiled in frustration, yet he didn't stop her.

"It's fun."

Ao Yue ran back to find the people from the Fiery Dragon.

"It's so odd. Both the Fiery Dragon Race and the apothecaries have sensed the true source of fire. Why isn't my genuine blood of the celestial phoenix responding?" Jiang Chen thought to himself.

His Vulcan Ring flashed.

"Fire Kylin?" Jiang Chen sensed something was wrong.

"I just wanted to let you know that you can't sense the true source of fire when you're wearing the Vulcan Ring. Otherwise, what would we do if people cheated like this?" Fire Kylin said.

"F*ck you," Jiang Chen replied crossly.



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