The Brilliant Fighting Master
1659 I Will Challenge You
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1659 I Will Challenge You

Ao Yue's third brother had been defeated by a member of the Wizard race.

"Ha, ha, ha, the Dragon Fist wasn't so strong after all. I guess it only seemed strong because of the Holy Dragon's strong physique. I guess it's not so exquisite."

The Wizard race was as obnoxious and cocky as ever, even more cocky than the proud Dragon tribe.

The fighter who had just beaten the third brother was especially arrogant in saying that the Dragon Fist was merely mediocre.

He was implying that the Dragon race was only strong because of the advantages they received from the physique that they were born with.

And to add insult to injury, that statement appeared to have received a lot of approval from the crowd. As usual, everyone was on the side of the winner.

"If it wasn't that we weren't allowed to transform, you would have experienced the true essence of the Dragon Fist."

Even though the fighter from the Dragon race in the air had been defeated, he had not lost confidence,

"Blah, blah, blah..."

The Wizard race wasn't interested in listening to what the fighter from the Dragon race had just said, and he mocked him: "Hasn't anyone told you that no one listens to the words of a loser?"

At that, the fighter from the Dragon race became extremely agitated. He was ready to go at it again. He also looked as if he was about to transform into his Dragon body.

"Come on back down here." The tall man who had been eyeing Jiang Chen called out to the fighter.

Ao Yue's third brother came back unwillingly.

"Why do you have to fight under the condition of not transforming?" asked Jiang Chen.

The Black Dragon had once told him that it was very inappropriate to categorize the Dragon Fist as an art of fist fighting.

The name Dragon Fist had come from a misunderstanding caused by the difference between human language and the language of Dragons.

To put it in simple terms, to the Dragon race, the Dragon Fist was more like an art in itself.

To fight with bare fists under the condition of not transforming had naturally put the Dragon fighters under a disadvantage.

"We didn't want to do that either, but all the participants of the competition must first hit the Legend Stale.

"After that, the opponents will be determined by the Legend Stele.

"Third brother was matched with this Wizard to fight for the World's Best Fist title, which was obviously inappropriate." Ao Yue grumbled to Jiang Chen.

"This is why the Legend Stele only allowed the human race to fight in the past."

Jiang Chen was very clear about that. The spirit that the Legend Stele possessed had not matured yet.

Facing different races of different power systems, it was inevitable for mistakes to be made.

This gave the Wizard who was battling in the air the supreme honor just because he had unfairly defeated the Dragon race.


"This proves that the rumor of Jiang Chen having obtained the Dragon Fist is nothing but lying braggadocio. If he were here, I could make him crawl with only two punches.

"Unfortunately, Jiang Chen hasn't even dared to show up for the Legend Stele competition. He's a joke."

Out of nowhere, the Wizard fighter started talking about Jiang Chen.

"It has begun."

The majority of the spectators weren't surprised, as this was expected from the Wizard race.

Jiang Chen was baffled. He looked at Ao Yue.

"Is there a dispute between you and the Wizard race?" asked Ao Yue.

"Yes. Our hatred is as deep as the ocean," said Jiang Chen.

"No wonder then! Every time the Wizard race talks about you, and they do it often, they belittle you with everything they have," said Ao Yue.

Jiang Chen smiled nastily and said, "This belittling shouldn't take place in a vacuum. I need to feed it."

"Previously, someone said that you had defeated the strongest man from a high level while you were only at the later stage of Martial Emperor. On top of that, you managed to defeat two of them.

"However, all these statements were never proven and they weren't spread very far, and I have no idea how it always seems to reach the Wizard tribe.

"During the last season of the Legend Stele, the Wizard race mocked you for boasting and in the end not showing up."

As the ninth princess with eight brothers older than her, Ao Yue was very laid back normally. She would attend every season of the Legend Stele. That was why she was very clear about what had happened there.

She explained to Jiang Chen that the mockery of the Wizard tribe about Jiang Chen had already become a custom.

Everyone was used to it.

The difference this time was that no one knew that Jiang Chen was here.

"Is there anyone else who wants to fight?" The Wizard race shouted at everyone. At that very moment, a beam shot out of the Legend Stele onto the Wizard fighter's body.

The energy that had been used up by the Wizard fighter was completely replenished.

"Since all of you are as timid as Jiang Chen, I will take the title of World's Best Fist," said the Wizard fighter when it appeared as if no one was coming out to challenge him..

Jiang Chen was laughing and angry. If he didn't do something, he would let down his title of being the Invincible God of War.

"You want to fight?" Ao Yue could sense his desire to fight and was quite surprised. After having just found out Jiang Chen's power level, she quickly advised him not to be emotional.

"You want to fight using the Dragon Fist? I forbid it," said the tall man after listening in to their conversation at the same time that he had been talking to his third brother who had just lost.

"Big brother!"

Ao Yue was getting nervous. With the small amount of knowledge she had about Jiang Chen, she couldn't sit still when she'd heard what her brother had said.

"This is none of your business," said Jiang Chen. The Dragon race was really getting too big for their britches these days.

"The Dragon Fist you learned belongs to the Dragon race," said the tall man in a cold manner.

"Then only the member of the Dragon race who trained me has a say in this."

"All the Dragons are led by the Golden Dragon. Which race does the Dragon who trained you belong to?" asked the tall man very pompously as he was trying to take advantage of someone.

Jiang Chen understood the structure of the Dragon race. He smiled mysteriously and said, "He belongs to the Black Dragon race."

"Impossible!" The tall man and the others from the Dragon race acted as if they had just heard something unbelievable.

"It's true." Ao Yue helped verify Jiang Chen's statement, as she had witnessed his skills in the past.

"So, you should just stay here and watch."

With a provocative smile, Jiang Chen flew into the sky.

"I will challenge you."

Everyone who thought that the bout for World's Best Fist had ended rushed back to see what was going on after they'd heard the voice of a challenger.

In the blink of an eye, there was an enormous uproar in the Legend Stele bout.

Jiang Chen was still revealing his power level, so everyone knew that he was only at the early stage of being a Martial Arts Saint. They could tell that he was a human because of the system of leveling.

Considering the difference between the human race and the Wizard race, as well as their difference in levels of power, no one could understand why this guy has just come up and volunteered to fight with the champion.

"I admit that the human race has been very noble during these last few years. However, I can't deny that there are still some buffoons among the human race."

Throughout all these years, the Wizard race didn't dare to mock the human race openly. However, sarcastic words like these were still heard quite often.

Just as Jiang Chen was about to say something, the Wizard fighter pointed toward the Legend Stele, signaling him to head over there.

Jiang Chen didn't quite understand what he meant, so he stood still in his spot.

Upon witnessing this situation, many were whispering among themselves. Hints of mockery could be seen on their faces.

"Jiang Chen, the challenger must first hit the Legend Stele. Right now, with your fists. You need to hit the stele with your fists to reach the requirement in order to fight," Ao Yue explained.

Jiang Chen was enlightened. He walked toward the Legend Stele.

"Eh, every Tom,Dick, and Harry wants to waste time," said the Wizard warrior as he shook his head. He was not speaking with a loud voice, but everyone could hear him.

At that moment, Jiang Chen came up to the Legend Stele.

"Oh, right, what's your name?" asked the Wizard fighter.

"Someone you're familiar with."

Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously and hit the Legend Stele with all his might.

As if it was a flash flood, the Legend Stele released a strong force. A beam of light rose from the stele into the clouds.

In a split second, the words on the stele turned into three names.

Wizard Fighter, Wu Xiong, and Chen Xin.

The names of the two fighters from the Wizard race were together, while Chen Xin's name was on the other side.

This meant that Chen Xin was fighting two people.

Wu Xiong and the Wizard fighter knew each other, so, it was normal for Chen Xin to be the challenger.

What this meant was that this person's fist power was so strong that it made the Legend Stele decide that two strong Wizard race warriors were needed for this fight.


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