The Brilliant Fighting Master
1658 Wind Cloud City
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1658 Wind Cloud City

They didn't run into any trouble along the way. The journey was smooth and calm.

However, Jiang Chen's intuition told him that things were not as simple as they seemed.

As expected, after a day's travel, Jiang Chen arrived at the place where he had been guided by the Vulcan Ring.

The specific location of the origin of fire couldn't be found just by following the Vulcan Ring. The ring could only estimate its rough location.

Jiang Chen would have been able to find the location of fire even if it had been buried somewhere in the deepest wilderness. But, on the contrary, the Vulcan Ring was pointing in the direction of an enormous city.

And coincidentally, it was a city that Jiang Chen had heard about a long time ago: Wind Cloud City.

The famous Legend Stele was located here.

"Come out, Fire Kylin," said Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen thought that the Fire Kylin had assumed that the most dangerous place was the safest place, which was why he had placed the origin of fire in this location.

"Where is this? What are you doing here?" asked the Fire Kylin.

Surprisingly, the Fire Kylin seemed more confused than Jiang Chen when he saw that they were at Wind Cloud City.

"The Vulcan Ring brought me here," said Jiang Chen in an exasperated tone.

"You mean, the origin of fire is here?" asked the Fire Kylin, seemingly dismayed.

"Are you asking me this question?" asked Jiang Chen, since he was the one who had wanted to ask the Fire Kylin what was going on.

"Oh no, it must be because of the new formations of the Endless Continent that Wind Cloud City has moved here now."

The Fire Kylin seem to have finally understood what was going on. He looked at Jiang Chen and quickly asked, "Do you know the specific location of the origin of fire?"

"No, the Vulcan Ring only gives parameters. It left me with the feeling that it was the whole Wind Cloud City."

"At least it has demonstrated that the origin of fire is still here," said the Fire Kylin awkwardly.

Jiang Chen gave him a deadly stare and asked him where the location was where he had placed the origin of fire.

"I placed it in an underground palace. Most likely, it's still there somewhere under this city," said the Fire Kylin.

Although Jiang Chen agreed with his statement, he was frustrated. He couldn't just punch a hole in the city.

"Let's head down there and do a reconnaissance and see if we can get any clear ideas," said Jiang Chen.

Wind Cloud City was one of the top ten giant cities. If Tianqi City could be described as very lively, this city would be depicted as a riot of noise.

This was especially exaggerated right now due to an event that was being held in the city. This was to celebrate the opening of the Legend Stele. A huge bout of fighting had just kicked off.

Ever since the Sovereign Path had ended, events like this had received a lot of attention, which was why there were so many people in attendance.

Jiang Chen smiled ruefully. Due to the enormous crowd here for the opening of the Legend Stele, all the inns were occupied. This ruined his plans of staying in a room and punching a hole in the floor to get below the city.

In the middle of Wind Cloud City, there was a mountain peak that was several hundred feet tall. On the peak of the mountain was a stele that had been there for so long that it had been incorporated into the body of the mountain.

At that very moment, there was a duel taking place on top of the mountain.

Spectators were surrounding the foot of the mountain, watching the duel.

There were also some watching from up in midair. The spectators were all standing at different levels so as not to block others' views.

Wind Cloud City was obviously very professionally run and used to major events like this.

Jiang Chen noticed that there was a shimmering line of words written on the stele: World's Best Fist.

He then noticed that the parties who were dueling were bare-handed. This meant that only fists were being used in these battles.

Another interesting fact that he gleaned from watching this fight was that one of the fighters was actually from the Dragon Race.

Furthermore, both of the contestants' cultivation levels were beyond Martial Arts Saint.

Three years ago, Jiang Chen thought that the Dragon Race wouldn't have been able to join the fight at the Legend Stele.

Back then, his expectations of power levels at these fights were only about the third stage of Martial Emperor.

It seemed as if, while he'd been gone, the world hadn't only changed geographically, but every aspect of it was different.

After watching for a while longer, Jiang Chen became even more surprised. This was because the Dragon Race seemed to be the weaker of the two contestants.

"Come on, third brother!"

A sound of cheering attracted Jiang Chen's attention.

He looked up and saw that somewhere up in the air, there was a team made up of the Dragon Race.

The one who was cheering just now was someone who had deep ties to Jiang Chen. That person was Ao Yue, the ninth princess of the Dragon Race. She was also their saint, chosen by the sacred spirits. She and Jiang Chen had gotten to know each other in the World of Bloody Sea.

Upon seeing such an old friend, Jiang Chen really wanted to go to greet her. However, after remembering his purpose of being there, he felt that it would be rather inauspicious to do so.

Nevertheless, while he was hesitating, a gaze filled with hatred shot toward him.

It was a tall man from the Dragon Race team. He'd felt uneasy when he'd realized that Jiang Chen was staring at Ao Yue.

Jiang Chen didn't let this guy bother him, but what was about to happen next forced him to get a grip on himself and go say hello to Ao Yue.

Ao Yue had noticed the actions of the man standing beside her. She followed his gaze and saw Jiang Chen. She was shocked at first, but then she waved at him excitedly.

Apparently, the princess of the Dragon Race had recognized Jiang Chen. So of course Jiang Chen couldn't ignore her and flew up toward her to say hello.

This action seemed to piss off the tall man. Hostility could be seen in his eyes. A vast amount of dragon force was released from his body. The overwhelming force rushed toward Jiang Chen.

Many of the spectators had also noticed this scene. They took their eyes off the duel to watch this current contretemps.

However, what surprised everyone was that Jiang Chen was not affected by the dragon force at all.

This was like a sharp knife cutting through the dragon force for the Dragon Race team.

"Big brother," called Ao Yue.

Ao Yue rushed toward the tall man and rebuked him. She then came up to Jiang Chen and apologized.

"This wasn't your fault," said Jiang Chen calmly.

"Are you saying that it was my fault?" asked the tall man.

The tall man didn't look happy when he had seen how close his sister and Jiang Chen were.

"Oh? Was that just the hospitality of the Dragon Race? If so, allow me to express my gratitude as well," said Jiang Chen. As he finished speaking, he let out an enormous amount of dragon force from his body as well.

Jiang Chen's force was far superior to the tall man's force. A dragon cry could even be heard from it.

Everyone's expressions in the Dragon Race had changed. The tall man, who was the man to bear the brunt of this shame, felt his eyeballs dilate. This terrifying force was coming for him.

Just when he was about to oppose it with everything he could, the dragon force vanished.

The tall man looked at Jiang Chen in confusion. Jiang Chen was smiling as he said, "That was for Ao Yue."


The tall man pouted.

"D*mn, the two of you, really..."

Ao Yue was out of words as she stood on the side. She stared at her own brother, and then she said to Jiang Chen, "Jiang Chen, it's been three years. You have improved a lot. What is your level now?"

She thought that to be able to oppose her brother, he must be at least at the level of a titled martial arts practitioner.

"It's better for you to not know about it," said Jiang Chen. He didn't want to reveal his level to avoid any misunderstandings.

"Oh silly, don't be so petty." Ao Yue insisted on knowing, as she was very curious about just how high Jiang Chen's level was.

The next moment, he showed her his level. Her face took on a weird expression.

To put it this way, when she had bade farewell to Jiang Chen at the ancient ruins, he had still been a Martial Emperor. Now he was at the first stage of being a Martial Arts Saint. That sounded good. However, the problem was, it had been four years since they'd left the ancient ruins.

In this Imperial Age, Jiang Chen's improvement was close to nothing.

"Hee ,hee, hee."

As the tall man and the other members of the Dragon Race team saw Jiang Chen's power level, they laughed silently to themselves.

As for the dragon force that he had displayed just now, they treated it as nothing more than a trick.


Just then, the duel in the sky ended.

Everyone from the Dragon Race's expressions changed. This was because the loser had come from their side.

It was the one who Ao Yue had called third brother.


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