The Brilliant Fighting Master
1657 Do You Know About the Ten Golden Crows?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1657 Do You Know About the Ten Golden Crows?

Jiang Chen wasn't about to rush to find the origin of fire. Instead, he wanted to find out from Xiao Nuo about everything that had happened during these past three years.

"Whitey has gone into training with his evil kin. He might even be participating in the Spiritual Land Battle."

"Lin Yueru didn't want to bring trouble to the celestial palace, so therefore she went to explore other continents. When the news of your return starts to spread, she will probably come looking for you."

"Two reincarnations of the sovereign spirit betrayed the Sovereign Spirit Palace and escaped to the Continent of Sacred Light. You're right, it's just as you would expect. They were Tian Yin and Duan Yun." Xiao Nuo was enjoying this narration.

A lot had happened during the last three years. There had been major changes in the lives of many people who Jiang Chen cared about.

After listening for a while in silence, Jiang Chen came to a profound realization that he needed to increase his abilities as soon as possible.

According to Xiao Nuo's description, perhaps in the very near future, he would be needed by all the people around him.

"First, I must obtain the origin of fire, then I need to upgrade a level and thereby strengthen my heart power," Jiang Chen said with determination.

After this speech, Jiang Chen carried Xiao Nuo to the big bed.

His feelings were agitated as he looked at the shy, troubled Xiao Nuo.

"It's time to make love," said Jiang Chen.

He was just about to tease her and give her a good time when suddenly he realized that the previous restrictions were still there.

"Oh, no." Jiang Chen was disappointed as he lay weakly on the bed.

"If it had been three years ago, you might have had a chance. Unfortunately, my level has increased a lot as well," said Xiao Nuo with a bright smile. There was disappointment in her eyes, but actually she felt relieved.

"What's the point of training if I'm bored every day," said Jiang Chen.

"What? Do you want me to wait for you? Hurry up and get stronger." Xiao Nuo teased him.

Jiang Chen wasn't feeling calm as he left the palace. It was the dead of night. The moon was hanging high up in the sky.

On the spur of the moment, he went to his own villa and saw his apprentice sister who was meditating.

Looking at this beauty, Jiang Chen smiled mysteriously as he carried his apprentice sister to the bedroom.

Ye Xue understood what was going on and didn't struggle. There were hints of shyness apparent on her face. Her beauty was beyond compare.

"Sister," Jiang Chen said.

"Brother," Ye Xue replied.

They stared at each other with true love and started kissing uncontrollably. Soon, noises that would stimulate one's imagination started coming out of the bedroom. After this had been going on all night, Jiang Chen was finally lying on his bed, cuddling Ye Xue. Satisfaction could be seen on his face.

Suddenly, a cold sensation started spreading out all over him, as if he was hugging a 1,000-year-old piece of ice. Half of his body became frozen from the cold.

"Oh, no."

Fortunately, Ye Xue reacted quickly and drew back all the cold energy.

"Sister, what were you doing? Perhaps you weren't satisfied just now?" asked Jiang Chen with a wry smile.

"Don't be absurd," said Ye Xue as she blushed.

She glanced at him and mumbled in a flirtatious manner, "That was just my incomplete Lunar Aura. It's still not completely under my control. Once I am able to gain total control of it, I will become a Venerable Sovereign."

Jiang Chen didn't care about the second part of the sentence. He smiled in a cheeky manner and said, "Does that mean that I did so well that you couldn't control it anymore?"

Just as he finished this sentence, an ice-cold energy started to turn him into an ice sculpture.

"If you don't stop this nonsense right away, I will freeze your penis off," said Ye Xue, as she blushed.

Jiang Chen was scared out of his wits. Just as he was about to speak again, he realized something and quickly extricated himself from the ice sculpture.

"What's wrong?" asked Ye Xue.

She had become quite nervous since she'd thought that Jiang Chen was mad after seeing the way he'd used brute strength to force his way out of the ice sculpture.

"Your Lunar Aura seems to react quite vigorously with my Solar Golden Flame," said Jiang Chen.

"Water clashes with fire. Didn't you put out the fire beforehand?" grumbled Ye Xue as she moved to his side with deep concern.

"No, not clashes. It seems as if your Lunar Aura was tamping down my Solar Golden Flame," said Jiang Chen.

"How is that possible?" Ye Xue asked.

After thinking about this for a while, the two of them still didn't figure out an answer. This was because Ye Xue hadn't completely mastered her Lunar Aura.

"Hee, hee, hee, you just need to keep trying, sister. We will see what's really going on next time." Jiang Chen laughed.

Thinking of what he meant by trying, Ye Xue rolled her eyes and decided to ignore him.

The night went by in a blink of an eye. The next day, Jiang Chen decided to depart on his journey to find the origin of fire.

Ye Xue wanted to go with him. However, after what had happened the night before, Jiang Chen wanted her to master her Lunar Aura and become a Venerable Sovereign as soon as possible.

Ye Xue was not against this idea as the Spiritual Land Battle was about to start very soon. However, she told Jiang Chen that she felt quite uneasy staying in the celestial palace without him

She felt awkward and didn't really know how to deal with Xiao Nuo.

"This is a good opportunity for the two of you sisters to bond," said Jiang Chen.

He then ran toward Xiao Nuo's palace to bid her good-bye. "Ye Xue will be training here for the time being. Don't you dare bully her," said Jiang Chen.

"Wow! Are you trying to say that I've been very bad to her?" asked Xiao Nuo, staring at him angrily with her arms crossed at her chest.

Jiang Chen knew he'd said something wrong since he knew Xiao Nuo very well.

"No, what I mean is that you will definitely be the top apprentice sister in the future, so it's normal for you to look after other apprentice sisters," said Jiang Chen.

Xiao Nuo felt very good about what he'd just said, but she didn't show it.

"Stop it, I'm not going to have any relations with those women of yours," said Xiao Nuo arrogantly.

Jiang Chen, who who knew her very well, realized that she didn't mean it.

Then, he put on the Vulcan Ring once again and departed after wheedling Xiao Nuo to behave.

The Fire Kylin was living in the Vulcan Ring. Therefore, it would be rather inconvenient to wear it all the time.

"Still in the celestial palace? What have you been doing during these past two days?" The Fire Kylin was ready to move on.

When Jiang Chen put the Vulcan Ring on, the Fire Kylin regained consciousness immediately. When he found out that Jiang Chen was still at the celestial palace, he was both furious and nervous.

"You wouldn't want to know," said Jiang Chen, smirking.

"We are looking for the origin of the Grand Supreme Genuine Flame. Can you at least show some seriousness?" shouted the Fire Kylin.

"Do you know about the Ten Golden Crows? They used to follow me around and addressed me as their big brother," said Jiang Chen as he shrugged his shoulders.

The Fire Kylin was speechless.

"Let's go," said Jiang Chen. He followed the guidance of the Vulcan Ring and flew away from the celestial palace.


Coincidentally, at that very moment, a strong energy appeared out of thin air above Tianqi City.

The warriors in the city detected the energy immediately. They raised their heads and saw a lady dressed in a long white dress.

"She's from the Sacred Institute."

Noticing the printing on her long dress, many were left in awe.

The Sacred Institute had been started up anew and it had an extraordinary status, gathering the painstaking efforts of countless tribes. One needed to be extraordinary to join the Sacred Institute.

Liu Yuefeng had also brought a bunch of people into Tianqi City. Therefore, the city was very lively at this moment.

"Dear Yue!" Looking at the lady from the Sacred Institute, Liu Yuefeng brought her men to say hello.

"Mother, why did you summon me? Things are getting very busy arranging for the Spiritual Land Battle," said the lady with displeasure.

"Lady Yue, the thing is..."

One of Liu Yuefeng's men explained what had happened last night as she was uncomfortable talking about it.

Hearing the fact that her own mother's ribs had been crushed, the lady from the Sacred Institute's displeasure turned into rage.

Finally, by the time she'd heard that Jiang Chen had chased everyone out and abolished the system of the 36 peaks, she was grinding her teeth in anger.

"The celestial palace contains an ungrateful bunch of people. Are they asking to be knocked down in the Spiritual Land Battle?" she asked.


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