The Brilliant Fighting Master
1656 Lunar Aura
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1656 Lunar Aura

"So...did you really witness the Flame Emperor's leaving? Was he doing well?" the Fire Kylin asked Jiang Chen some questions after they'd finished their discussions.

Although he had been abandoned, he didn't blame the Fire Emperor.

Jiang Chen had been observing his facial expressions throughout their talks, and he thought that the reason why the Fire Kylin had wanted to become the Fire Emperor was because of all his wonderful memories of his master.

"He was all right back then, however, I don't know anything about his current situation," said Jiang Chen.

The Fire Kylin didn't ask for any further details about what Jiang Chen had seen. He stared deeply into Jiang Chen's eyes and returned the Vulcan Ring.

"If you put on the Vulcan Ring, you will be able to sense the origin of the fire."

Jiang Chen thought long and hard about this, and then he put the Vulcan Ring on the ring finger of his right hand.

As expected, he immediately felt something strange in his heart, as if something was summoning him from afar.

"This is bad." The Fire Kylin suddenly called out in an anxious tone, "Xiao Hongxue has detected your Vulcan Ring."

In the past, Jiang Chen had modified his Vulcan Ring, and therefore it hadn't been able to be detected by Xiao Hongxue.

Now, however, the Fire Kylin had had to guide Jiang Cheng to the origin of the fire by using the Vulcan Ring. This made his detection unavoidable.

Jiang Chen quickly modified the ring again and put it back on his finger.

The Fire Kylin instantly realized that the Vulcan Ring could no longer be detected by Xiao Hongxue, and he was extremely surprised.

Thinking back to everything he'd talked to Jiang Chen about, the Fire Kylin began wondering once again just who in the world this guy was.

"Please remember that Xiao Hongxue was alerted, so you must be careful," the Fire Kylin warned Jiang Chen one more time.

"I know," said Jiang Chen.


Meanwhile, at Tianling Mountain, a furious Xiao Hongxue stopped suddenly and took another look at his ring, surprised.

Just a moment ago, he'd felt a warm sensation. Even though it had disappeared instantaneously, his sensitivity had never been wrong.

"Some parts of the Flame Emperor still remain?" he thought to himself.

Xiao Hongxue was shocked, but his shock was followed by delight.

He had always felt that there was something wrong with the inheritance of the Fire Emperor that he had. The ancient scripture that he'd retrieved had stated that to achieve the genuine fire of the Sun, one must have the Solar Golden Flame.

He had achieved this criteria.

However, he still needed to search for the Lunar Aura and fuse it with the Solar Golden Flame to obtain the genuine fire of the Sun.

At first, he wasn't worried about finding it. He was just going with the flow, knowing that soon the girl with the Lunar Aura would appear in front of him.

That was the benefit of having good luck.

When he had something he desired, all he needed to do was to work toward it, and he would definitely achieve it.

No matter which process he used to achieve anything, the outcome had been predestined.

Therefore, Xiao Hongxue was currently searching for the girl with the Lunar Aura.

At the same time, however, Xiao Hongxue couldn't rid himself of the thought that perhaps he was not the one who had received the inheritance of the Fire Emperor. Maybe someone else had really received it. How was he going to find the girl with the Lunar Aura in that case?

Suddenly, he was certain that he hadn't obtained the full inheritance of the Fire Emperor.

Just as he was about to take action, the movement from the Vulcan Ring had disappeared completely.

HUMPH! "Are you trying to hide from me?" he thought.

He didn't give up. Instead, he decided to go back to the Sovereign Spirit Palace to look for his apprentice sister, Yao Xi.

She was one of the three disciples of the Dragon March, as well as the vice lord of the Sovereign Spirit Palace.

She was the same age as Xiao Hongxue. Her appearance was not outstanding, but, as she had a seductive figure, men found her very attractive nonetheless.

"Brother?" said Yao Xi.

The arrival of Xiao Hongxue surprised her. Without invoking the formality of her position as vice lord of the palace, she asked, "Brother, what happened to you and your Master? Why have the people of the Sovereign Spirit Palace been forbidden from going to Tianling Mountain, which I thought you had conquered?"

"Let's not talk about this," said Xiao Hongxue. He frowned, as he had no intention of explaining anything. "I need you to do me a very important favor," he said.

"Yes? Is it very important?" asked Yao Xi in a respectful manner, even though she knew that the favor wouldn't be simple.

"Yes," replied Xiao Hongxue.

"Should I talk to Master about it?" asked Yao Xi.

"Forget it if you don't feel like helping me. This means a lot to me, sister," said Xiao Hongxue.

Xiao Hongxue realized that she was still having lots of doubts, so he reached out and put his hand on her shoulder.

Yao Xi lowered her head. She was blushing.

At last, unable to resist the gaze of Xiao Hongxue, she promised to do him the favor.

Xiao Hongxue smiled smugly and took out his Vulcan Ring. "First, I need to know anyone who is related to this ring. And second, are you able to find the person who has the Lunar Aura?" asked Xiao Hongxue.

"I'll give both these things a try," said Yao Xi.

Yao Xi possessed a unique theurgy that was similar to Jiang Chen's Wisdom Eye, which could foresee the future and predict destiny.

Normally, Xiao Hongxue wouldn't bother using these abilities of hers, because he thought that they would take the fun out of everything.

However, he was wavering because he felt threatened by the influence of Jiang Chen.

Half an hour later, Yao Xi was fatigued and enveloped in sweat . Xiao Hongxue had obtained the answers he desired.

When a strange light coalesced into a figure that appeared in front of them, Xiao Hongxue's gaze suddenly sharpened and he clenched his fists.

The figure was Jiang Chen.

"It's you! No wonder we always have to battle to the death," said Xiao Hongxue angrily.

In the blink of an eye, Xiao Hongxue's anger dissipated, and he gave up clinging to the possibility of success.

Then Yao Xi successfully found the girl with the Lunar Aura.

The figure of the girl appeared as the figure of Jiang Chen disappeared.

If Jiang Chen had been around, he would have recognized that the figure of the girl with the Lunar Aura was actually Ye Xue.

"Ha, ha, ha! A beauty indeed!" Xiao Hongxue thought to himself.

Xiao Hongxue laughed silently to himself. He glanced at Yao Xi and said, "Thank you, sister. I have urgent matters to attend to, so I have to take my leave."

He turned into fire and disappeared.

The pale, wet, and completely worn out Yan Xi didn't even have the chance to express the words that she was about to say. She smiled to herself self-mockingly. As usual, she'd been had by him.


Meanwhile, Jiang Chen was completely ignorant about everything that had just happened.

He went back to the celestial palace to obtain his Buddhist relic in order to help him obtain the origin of fire.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Nuo told him that the Buddhist relic had flown away on its own.

If he'd heard this from anyone else, Jiang Chen wouldn't have believed a word of it.

"Please tell me exactly how and when it happened," Jiang Chen said.

"The only thing I know is that I heard a bell ring, and the next thing I knew, the Buddhist relic had disappeared from the palace. It went somewhere very far away. I chased after it immediately. As I was chasing it, I suddenly saw the Azure Demon and the Black Dragon being sucked into a pearl. Finally, the pearl broke through the void and disappeared," Xiao Nuo explained.

The Buddhist relic was the spiritual shell and the home of Jiang Chen's eight groups of spiritual beings.

Jiang Chen had thought that the Azure Demon and the Black Dragon were at the celestial palace residing in the Buddhist relic because he hadn't seen them in the Heavenly Palace.

This was horrific. He'd never expected things to turn out this way. No wonder he hadn't been able to feel anything in the celestial palace.

"Do you have any clues as to where they might be?" asked Xiao Nuo.

She knew that Jiang Chen believed in her and thus didn't explain too much in detail. He focused on asking the important questions.

"The realm of Buddha," answered Jiang Chen. "Perhaps Buddha has been reborn," Jiang Chen said.

"Be that what it may, but why snatch your spiritual beings away?" asked Xiao Nuo.

"Maybe my Buddhist relic actually belongs to one of the eminent monks of Buddha, or they think that the eight groups of spiritual beings have killed too many enemies while under my control," Jiang Chen answered with uncertainty. He really didn't have a clue.

"So what do we do now?" asked Xiao Nuo.

"What else can we do? I believe you had thought of every possible solution," said Jiang Chen.

Xiao Nuo had lost possession of something entrusted to her by Jiang Chen for safekeeping. She wasn't going to let things slide so easily. However, she came up with nothing even after doing everything she could.

Without a doubt, Jiang Chen wanted to get the eight groups of spiritual beings back, but at the moment he couldn't find them.

"The Buddhas will come out sooner or later. We'll get the spirits back from them then. I just hope that the Azure Demon and the Black Dragon won't get brainwashed by them," said Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen felt uneasy, and sent Xiao Nuo to see if she could find out the whereabouts of the Buddhas from the intelligence unit.

Xiao Nuo hadn't thought about the Buddhas before this, which was why she had had no clue about asking for their whereabouts.

Now that there was a lead, maybe there would be an answer.


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