The Brilliant Fighting Master
1654 Good-bye, Flame Emperor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1654 Good-bye, Flame Emperor

The snarl sounded like a mighty thunderbolt. Those who were thinking about threatening Jiang Chen because they outnumbered him realized that it would be a reckless endeavor and decided against it.

In just a short while, Liu Yuefeng shouted loudly, "Those who want to go with me, follow me to Tianqi City."

Those people who chose to follow her flew into the air and took off for Tianqi City.

"You're going to regret this," Liu Yuefeng said, as she left with her people.

The formerly crowded celestial palace quieted down immediately.

Most of those who had stayed were early original members of the celestial palace. They were way better people than those who had joined later. Plus, they all seemed to be Jiang Chen's supporters.

"Can I get some volunteers to go find Grand Elder Tianya, Yunhezi, and Baili Zhan and invite them to come back?" Jiang Chen said to the crowd.

"Me." Zhi Ruo was the first to come forward.

"Okay. Please let them know that the first chairs of grand Elders will always belong to them," said Jiang Chen.

Many people felt thrilled by what he'd said.

All of the disciples of the celestial palace who'd been on the journey since the beginning knew how much these three grand Elders had contributed.


After this bit of work was finished, Jiang Chen found the entrance to Xiao Nuo's residence palace at the Main Peak. He went into the palace after confirming that Ye Xue had solved all the problems on her end.

Jiang Chen saw Xiao Nuo opposite him as soon as he walked in.

She had an exquisite oval face, and her makeup was different from the common makeup style of this age. She had a red flower in the middle of her forehead. She also had an awe-inspiring attitude. In fact, she was really like a deity.

She was gazing without emotion at Jiang Chen, who had just entered her chambers.

Jiang Chen didn't say anything. He ran up to her and pulled her into his arms right away.

Xiao Nuo struggled perfunctorily for a little while. Then she couldn't help but laugh.

"Three years have passed, and you didn't come to see me once. The minute you arrive, all you want is nasty stuff. Please don't provoke me. Otherwise if I exert force, you'll either be injured or dead. Huh!" Xiao Nuo said with a crafty smile.

"Don't underestimate me. I've improved a lot as well during the last three years."

"Yes? Let me examine you. If you can take off my coat, I'll let you do whatever you want tonight," Xiao Nuo whispered to him, making jokes but still sexy.

Jiang Chen was very surprised. Then he used all his strength and intelligence to try and take off her coat.

Soon the two were grappling with each other, almost as they were really fighting. Next thing you know, they were rolling on the ground.

Seeing that Xiao Nuo wasn't about to give an inch, Jiang Chen realized that even if he succeeded in the end, she would still give him a hard time.

So he gave up.

"You are much stronger than you were. I guess you've been practicing secretly during these three years." Xiao Nuo got to her feet complacently, arranging her clothes neatly.

Not until then did Jiang Chen remember the real reason he had come. He said, "I was only gone for three years, but the celestial palace has become a mess under your leadership."

"What mess are you talking about? The celestial palace has developed a lot during these three years. You don't like Liu Yuefeng, but she is a useful resource for me." Xiao Nuo rolled her eyes at him.

"So why didn't you go out to try to stop me?" Jiang Chen asked unhappily.

"Well, the celestial palace is all I've got. Just do what you want to do with it. I don't care."

Xiao Nuo let out a sigh, as if she was feeling helpless.

"Grand Elder Tianya and the others were driven away by Liu Yuefeng. The celestial palace may look powerful indeed, but so what? If we lose our loyal people, we'll lose everything," Jiang Chen said seriously.

"Tianya was driven away?" Xiao Nuo was surprised, blinking.

"Yes, if you are always in here in seclusion, people will take it for granted that their leader is that woman," Jiang Chen said, kind of annoyed.

"Well, well, well, you think you're pretty smart, don't you?"

To his surprise, Xiao Nuo suddenly showed a brilliant smile.

"What does that mean?" Jiang Chen looked over at her, confused.

"You once told me that some emperors would let their successors deal with corrupt officials so that the latter would be able to establish prestige and gain political achievements. Do you remember?"

"You mean you deliberately didn't do anything?" Jiang Chen was surprised.

"Maybe yes, maybe no."

Xiao Nuo didn't give him an affirmative answer. She said, "By the way, why did you get back with that cold belle? You want a threesome or what?"


Jiang Chen felt awkward. Xiao Nuo was the only one who could tease him like this.

"Huh, I suggest that you give up on that idea as soon as possible."

"I never even thought about that."


"Of course!"

"That 's for the best. I just wanted to let you know that that would be absolutely impossible."

"…not even a slight chance of it?"

"Go to h*ll!"

Then they turned her residence upside down. The divinity Xiao Nuo had once resembled had now disappeared.

"I have a serious question for you."

Xiao Nuo became thoughtful. "Did it feel great telling everyone to get lost?"

"Yeah, a little bit."

Despite his answer, Jiang Chen actually had his own plan.

Having 36 peaks would decentralize the celestial palace too much. It was not a sustainable policy. Nine peaks would be just perfect.

"The Tianqi Plain, which drifted to its current location, was once the Spiritual Land of a kingdom of the Xias. This kingdom submitted to the authority of the celestial palace. Its principal members surely needed a place in the Ling Long Celestial Palace," Xiao Nuo said.

"And that is why you allocated 27 new peaks to them?"

"For them, joining the Nine Peaks had to be akin to merging with the celestial palace," said Xiao Nuo.

"Huh, then what we need to do is just to separate the martial power and the imperial power and make the kingdom take orders from the celestial palace."

"If it were that easy, that would be perfect," Xiao Nuo said with a bitter smile. "I compromised because I needed them. Otherwise, I would have done exactly what you just said."

"You needed them?"

"Liu Yuefeng has a daughter who is a Venerable Sovereign, and not an average one. She is a Venerable Sovereign and a reincarnator of a Sovereign Soul. I needed her to participate in the Spiritual Land Battle on behalf of the Ling Long Celestial Palace."

No force leaders were allowed to participate in the Spiritual Land Battle.

That meant Xiao Nuo wouldn't be able to take part in it.

"This rule was directed against you and me, because other force leaders who are Venerable Sovereigns at the same time are all over 35."

Speaking of this, Xiao Nuo became kind of annoyed.

"Besides, Liu Yuefeng's daughter is also a member of the Sacred Institute and in a very high position."

"You've shown your prestige. Now you need to solve your problems."

"I will." Jiang Chen nodded. Then he said, "By the way, where are my things?"

"Over there."

On a long table in the residence palace, Jiang Chen saw a wooden tray where some rings had been placed in an orderly fashion.

One of those rings represented the identity of the Leader the Venerable of the Heavenly Palace.

Another was the Vulcan Ring.

And the other two represented the identities of the lords of Nine Heavens and Milky, but they surely were not useful anymore.

Since wearing rings would make it easy to distinguish practicing bodies from the true body, Jiang Chen scarcely ever put them on.

Jiang Chen picked up the Vulcan Ring and tried to call up the Flame Emperor using the old way.

The Vulcan Ring shone, but the light went out very soon.

And the Flame Emperor did not show up.

"Try it again outside," Xiao Nuo suddenly said to him.

It turned out that the Flame Emperor didn't have the nerve to show up because of the presence of the Venerable Sovereign.


Jiang Chen flew out and high into the air.

He called up the Flame Emperor again, and this time he finally got some response.

"D*mn it! You are still alive?"

The flame flashed into the Flame Emperor's figure very quickly. He was extremely shocked to see Jiang Chen.

"You curse me as soon as you see me! That's not a pleasant greeting."

"Great! Great!"

The Flame Emperor was extremely thrilled, and he acted as if he hadn't even heard Jiang Chen.

"You survived because you made some changes to the Vulcan Ring. That must be the reason. There is still hope. There is still hope!"


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