The Brilliant Fighting Master
1653 Get Lost If You“re Not Convinced
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1653 Get Lost If You“re Not Convinced

"You'd better think this through. You've shown up in my celestial palace all of a sudden. It hasn't even been confirmed yet that you are Jiang Chen. And you want to fight us now?"

The middle-aged woman's look cooled down as soon as she saw him take out his sword. Electric arcs were flashing around her fingers.

"Venerable Sovereign!"

This was a Venerable Sovereign.

But she was not a Venerable Sovereign like Xiao Hongxue. She was more like Mo Kuang.

Jiang Chen smiled coldly and jumped out, rushing at her brutally.

The aggressive middle-aged woman turned pale. She felt as if it was a star that was rushing at her.

Without the time to react, the middle-aged woman was sent flying through the gates of the palace and finally stopped outside the Main Peak.

"I'll leave these people to you. Do with them what you will."

Throwing the dumbfounded people in the palace a look, Jiang Chen went out to give chase.


The Thick Ice Sword showed up in Ye Xue's hand. She looked at the ridiculously rude grand Elder coldly.

What had happened at the Main Peak had very soon started a big disturbance in the celestial palace.

The alarm bell was tolling among the 36 peaks.

Numerous people were headed this way.

The middle-aged woman managed to steady herself. She reached out for her chest. As soon as her fingertips touched it, she looked pained. Her breastbone had been broken after the collision.

Blood was dripping out of the corner of her mouth.

However, the middle-aged woman was more surprised than angry.

Jiang Chen's strength was far stronger than she had expected it to be.

Even if this was indeed Jiang Chen, he shouldn't be this strong. No. If it had been Jiang Chen, there was no way he was this strong.

The middle-aged woman's mind was in turmoil.

"Isn't that Vice Leader Liu Yuefeng? Why is she lying on the ground in such a mess?"

"Who is that teenager? How dare he be so arrogant in the celestial palace?"

"He looks like Vice Leader Jiang Chen a lot, but Vice Leader Jiang Chen wouldn't be so young."

The First Chairs and grand Elders of each peak had arrived one after another.

Jiang Chen glanced over at them. Then he waved his hand, and a female disciple of the celestial palace flew into the air. She was wearing the uniform of one of the key disciples. She was pretty, tall, and slim.

Zhi Ruo had no idea at all about what had happened. She'd found herself in the air somehow, standing in front of the teenager, and she didn't know whether he was an enemy or a friend.

"Tell me, what's going on in the Celestial Palace," said Jiang Chen.

"Apprentice Elder Brother Jiang Chen? No, Vice Leader Jiang Chen?" Jiang Chen's voice gave Zhi Ruo a familiar feeling.

Gazing at Jiang Chen's face carefully, she became more and more surprised.

"Just call me Jiang Chen or apprentice elder brother."

Seeing Jiang Chen show that familiar smile, Zhi Ruo became emotional. She thought about the current situation, and she couldn't help but shout, "Apprentice Elder Brother Jiang Chen, that's Vice Leader Liu Yuefeng. She came after the formation of the Endless Continent.

"Leader the Venerable spends most of her time all year in seclusion, so she is the one who has the real power.

"She is extremely mean and strict. She has made all kinds of rules and demoted Grand Elder Tianya and the others."

Jiang Chen squinted at the mention of Grand Elder Tianya. His eyes flashed with sharp lights.

Tianya had been the leader of the previous three grand Elders. The other two were Baili Zhan and Yunhezi.

Jiang Chen realized that this was why he hadn't seen them. It turned out they had been demoted.

"Why did she do that?"

"She claimed their states were too low and the prestige of the celestial palace would be harmed if they remained as vice leaders. They were demoted to average Elders at first. Later, they couldn't swallow her behavior and left one after another."

Speaking of this, Zhi Ruo, one of the first batch of disciples of the celestial palace, also seemed very angry.

These three grand Elders had joined the celestial palace when it was completely isolated, and they were ambitious to break the situation where everything was decided by the three great forces.

They went through the crisis of the masked men and even participated in the battle on the Alien Battlefield. But in the end, this was the reward that they had gotten.

"Didn't Leader the Venerable stop any of this?"

"Everything was done when Leader the Venerable was in seclusion," Zhi Ruo said helplessly.

That sounded completely ridiculous. As the leader of the celestial palace, Xiao Nuo didn't have any idea what was going on in it.

But it was really not so weird. Jiang Chen was the leader of the Heavenly Palace. And members had to see Wu Ming first if they wanted to see him.

Of course, Jiang Chen trusted his master unconditionally, so he wasn't worried.

"Why would the celestial palace have become like this? Is it because of the formation of the Endless Continent?" asked Jiang Chen.


Zhi Ruo told him that since the beginning of the Endless Continent, the celestial palace and the Heavenly Palace had been having distressing incidents.

Here, no forces had come to Tianqi Plain. Instead, the Tianqi Plain had moved into the Spiritual Lands.

"I guess she is the owner of that Spiritual Land?" said Jiang Chen.

"Yes. The forces on the Spiritual Land didn't fight us. They joined the celestial palace instead so that the celestial palace could become much stronger."

With the addition of Liu Yuefeng and her forces, the celestial Palace didn't fall into chaos. Instead, it became better and better.

Liu Yuefeng was good at managing. Under her direction, the celestial palace was like a horse-drawn carriage running at full speed.

The only problem was that Liu Yuefeng had a greed for power.

She knew it was impossible to get the position of Leader the Venerable, but she'd intended to become the most powerful person after Xiao Nuo.

That was why she demoted the three grand Elders.

"I see. Okay, you can go now."

Jiang Chen waved his hand casually, and Zhi Ruo went back to where she had been standing.

"That was amazing," Zhi Ruo exclaimed.

"Zhi Ruo, you are a fool," someone next to her said to her.

"Why?" Zhi Ruo was confused.

"The situation isn't clear yet. You were so warm to him just now. Isn't it obvious that you are on Vice Leader Jiang Chen's side? Don't you remember what happened to Grand Elder Tianya and the others?"

Not until then did Zhi Ruo succumb to this fact, but she said without pausing, "I trust Apprentice Elder Brother Jiang Chen."

In the air, Jiang Chen looked at Liu Yuefeng, whose face was extremely dark.

She didn't take any actions while Jiang Chen was asking about the situation. Instead, she looked as if she was waiting for something.

In fact, with their strength gap, she couldn't do anything even if she had wanted to.

Liu Yuefeng's heart sank when Jiang Chen threw her a glance.

However, Jiang Chen disappeared just when she was going to guard against him.

The next second, she felt a cold wind breezing by.

Then, she found herself rejected by the tactical formation of the celestial palace.

She reached down to her waist immediately and found the token representing her identity as a vice leader had been taken.

Looking toward where Jiang Chen had vanished again, she saw him reappear, holding that token in his hand.

"From today on, you are relieved of your post as vice leader of the Ling Long Celestial Palace."

Then Jiang Chen crumpled up the token.

This caused a great disturbance in the entire celestial palace.

"How dare you!" Liu Yuefeng said in anger.

"Because you have not shown me any respect. Besides, the system of nine peaks is going to be readopted. The other peaks will follow the lead of the nine peaks."

Then Jiang Chen pointed at Liu Yuefeng. "As to you, you can just be an Elder for the moment."

"This doesn't count! I want to see the leader!" Liu Yuefeng surely wouldn't listen to him.

"You are not a vice leader anymore. As an Elder, you will need my permission to see the leader. So, I'm telling you now that the answer is no. Leader the Venerable is in seclusion. No one should disturb her," Jiang Chen said coldly.

This rejection sounded so familiar to Liu Yuefeng that her face became hideous.

"We are not convinced!"

At the same time, more than half of the members of the celestial palace started to protest.

If Jiang Chen canceled the system of 36 peaks, then many people's interests would be affected.

"You are not convinced?"

Jiang Chen glanced over at the protesters.

"Get lost then, if you are not convinced!" Jiang Chen said in a profound voice.


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