The Brilliant Fighting Master
1651 Fire Kylin
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1651 Fire Kylin

"The Three Movements of First Jhana: Beginning of Nirvana!"

The practicing body that was holding the Red Cloud Sword started to accumulate force. An infinite golden flame sprung up like the eruption of a volcano.

"Stabbing Method of Void, Wild Whirlwind!"

Holding the Heaven-Punishing Sword, the true body exerted a sword movement that was very difficult to defend against.

The other practicing body looked as if it had been charged with thunder. His body was crystal-clear, just like a lightning bolt.

"Thundering Dragon Fist!"

What Jiang Chen sought wasn't a victory. He only wanted to have this fight with this strongman in order to figure out how potent his Heart Power was.

"You really think you can kill me?" Xiao Hongxue was kind of annoyed. Ever since he had become a Venerable Sovereign, few people had had the nerve to question his prestige.

"Fire Kylin Eats the Sun!"

Xiao Hongxue attacked with his sword. He obviously had a lot of accumulated force, so that this sword was carrying great power.

The sword's radiance and its fierce-burning fire formed dense clouds of fire that were approaching the three Jiang Chens.

The true body and the practicing bodies attacked from different directions. At such a high altitude, they were hundreds of miles apart.

However, Xiao Hongxue's sword momentum still shrouded the three Jiang Chens.

"Solar Golden Flame?"

Jiang Chen realized that the fire energy Xiao Hongxue was using was also the Solar Golden Flame.

But, when one realized what his identity was, it wasn't all that strange.

Facing the Venerable Sovereign's angry attack, the only option Jiang Chen had

really was to back down.

However, if he did back down, this would put him at a terrible disadvantage, and he would find himself unable to turn the tide.

As a result, despite everything, Jiang Chen still chose to attack.

The next second, the true body and the practicing bodies were all covered by the fire clouds. However, at the last minute, the true body vanished.

"That was too easy a death for you." Seeing himself succeed, Xiao Hongxue thought Jiang Chen must be dead. The only pity was that Jiang Chen had died so easily. He wasn't happy about it.

However, then he found out that he still had a further chance to kill him. A fatal blade showed up behind him.

The booming of the Metal Thunder's high-frequency roar was quite rhythmic. The moment the booming broke out, the most powerful sword attack to break any defense was launched.

"Get lost!" Xiao Hongxue turned pale. An Alien Flame erupted from his body. The resulting fluctuations of the explosion bumped against the sword blade.

Jiang Chen and Xiao Hongxue were sent flying off in different directions immediately.

"Thundering Dragon Fist!"

As Xiao Hongxue was still shocked and puzzled by the fact that Jiang Chen had dodged his flame, a burning practicing body jumped onto him. Its cruel powerful fists kept punching his defenseless body.

When Xiao Hongxue had finally come to himself, this practicing body retreated, and a burning sun collided with him.

"What?!" Xiao Hongxue was as surprised as Jiang Chen had been a minute ago. He could hardly believe that there was some fire energy that could cause him pain.

His fire clouds were still hanging there, plus this fire attack from Jiang Chen, made the sea of fire start to explode.

If it had not been for the fact that they were high up in the air, many people would've died.

In the center of the battle, the high temperature could have melted iron. It was hard to imagine how Jiang Chen and Xiao Hongxue managed to remain there.

"D*mn it!" Soon, Xiao Hongxue began to snarl in anger.

The fire, still burning, had been swallowed by a sucking force. When he had taken a good look at it, Jiang Chen found to his surprise that this sucking force was coming from Xiao Hongxue's mouth.

After swallowing all of the flames, the slight burns on Xiao Hongxue's body all recovered. At the same time, he underwent some big changes.

"You natives! You shouldn't have pissed me off!"

"I'm the star of this era! You are not!"

Xiao Hongxue's eyes were emitting fire. His hair, which was standing on end, seemed to be burning. He was enunciating every word in a booming voice while speaking.

The Martial Soul of Fire Kylin had shown up once again.

"Natives?" Jiang Chen was surprised by this name that Xiao Hongxue had called them.

He switched on his Wisdom Eye and looked up Xiao Hongxue. The Wisdom Eye displayed pictures of Xiao Hongxue's previous lives.

"Time travel?" Jiang Chen became extremely shocked. This Xiao Hongxue was a time traveler who had come from another world. It was a very bizarre world that Jiang Chen had never even heard of.

It was not one of the 3,000 worlds that was recognized by anyone.

"Die!" Xiao Hongxue couldn't care less about how Jiang Chen thought of him. Without using his super Immortal Sword, he opened his palms. Two fire pillars flew toward the two practicing bodies.

The practicing bodies were not destroyed by these fire pillars thanks to the Athanasia Armor of Divinity. However, they wouldn't be able to take another fierce attack at this time.

"Try again."

In theory, Jiang Chen should have retreated.

However, once a fight had begun, he really had little control over himself. He still had many great moves that he had not used.

The Azure Lotus Sword Classic had nine movements in all.

The first six were ordinary sword movements and the seventh and the eighth were special movements. The ninth was a killing movement.

The biggest changes brought about by his Heart Power were the infinite possibilities of the Will of the Sword Doctrine.

Jiang Chen was going to exert the seventh movement of the Azure Lotus Sword Classic, but he couldn't do it alone. He would need the collaboration of the two practicing bodies to do it.

The practicing bodies started to prepare after dodging the attack of the fire pillars.

"Metal Thunder!"

"Wind Thunder!"

"Thunder Fire!"

Xiao Hongyue noticed that the three Jiang Chens were letting off a powerful feeling in a subtle manner, like an unsheathed sharp sword.


At this moment, a cracking sound came from Xiao Hongxue's body. It was a sign that the Interceptive Divine Finger's effect had already worn off.

Xiao Hongxue's fighting power had completely recovered.

"Fire Kylin Burns the World!"

Xiao Hongxue looked ferocious. His body was flaming. With his hands crossed before his chest, the super Immortal Sword whooshed into the air.

Soon, the super Immortal Sword combined with the Fire Kylin.

A muffled noise came from the sky, as if even the sky couldn't bear such a heavy burden. The next movement of Xiao Hongxue was going to be an extremely destructive one.

"The seventh movement of Azure Lotus: Sword Doctrine without Bounds!"

As for Jiang Chen, his Boundless Sword Soul suddenly showed up. The shining sword radiance cooled the hot wave being spit out by the Fire Kylin.

In the meantime, outside the battlefield, a figure showed up. It was Wang Lin, who had returned.

He'd wanted to see the big fight between Jiang Chen and Xiao Hongxue with his own eyes. Otherwise he would not have been convinced.

After all, Jiang Chen had saved Xuan Qing in only three minutes and wasn't afraid of Xiao Hongxue at all. He just couldn't help but feel suspicious of Jiang Chen.

Nevertheless, when he had returned and seen what was happening on the battlefield, he became totally petrified.

He, a titled martial arts practitioner, wouldn't have been able to hold on for even one minute on this battlefield.

The blow exchanges between the Fire Kylin and the Boundless Sword Soul were like a fight between two immortal beings.

The moment the two collided, even the sky couldn't take it. A giant black hole opened up in the sky.

Instantly, all the leftover power that was spreading out from the fight looked as if it was going to destroy the world.

Wang Lin was staying very far away, but he was still in the affected range. He hadn't given himself enough time to run away.

Fortunately, a force drew him into the air just before he would've been hit by the flames.

The next second, he showed up thousands of miles away, and the first thing he saw was Jiang Chen, gasping for air..

The great disturbances on the battlefield hadn't stopped, but Jiang Chen had seized an opportunity to get out of there.

As for Xiao Hongxue, no matter what happened to him, he wasn't going to die anyway.

"This opponent was kind of dreadful," Jiang Chen murmured.

Next to him, Wang Lin thought to himself, "What is dreadful is that you, a Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage, can drag him into such a desperate fight."

"By the way, why are you here?"

Jiang Chen had saved this man's life. He asked in puzzlement, "Did anything happened to Xuan Qing and the others?"

"No, nothing happened. I just wanted to come back to check out your fight with Xiao Hongxue. I thought I might be able to help you," Wang Lin said in a pathetic lie. He was definitely not acting as arrogant as he had been in the beginning.

Back at the fight, Xiao Hongxue remained completely focused on the battlefield, watching out for Jiang Chen's attack.

He was sure the practicing bodies had been destroyed, and he only needed to kill the true body.

However, he waited and waited and waited, but soon realized that there was nothing happening.

"Did he…?"

All of a sudden, Xiao Hongxue realized what had been going on. It turned out that Jiang Chen had only been fighting him as a mode of training.

"Jiang Chen! I will absolutely kill you!" Xiao Hongxue snarled in anger.


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