The Brilliant Fighting Master
1649 Three Minutes
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1649 Three Minutes

On a cliff of Tianling Mountain, there was an ingenious yard.

It was not big, but it was quite exquisite, with a view of a magnificent waterfall opposite it. It was the perfect place to retreat from the world.

However, if you looked at it carefully, you would find that it was nothing but a beautiful cage.

The cliff was shrouded in a profound ward. It was impossible to enter or leave there. Whoever lived in there was just like a bird living in a cage.

At this moment, a flowing light landed in the yard.

As soon as the light landed, a figure showed up. It was Xiao Hongxue, the person who Jiang Chen knew and didn't like.

He was quite handsome, but he looked tired and nervous.

He walked into the yard in a hurry.

"What's going on? Are you going to transfer me again?" A cold voice could be heard before Xiao Hongxue even saw the person he was looking for.

"The first transfer happened in six months. The second one was in four more months. And the third was two more months after that. This time, I've only been in this place for less than two weeks."

"Your whereabouts have been exposed."

Xuan Qing, who had disappeared a long time ago, walked out into the yard. She was looking at Xiao Hongxue with a sarcastic smile.

"It's not my concern."

Xiao Hongxue looked cool. His face was emotionless.

"If you had said yes to me three years ago, we could have skipped all this bullsh*t.

"Three years have passed. Now I'm one of the Venerable Sovereigns who is most likely to become a Divine King. If you say yes to me now, it will be like icing on the cake.

"Once I become a Divine King, you will lose your value."

Xuan Qing's smile became even more sarcastic. She asked, "So why don't you just let me go?"

This question was a sore spot for Xiao Hongxue. He struggled with it for a while, but, in the end, he didn't answer her.

"Are you afraid you'll upset the world when people know that you kidnapped the descendant of the Goddess of Empyrean?" Xuan Qing said what was on her mind.

"You are really overestimating yourself. In the current world, what matters the most is interest.

"Jiang Chen saved the world, but so what? Do you think anyone cares about him?" Xiao Hongxue taunted her.

"Once Jiang Chen becomes a paramount existence, the fact that he saved the world will be written into history books and be remembered by people forever." Speaking of Jiang Chen, Xuan Qing became quite emotional.

"Providing that he can get a paramount existence. My master isn't going to let go of him," Xiao Hongxue said with a cold smile.

"Lord Long Xing? What kind of grudge could he have with Jiang Chen?" Xuan Qing didn't understand.

"Ha, ha, ha, between my master and Jiang Chen, only one of them can live."

After saying too much, Xiao Hongxue continued impatiently, "You have 15 minutes to get ready. Remember, I don't have so much patience. You'd better think it over before we get to the next retreat."

Then his eyes flashed with a cruel light.

Xuan Qing was startled. She watched Xiao Hongxue leaving.

Xuan Qing knew the closer Xiao Hongxue was to becoming a Divine King, the less her value would be.

She could even feel Xiao Hongxue's regret.

He'd had a bee in his bonnet about the Heavenly Bestowal Woman forever, so he'd kidnapped Xuan Qing, but then he got himself really stuck in the current situation.

In the end, it would be death instead of release that would be waiting for her.

If he killed the descendant of the Goddess of Empyrean and the truth was ever disclosed, Xiao Hongxue would face a big crisis.

However, Xiao Hongxue would have been a Divine King by the time the truth was disclosed. By then no one would have the nerve to accuse him of her death.

"How could such a person have improved so fast?"

Xuan Qing couldn't figure it out. Xiao Hongxue didn't look like he had the potential to be a strongman at all.

As a Venerable Sovereign, he was still so arrogant. It was incredible.

His master had gotten the credit for his improvement before he became a Venerable Sovereign.

But lately, he and his master had been on bad terms, and he had been rising quickly among the Venerable Sovereigns by himself.

"It has been three years." Xuan Qing let out a long sigh.

She'd almost had a nervous breakdown after three years of torture.

If she'd been told in the first place that she would be kept in prison-like places for three years, things might've been easier for her.

However, every time she got her hopes up it was always followed by disappointment. She was really on the verge of losing her mind after so many of these experiences.

She'd even thought about killing herself at times. Like right now, for example.

She would rather kill herself than be killed by Xiao Hongxue. And, in that way, she would be able to leave more clues to the world.

However, thinking it over, she didn't have the courage.

Suddenly, at this moment, Xuan Qing noticed that the air in front of her was swirling.

A hand suddenly reached out for her and grasped her shoulder.

Xuan Qing wanted to struggle, but, due to the effect of the ward, she couldn't exert any strength at all.

Then she felt like she was being pulled into water. The world was whirling.

Fortunately, this process didn't last long. And when it had ended, Xuan Qing found her state force had recovered.

She was about to exert a physical movement to leave there immediately.

"It's me."

But then Jiang Chen's voice rang out.


Xuan Qing did not recognize Jiang Chen at first glance.

They'd met fairly recently and then hadn't been together for a long time.

If it were not for the fact that they were so close, she would never have thought this person could be Jiang Chen.

"Let's go. This isn't the place for catching up."

Jiang Chen exerted the Great Method of the Void again and took Xuan Qing to where the reinforcements were.

The whole process had lasted no more than three minutes. Ye Qiu and the others, who had not even started to feel anxious, involuntarily thought there had been something go wrong when they saw Jiang Chen headed back.

But to their surprise, he was followed by Xuan Qing.

"How is that possible?" Wang Lin was so surprised that he even jumped.

"Lord Ye? Guys?"

Seeing Ye Qiu and the others waiting there, Xuan Qing was surprised and very touched.

"Has the Demon Slayers Palace been trying to rescue me over the past year?"

Every time Xiao Hongxue had transferred her, Xuan Qing always thought it was because someone was coming to her rescue. She had always taken it for granted that it was Jiang Chen.

When she had seen Jiang Chen just now, she was even surer of it.

However, on second thought, she realized Jiang Chen was too strong to spend one year in attempting this.

"I came back into the world not long ago, and Lord Ye and his men asked for my help immediately. They never gave up on you over the past three years. They located Xiao Hongxue each time despite very few clues," said Jiang Chen.

He knew Xuan Qing had a knot in her heart. She thought everyone was just coveting the Heavenly Bestowal Woman.

But by then he could be sure only of what Xuan Qing was thinking.

If things had really been as Xuan Qing had told him, the Demon Slayers Palace would not have had to wait until he went to her rescue.

In this era of Venerable Sovereigns, Xiao Hongxue wouldn't have been able to hide the Heavenly Bestowal Woman who could help people become Divine Kings.

"Thank you, guys!" Xuan Qing said emotionally. She felt grateful and ashamed.

"Don't mention it! I watched you grow up. You are a member of the Demon Slayers Palace."

Ye Qiu said, "Besides, you are the descendant of the Goddess of Empyrean. It is thanks to the Goddess that the Demon Slayers Palace still exists today. Do you think we would allow anything to happen to you?"

Xuan Qing almost made the same mistake at the mention of the descendant of the Goddess of Empyrean. She almost thought the Demon Slayers Palace had come to save her because she was the Heavenly Bestowal Woman and the Goddess's descendant.

But then she realized Ye Qiu did not mean that.

"Let's go."

Ye Qiu took the Star Water Boat out, ready to get everyone out of this place.

"You go first."

However, Jiang Chen wasn't going to leave right away. Looking at Tianling Mountain, he smiled.

"Xiao Hongxue has found out she is gone. He is on his way here." He continued, "I'm going to meet up with him. You go first. Don't worry about me. I'm sure I can stay safe and sound."

"Jiang Chen, did I tell you that Xiao Hongxue is one of the strongest Venerable Sovereigns now?" Ye Qiu said, in a pickle.

"That's exactly why I want to find out the gap between the strongest and me," Jiang Chen said with a smile.

The others were shocked. They started to look at him in a different way.


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