The Brilliant Fighting Master
1648 Star Water Boa
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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1648 Star Water Boa

"A Heavenly Bestowal Woman, like Xue'er?"

Ye Xue did not feel relieved until she had learned that Jiang Chen and Xuan Qing were only comrades in arms.

She'd allowed Jiang Chen to have Nangong Xue because of her guilt.

She'd acquiesced to Xu Tianyin's existence because Xu Tianyin had been Jiang Chen's destiny in two other lives.

She'd accepted Xiao Nuo because she couldn't defeat her.

However, she would be extremely pissed off if she found out that Jiang Chen had had love affairs with any other women except those three.

"Given your relationship, the risk isn't worth taking," said Ye Xue.

"Alas, she was caught by the Demons because she went to the Three Lower Realms because she was worrying about me."

"That's what the Demon Slayers Palace told you. Who knows whether it's true?"

In a word, Ye Xue didn't want Jiang Chen to take the risk.

"If you insist on going, ask your wife from your previous life to go with you," said Ye Xue.

Jiang Chen smiled at what she called Xiao Nuo. He said, "There is a smell of jealousy in the air."

Ye Xue snorted coldly without answering.

"My purpose is to save a human life. It's not necessary to bring Xiao Nuo with me," Jiang Chen said, "But I would appreciate it if you could go to the celestial palace to let Xiao Nuo know about it."

It was urgent. Ye Qiu wanted Jiang Chen to act this very day.

"Is that Ye Qiu trustworthy?"

"He left the fate of the world in my hands back in our battle with the Demons. I should trust him unconditionally as well," said Jiang Chen.

Ye Xue agreed reluctantly.

She flew to the Dragon Tiger Mountain alone after saying good-bye to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen arrived at the location where he and Ye Qiu had agreed to meet and saw other people from the Demon Slayers Palace there, including Murong Yanran and Cao Ze, both of whom he'd met when he'd been in the Demonic Abyss.

These two were both only one step away from breaking through to Venerable Sovereigns.

The two were extremely surprised to see Jiang Chen as a teenager.

"Lord, it's him?"

For some people on the team, it was the first time they'd ever met Jiang Chen. People tended to estimate one's strength based on one's age, just as they did by one's state.

Seeing Jiang Chen so young, one of them could hardly believe that this was the person they were asking for help.

"Wang Lin, watch your attitude."

It had not been easy to get Jiang Chen's help. Ye Qiu didn't want anything unpleasant to happen.

This Wang Lin was almost 40 years old. He was a titled martial arts practitioner and was very proud. If anyone else had spoken to him like this, he would've taught that person a lesson. However, he didn't have the nerve to run amok before Ye Qiu.

"Let's go." Ye Qiu didn't want to waste even one minute.

"Aren't we going to use teleportation formations?" Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

"The teleportation formation on the other end belongs to the Sovereign Spirit Palace. If we travel through it, the enemy will be alerted to our coming. Otherwise, why would we have waited until now?" Wang Lin said bluntly. He was pretty angry.

"By the way, have I ever beaten you before?" Jiang Chen asked seriously.

"What do you mean by that?" Wang Lin turned around. He looked unhappy with Jiang Chen.

"After all, I have many enemies. It's possible that I've forgotten one or two. If you aren't my enemy, why are being so rude to me?" asked Jiang Chen in a cold voice.

Wang Lin's temper naturally flared up. He really had forgotten Ye Qiu's warning at this moment.

"Wang Lin, don't cause any trouble!" Ye Qiu yelled at him.

"Lord, I don't understand why a teenage boy is stronger than we are." Wang Lin expressed his discontent.

It turned out that Ye Qiu hadn't told these people about Jiang Chen's identity.

It was a different case for Murong Yanran and Cao Ze, who had recognized Jiang Chen right away.

After venting his anger, Wang Lin looked at Jiang Chen provocatively. "Young man, what is your state?"

"You tell me."

Jiang Chen demonstrated what he had attained in terms of state.

Ye Qiu and the others couldn't stop exclaiming. They looked like they had seen a ghost.

"A Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage? You are only a Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage?"

Wang Lin totally lost his temper. He was after all a titled martial arts practitioner.

"Jiang Chen?" Ye Qiu threw him a confused look.

He didn't doubt Jiang Chen's strength. Because he had heard the story about how Jiang Chen had killed three Venerable Sovereigns in a row.

He thought Jiang Chen was intentionally holding back his state to trigger a conflict.

This was not the Jiang Chen he used to know.

"It's my state indeed," said Jiang Chen.

He had not specifically worked on his state over the past three years.

What had killed those Venerable Sovereigns was not state force, but Heart Power.

State force was helpful for the improvement of Tao, Buddha, and Demon, as a result of which Jiang Chen could get more Heart Power. This was the relation between state force and Heart Power.

"Wang Lin, I hope you can restrain yourself. Trust my decision. If I hear you shouting or yelling again, you will have to go back."

Ye Qiu did not ask Jiang Chen anything else. He chose to trust him unconditionally.

Wang Lin resisted the impulse to leave in a fit of pique. He wanted Ye Qiu to realize he and the others could be more useful than Jiang Chen.

After leaving Tianqi City, Ye Qiu took out an oval object. Its transparent surface looked like a giant drop of water.

"Come here."

They went into the drop of water. Then Jiang Chen learned it was a flying prop.

It was the fastest flying prop he had ever seen. And it was dozens of times faster than the second-fastest flying prop.

"Without using the teleportation formation, it would have taken us two weeks to fly there, but with this Star Water Boat, we'll arrive in an hour," Ye Qiu said.

The drop of water streaked across the sky at an amazingly fast speed. It was really like a shooting star.

On their way, Ye Qiu told Jiang Chen all the information he knew regarding Tianling Mountain.

Tianling Mountain used to be a Spiritual Land occupied by a rebel army. Then Xiao Hongxue had occupied it and established the Flying Snow Palace there.

Jiang Chen was very surprised to hear the name Flying Snow Palace.

Xiao Hongxue had been fighting and capturing cities on behalf of the Sovereign Spirit Palace. However, he'd named the Spiritual Land after himself.

Ye Qiu knew what he was puzzled about, so he explained the situation to Jiang Chen.

"The Endless Continent has changed the old configuration of the three great forces."

"The forces led by the Sovereign Spirit Palace, the Martial Divinity Palace, and the Xias used to have their own territories, and they stayed in their own territories. However, later when the world was reorganized, the territory of one of the eight palaces of the Sovereign Spirit Palace was extended to the Eastern Wasteland."

"Now, the three great forces might still refer to themselves as three giant forces, but they are definitely not divided up anything like equally anymore."

"Since the end of the battle on the Alien Battlefield, Xiao Hongxue and his master, Long Xing, have been on bad terms for some unknown reason."

However, Jiang Chen could guess what it was.

Xiao Hongxue had been so arrogant that he'd even intended to kill Lin Yueru and grab the immortal body that his master had been coveting.

And Xiao Hongxue knew his master's secret too.

The two were looking out to see what they could gain from each other. Their master-apprentice relationship was just an empty charade.

Flying in the Star Water Boat at high speed, they arrived at Tianling Mountain, located in the Middle River.

They stopped the Star Water Boat in a remote area.

"Tianling Mountain is there. We'll wait here as reinforcements, if you need us," Ye Qiu said to Jiang Chen.

The process of saving Xuan Qing would go smoothly enough, but, once she was taken away, Xiao Hongxue would definitely find out pretty quickly because a living person was missing. A chase would be inevitable.

That was why Ye Qiu had brought this team with him.

"Let me handle it."

Then Jiang Chen disappeared immediately.

Wang Lin, who was very disdainful about Jiang Chen, was struck dumb. He blinked his eyes.

He could not believe a Martial Arts Saint at the preliminary stage had vanished before him without a sign. However, he had seen it with his own eyes, so he had to believe it.


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